It was an odd idea they had had. In addition, to the average person it might have sounded ridiculous. Nevertheless, after all, it was quintessential that they remained in each other's lives. Moreover, if that meant being lovers, and even eventually making the ultimate commitment, they were willing to do it. Neither of them was opposed to the idea, even a little. It had been an idea that had been amassing in them for a while now. House thought it was better that they had waited. He let Wilson get three marriages and many affairs out of his system. They were both so obviously unable to sustain a functional relationship. House knew Wilson and Wilson knew House better then anyone else did. They could do it now. They were sustainable.

Wilson did not spend the night at House's that evening. He went home shortly after their conversation. He found it especially hard to sleep at all, knowing what they were going to do tomorrow. House, who was hopped up on Vicodin and alcohol did not really have the troublesome time that Wilson had falling asleep. He was out cold only minutes after Wilson had left. The kiss that they had shared had eased their minds, somewhat. Still, Wilson found himself rummaging through his clothes trying desperately to find something enticing to wear. House on the other hand, had it all worked out. He knew exactly what was going to happen, down to a tee. He knew what he was going to wear, he knew what he was going to say, and he knew what they were going to do. And House rarely ever got tongue-tied, or put on the spot to the point where he would loose all his concentration. Then again, he had never been psyching up to sleep with Wilson.

Sunday morning came early for both of them. Wilson, who'd barely slept was up at 7:30. And House who'd slept like a baby despite the pain in his leg was up at 9:00, which was early for him. Wilson couldn't manage to eat at all before noon, so he spent the whole morning trying on shirt after shirt, tie after tie, pants after pants, and styling his hair so that it was perfect. House spent a little time getting ready. He threw on a t-shirt and jeans and ran a comb through his hair. 'It's not enough.' House thought to himself. He needed to do something nice for Wilson, so he was off to the nearest florist. He didn't want to piss off Wilson by getting a corsage much like he had for Cameron, even though that had been his idea in the first place. When he got there, he saw the most magnetic blue tulips and he knew he had to get them for Wilson.

"How much?" House asked the old woman behind the counter.


"Sixty-five dollars for flowers?"

"They are very rare."

"Fine. Wrap'em up too."

House left the store grunting to himself about how much money he had just spent on Wilson. He checked his watch before climbing into his car. '6:02' Now was as good a time as any to give Wilson a call, and sure enough, Wilson picked up right away and when he spoke he had an adorable nervous stutter that made House smile.

"Come over." House said abruptly.

"R-r-right now?"

"When else?"

"Okay, I'll be there in 15 I guess."

House hung up then, got into his car, and drove round the corner back home. He went straight to his kitchen, pulled out a bottle of wine from the back of his cupboard, and two glasses, and sat them down on his coffee table. However, that was too corny to him, so he put the wine back and placed two beers in its place. It was bad enough he bought him flowers. The wine was pushing it. He put the tulips wrapped up nicely in white paper on the couch and sat down; drumming his fingers along side his leg as he waited. It seemed stupid to him, but now he could feel his nerves beginning to creep up on him. He got up and gave himself a once-over in the mirror. 'Wilson's going to be wearing something dressy.' They were not going out, but still Wilson would be dressed up, so House pulled a black shirt and his only tie out of his closet and put them on. 'I'm keeping the jeans, screw it.'

He was tightening the tie around his neck when he heard Wilson knocking on his door. His palms were sweaty which stunned him so he popped a Vicodin, and as he opened the door, he realized he had no idea what to say. He had had it all thought out and now shit, it was all gone. This was the one an only time he had been lost for words. When he saw Wilson standing in his blue suit and striped tie, he had no idea what to say. His mind scrambled to find the right words, and when he couldn't find them, House made a gesture that said 'come inside' and Wilson did as he fiddled his hands around in his pockets.

"Bought you flowers. Their blue tulips; cost me sixty five dollars." House said when he noticed Wilson wasn't looking; he was closing the door.

"You shouldn't have bought them then."

"Here." He practically shoved them at Wilson.

"That's sweet House, thank you."

"Anytime. Want a beer?"

"Yes, thanks."

They sat down like they usually did on the couch and opened their beers. Neither of them knew how to start this. Normally Wilson would have started out kissing the neck of whatever woman he was with at the time. He would slowly unbutton her shirt or slowly move his hand up her skirt while he continued to kiss her and cup her breasts. He couldn't do that with House obviously, but even the kissing of the neck he was unsure of. House hadn't had much experience initiating these things. The last person he'd been with was a hooker and it was her job to put the moves on him. He barely did any work at all. However, he figured Wilson was a romantic and needed a little seduction before the actual act.

House looked over at Wilson after several painstakingly quiet minutes.

"I'm going to put my arm around you." House stated.


