How long has it been...? 9 months. 9 months since I've updated.

Well, I am extremely sad, regretful (and as it happens, a little afraid) to announce that I have decided to abandon Always Together is SO Embarrassing.

It's just that I can't find it in me to keep on writing it. The finished chapter thirteen was accidentally thrown away by my mom in January, and I just can't find it in me to re-write it and go on from there.

(WARNING! A spoiler. I think.)

(And I guess that it doesn't help that chapter thirteen was another Winner chapter, called Missing Maki, and I just hate Winner. Maki deserves someone better, dammit! Like what's-his-face who bossed Kenta around in the manga in vol 5 when Elda woke up, or one of those other guys that talk to Kenta in the manga.)

If any of you have checked lately, Karin officially ended in February in Japan. I didn't actually read the ending, as I can't er... understand kana (yet!), but from the huge discussion there was about it, I think I get the gist.

However, Respectable Life, the story that was supposed to be the sequel to this, will be posted. Of course, the original plot has been scrapped, as it ties in a lot with this one, and a new one is in the making. I don't know when I'll post it, but it will be posted. (Most likely, after all of the manga has been translated and released here.)

I'd like to say I am very, very sorry, as I know many of you wanted me to finish this. I'm sorry myself, because I really wanted to go on with this as well, and it makes me sad that I'm just giving up on Kenta and Karin and the rest of them at a very angsty and critical point. But thanks everyone, for sticking by it for this long, and for giving me all of your lovely comments and reviews.

-Free Hero.