He is falling.

The world slows to a crawl and then fades away completely.

There is nothing but the slump of his shoulders, the glass caught in his shirt and the flow of his hair as it catches the wind.

He is falling.

He is falling and the mere sight of him tilts her axis until once again, he is her world. The back of her mind lets go of the idea that she came here to fix any issues with her powers – she can feel pain, she can feel it now as her heart tears itself from her chest and throws itself at his descending figure. There is Elle beside her but she doesn't really exist, there is someone standing at the window through which he fell, but they too don't exist. It doesn't matter: the building, her surroundings, the shards of glass crunching under her shoes as she runs, none of it matters; all of it ceases to exist for her.

All that matters is his fall; is downward spiral and the fact that she knows she came here for him, and lying to herself anymore would only hurt them.

For a brief moment he almost hangs in the air, and she clings to the stillness and the comfort his face brings. She breathes, he breathes, she breathes freely.

And then the world hits normal again, there are sights, smells and sounds all around her and she is out of breath as she darts forward. Everything is fast, too fast, to dangerous and too impossible.

He is falling.

She reaches out; prepare to feel a world of pain, prepared to feel nothing at all, prepared to do whatever it takes for him, because she owes him and because above all else, he is her world, and right now it needs saving.

He is falling.

He is falling fast, faster than she can run, but she is reaching, reaching and he is falling, falling.

He is falling.

He is falling and this time there is someone to catch him.

I know its short but somehow I didn't want to extend it into something big or conclusive, I just liked the moment on the show as he was falling and wanted to explore it a little.


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