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All They Needed Was Each Other Prologue

The eighth angel and came and gone, and with its death sent a new degree of pain into the life of Ikari Shinji, pilot of eva-01. Visions of what transpired briefly flash into his memory but vanish before he can fully comprehend them. A week after his berserker rage killed the angel he found himself in a lapsing into a deeper depression than ever before. He simply lie on his bed waiting for sleep to reach him.

The third child's mind was in turmoil. 'I thought things would be different...I wanted to see them all again, but nothings changed. So what is the point of even being here?' His thoughts continued along similar lines of somber events, until then another of his problems surfaced, a newer problem. 'I lonely,' while loneliness wasn't new to him, his altered life now saw his plight in a new light. 'After living with Misato-san for so long, I can't return to my old life again, but even the people in my life aren't even that wonderful.'

His mind briefly recounted the new people he had met in his extended stay in Tokyo-3. 'A child like mother figure, a girl that hates me with every fiber of her being, another girl that hardly acknowledges my existence, friends that may not even truly like me.'

His mind went back onto his 'acquaintances' in deeper detail. First person that came to mind was obvious the First Child Ayanami Rei. 'I first piloted to save her, I didn't even know her but I piloted that monstrosity for her. She didn't thank me, or even mention that I risked my life for her, did she even care? She however is devastatingly beautiful, odd for an albino but she is none-the-less.' Images of her naked body under his, the feeling of her breast in his hand.

Shinji had to fight back the blush that always erupts when that thought peaks into his mind. Once he was satisfied that he was calm again he continued his mental debate

'She must hate me for that accident, Asuka would. And her reaction to my comment about father, if our first encounter didn't cause her to hate me that one must have.' In his depressed state he mentally suppressed the smile she had given him after the battle with the fifth angel and her vow to protect him. 'Why did and still want to keep her safe? Why does she seem familiar? What does it matter?'

His sleeplessness continued, as did his recollection of others. 'Asuka,' instantly his mind is basked in red. Red hair, face red with anger, and the red welts on his skin for not really doing anything wrong. 'I really am pathetic to just let her walk all over me like that, but I can't help it. She must be right or why would she keep doing it? I must be the weak pervert she says I am.'

During his mental harassment of himself his mind also recalls something else about his flat mate. 'She's easily one of the most attractive girls I've ever seen, and she can be rather sweet sometimes...but why would such a person truly care about me?' Shaking his head, 'She could never lower herself to care for somebody like me, not this weak worthless form, a male that needs constant protection.'

Looking at his clock, 'It's almost 1 a.m. but I still can't sleep,' he moaned slightly into his pillow. His mind continuing to slip further into dangerous realms of depression.

"Misato-san might be worried, but then again it's her job. I don't know how to talk to her anymore, not that I ever really did. She acts in contradictions. One minute she seems concerned, and the next she's telling me to leave.'

Suddenly he felt a strong urge, 'I need to take care of something' with that he visited the washroom washed his face visited the toilet and returned. The cold water on his face felt good on his previously sweat covered face. The refreshing feeling was a shallow one though; his mind just couldn't grasp onto any pleasant feelings and keep them.

As he returned he thanked Kami for now rousing his fellow roommates. 'I don't think I could face them right now. Maybe.Maybe I shouldn't see them at all anymore.' As he lay his head back upon his pillow contemplations of running away again play into his mind, 'No not this time, running away isn't enough. Maybe I should.' before his thought was finished his mind finally shut down giving, allowing the tortured boy a well needed rest.


Shinji, however, wasn't the only person that was finding sleep difficult this night. Asuka's light slumber had in fact been broken by Shinji's venture to the bathroom. She wouldn't tell Misato or Shinji, but ever since Shinji's ordeal she'd been having difficulty sleeping. 'That baka can't he see I need my beauty rest, he's so insensitive at times.but at others.'

Asuka bolted upright into a sitting position on her bed. She spoke out loud to herself, "I didn't just think of SHINJI like that, did I?"

Now her mind was filled with images of her fellow pilot. "He's so fun to tease though.' Smiling to herself at the now many jokes she'd played on him, but as quickly as the good memories entered so did the bad. Her mind was filled with the sight of Unit-01 being swallowed by the angel's shadow. 'He shouldn't have rushed off like that and worried everybody...he could have died, well I'll have to punish him, I won't talk to him at all tomorrow, yeah he'll be lost without me.' After her self-motivation she fell back to sleep with a content smile on her face.


In another section of Tokyo-3 filled with the never-ending sounds of construction a set of crimson red eyes faced her desolate ceiling. 'Ikari- kun will return to school tomorrow, I feel relieved. But why? I have never cared about another student's attendance before, this is puzzling. And why did the Seconds comments about him anger me? So many questions that revolve around the 3rd, I must seek a remedy to these quarries. Tomorrow I will seek Ikari-kun's advice.'


Early that morning after he finished cooking breakfast for his flat mates the young Ikari left for school. Deep in the recesses of his sub- conscious he had no intention of returning. 'They don't really need me, and they don't even care for me, as for piloting I'm not good at it, they can find a better replacement.' He thought about Asuka's prowess in her Eva and Rei's never yielding determination. With that the door to his apartment was closed and he head to school, not really knowing what he planned to do, but knew it was going to be something.


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