He leaned over and stretched his arms around Wilson's shoulder encouraging him to snuggle up to him. House could smell the way their colognes meshed into one specific scent and it rather intrigued him. He was always used to perfume on a partner, and the way it irritated him. This was just another reason it was better to be with Wilson. House could stand his cologne.

They sat like that for a while until House loosened his hold and Wilson sat up. House smirked slightly before leaning over and kissing him much like the other night. This kiss was much, much better then before. They were somewhat more comfortable with the idea so their lips were more relaxed and rushed into each other. Wilson was more at ease with House's stubble scratching him slightly as he brought his lips down to kiss Wilson's jaw line.

"Should we move this to the bedroom?" Wilson asked between kisses.

"I suppose so."

Wilson walked to the bedroom first, followed closely by House. He sat on the edge of the bed and watched as House leaned his cane against the wall. Wilson had never been in House's bedroom before, he'd seen in through a half open door before when he was staying there, but he'd never really been in it.

House was studying him now and calculating in his head how long it would take him to get undressed. He was a bit worrisome because it took him a while longer than most to undress, or get dressed for that matter. He also was all too aware of the way people acted when they saw his scar. Then again, this was Wilson, and he'd seen worse. House sighed a long sigh and nodded his head at his own thoughts as Wilson looked at him strangely.

"You okay?" Wilson asked still fidgeting.

"I'm going to take my shirt off, you should too."


House instinctively turned away as they started unbuttoning their shirts, but made himself suck it up and turn to face Wilson and watch him peel his shirt away. House divulged to himself that he was getting turned on as he watched more and more of Wilson's skin appear. Wilson was too in return.

House compared this situation to his job. 'All in the name of science.' He explained to himself. 'I try new things to see new results. If a patient dies, it was all in the name of science.' This was much like Wilson and House; they were trying something different and hope for the best result. If their relationship, whatever it was, died, then at least they could say they tried. But if their relationship did die as a result, they were sure they would die right along with it.

"Come here." Wilson said patting beside him.

"I like your…" House pointed to Wilson's abs.


House put his hand out slowly to touch his chest and take him in for another kiss. This time they had their hands all over each other. They began kissing each other's neck and shoulders. It was working out well thus far.

"I think I'm going to take your pants off." Wilson said kissing House's arm.

"You think?"

"Lean back. I'll be careful."

House lay on the bed as Wilson gently undid his jeans and pulled them, along with his boxers, down until they were pooling at his ankles. It took him a minute though, until he could look at his shaft. Once he did though, it wasn't as awkward as he thought.

"Can I touch it?" Wilson asked sheepishly.

House smirked just then. "Yes Wilson, you can TOUCH it, it won't bite."

Wilson brought his hands up and started to stroke him slightly, and when he heard House let out the quietest of moans, he began going faster. It was at this point House knew they either had to do it now, and stop this foreplay, or call the whole thing off.

"Just so you know Wilson," House said in between moans, "I'm not a stickler for foreplay."

"You count this as foreplay?" Wilson took his hand away.

"I count anything that's not insertion, foreplay."

"Ugh, House."

"You can take your pants off now. It'll be a bit hard to penetrate cotton."

Wilson rolled his eyes, but stood up and did what he was told. House perched his head up and smiled at the sight of Wilson's full frontal nudity. Both men were hard now, and they were sure if they didn't get this show on the road, they wouldn't last long.

"In my dresser drawer, there's a thing of lube."

Wilson walked over and pulled it out.

"Lube up, and let's ride."

"House, do you have to make everything so mechanical and crude?"

"You never said this had to be romantic. Were not in love, Wilson. There's a difference between lovers, and being in love. I thought you of all people would know."

"Whatever, House" Wilson was lighthearted.

He positioned himself over House, being careful not to hurt his leg, and 'lubed up' just like House had said. House braced himself and then nodded to Wilson, letting him know he was ready to start.

"Holy Shit!" House cried out as Wilson forced his way in.

"Shh, I'm sorry."

"Go again." House told him as he panted.

House screamed again, but this time only in his head. He knew if Wilson thought he was hurting him he would stop. The weird thing was, it was the most sensational mix of pleasure and pain, and he didn't want Wilson to stop.

Wilson was obviously enjoying himself too, moaning and grunting as sweat beaded down his face. After a few minutes the pain subsided and all that was left was pleasure; the most intense of all. House was screaming aloud again, only now he was screaming things like, 'fuck me and harder baby.' They became lost in on another, and for a moment, they felt like one being, moving together in perfectly chorused motions. And when they came, it was stronger then with anyone else. Wilson shook fiercely on top of House, and House cried out a string of curse words while he grabbed the bed sheets. House would never admit that of course, but it was the best he'd ever had. No one compared to Doctor. James Wilson.

House laid next to Wilson in the bed, still naked and partially under the covers. What could they really say to each other at this point?

"If you keep that up, I'll never let you go." House said before kissing Wilson's forehead.

"When's my turn?"

"Tomorrow night, I'm spent."