Story : Moments Of Madness,

Chapter: 1 ; Of New Names and a Panicking Peter

Author: Ani

Rating: T ( For now some shots like this are more K but others may be M)

Summary: A collection of one-shots, concerning our favorite Paire; Peter and Claire. Some will be short, some will be long, some will be serious others, just a fleeting moment of madness or a laughter filled smile.

Chapter Summary: Claire is adopted into the Petrelli family.

Of New Names and a Panicking Peter

"Honey I'm home"

His voice echoed out into the foyer, a warm contrast against the cold marble. The call was met with a raised eyebrow, and a hand placed on sharply jutting hips. The perpetrator stood the smirking in the doorway, her blue eyes locked on him as he shrugged off his coat and loosened a truly offending tie.

"Not going to work uncle dearest"

He cringed slightly, visibly wrinkling his nose.

"All right then, Niece-y I'm home"

It was her turn to wrinkle her nose, and once again she quirked an eyebrow; seriously?

He grinned as he walked up to her ruffling her hair, successfully upsetting her skeptical expression into one of faux anger.

Mildly annoyed she ran a settling hand over sun kissed locks and scowled at him.

"Could you not Peter, it's been a long day"

He sobered at her tone, offering a friendly squeeze to her spaghetti string bared shoulder.

"Adoption papers?"

A moment of silence ensued as a wave of understanding passed through them, her smile was tight when she finally answered.

"All signed, Clair Sicily Petrelli"

She sighed and repeated the name again, trying to taste some unseen familiarity in the words.

"Petrelli … it'll take a while to get used to it"

He nodded, and bit his lip, baffled at how quickly the conversation had gown solemn. Shaking his head lightly he took her hand and led her out of the entrance room, wanting to lighten the mood again.

"Hell I know the feeling; I've never quite warmed to the name either. Petrelli, 'p-eh-tr-elll-e', pah-trul-ee, sounds like one of your girly perfumes."

He lowered his voice, donned a Spanish accent and waggled his eyebrows for effect.

"Petrelli perfume, perfect for that after dark moonlighting, floral with just a hint of musk"

A small giggle erupted beside him and he grinned, encouraged.

"Besides, you could change your first name to Nathan and I'll still think of you as 'Cheerleader' Claire"

He was met with a smack to the side of the head, and a million dollar grin on the blonde girl clutching his hand.

She smacked his head again.

"Pssh and I'll still remember you as that panicking vigilante wannabe"

He placed a hand to his heart, a sparkle lightening up his chocolate eyes.

"Oh I'm stung, maybe you should, I don't' know cheer me up?"

She ignored him, a smirk twitching at the corners of her cherry lips.

"Panicking…Panicking Peter, that's so you." The smirk morphed into a full fledged grin

"Panicking Peter, I'm going to remember that"

It was his turn to raise an eyebrow, an amused smile on his face as he tried to recall why it was he was trying to cheer her up. He tested the name out, smirking.

"Panicking Peter Petrelli"

She laughed and clapped her hands before sobering; remembering what had started them on this particular tangent.

A sigh escaped her.


The laughter died.

He studied her for a moment, there was a hint of laughter still but it was slowly fading as confusion began to cloud her eyes, her light brows furrowed. For some reason he couldn't quite place, he felt determined to keep her happy, to keep her flame alight while everything else died out. She was part of the family now he guessed but that wasn't the logic to his reasoning, for some unknown reason he felt destined to keep her laughing, so that when he needed it, she could keep him laughing as well.

He shrugged his shoulders, a non committal answer to his inner thoughts. Instead he turned his focus to the frowning female in front of him.

" C'mon"

He grabbed her hand again, forcing her out of her thoughts.

"I'll show you the true perks of being a Petrelli"

She shot him a questioning look as they came to a halt in the kitchen.

"The true perks" He paused, dragging out his words has he moved past the dark wood and stainless steel towards a large freezer.


She draped her self against the counter, following him with her eyes as he opened the freezer, her pervious concerns momentarily forgotten.

He grinned, pulling out two tubs ice-cream and waving them in her direction.

"Being a Petrelli means the best frozen desert selection in all of New York, and that means at least five Ben and Jerry flavors at all times. "

His eyebrows were raised so comically, and his expression so…hopeful, she couldn't help but crack a smile.

She shot him a grin as he settled beside her, handing her a tub and a spoon.

"You know…"

She took a bite, licking her spoon clean.

"I could get used to this"

He smiled and turned his attention to his own tub.

( So could I Claire, So could I).

Alrighty , excuse the un-origionality of this particular piece, I'm still getting my feet when it comes to writing Heroes. However I'm an avid fan of the show and the ship and should have been. This will be a collection of oneshots that I'll write when the inspiration hits me, they could be Au, they could be non-Au and which could be incesteous ( Peter and Claire are the exception to every moral I swear), or as in this case simply overly friendly relatives.

This particular shot is just meant to be a passing moment between them slightly humorous, slightly serious slightly crazy, its not my best work, it was written in a really short time span without much editing. However I'm hoping it will set the tone for me to venture into more serious heroes works, I just have to get a feel for writing the characters.

Thank you so much, please review.