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Blackrose glanced around the delta server, mentally cursing herself. Kite had sent her a message, telling her to meet him at the lambda server as soon as she could. Unfortunately, after she had responded that she'd be right there, her mother had gotten home and demanded she come downstairs and empty the dishwasher. That alone had taken twenty minutes, making the Heavyblade very late.

"Dang… Late… late!" she picked up her pace, typing in the keywords to get to the lambda server. Gold rings engulfed her, and finally she arrived at the correct city, Carmina Gadelica, frantically glancing around for her partner and best friend.

She searched for a red hat, an easy way to find Kite, and discovered one about thirty digital feet away from the Chaos Gate.

"Kite!" she cried, noticing that he was surrounded by a large crowd of people. She pushed her way through them, apologizing only slightly for all the characters that she bumped in the process. Finally, she reached the middle of the crowd, "Kite! Sorry I'm late!"

Kite smiled at her, though he looked quite frazzled, "Blackrose, I—"

"Hey!" a Heavyaxe player called angrily, "Wait your turn to talk to him!"

Blackrose blinked in surprise and turned around. The character who had spoken was short, with bright green hair and light armor. She wore a glare and a scowl, a high sign of displeasure in The World.

"Excuse me?" Blackrose said, almost sweetly. The girl scoffed.

"I said, 'Wait your turn'. I was next," she remarked stiffly. Blackrose stared at her for a moment before turning back to Kite.

"Kite, who are these people?" she asked, realizing that all of the characters were girls, and they were all eyeing her in anger, confusion, or jealousy.

Kite scratched the back of his neck nervously, "I'm not sure. They surrounded me while I was waiting for you, and they keep trying to get my member address."

Blackrose rolled her eyes and turned back to the crowd, which was alight with whispers and mutters, "Hey, everyone!" she called loudly. The talking ceased, and she stared them, "Who the heck are you people? What do you want?"

The crowd stared back, clearly bemused that she could ask such a thing. Silence, then, "Kite!" one player cried, and several others agreed with loud cheers. Blackrose stumbled, amazed.

"Excuse me?" she turned to Kite, who held up his hands, palms out.

"I don't know who they are, honest!" he pleaded.

The girl who had told Blackrose to back off earlier spoke up, "We're the Kite Fan Club. And you need to wait your turn to talk to him!"

Blackrose's eyes widened, "Fan club?" she choked out, tearing up as her body shook from chuckling, "For… for Kite?!" she burst out laughing, leaning up against the wall so she wouldn't collapse from the hilarious shock of this thought.

"Blackrose?" Kite put a hand on her shoulder, trying to calm her, but the sight of him sent her into another round of hysterics.

"Oh, this is too good!" she wiped her eyes free from tears, still giggling. The Fan Club members watched her with expressions varying from annoyed to irritated.

The Heavyaxe crossed her arms, "You have a problem with that?"

Blackrose smirked, "Well, I suppose it doesn't concern me…"

"That's right, so just get to the back of the line, and wait your turn," the girl ordered sternly. Kite frowned.

"Now wait a minute. Blackrose and I had plans before you showed up," he explained. The Heavyaxe stared at the girl in question.

"You know her, Kite?" she asked, leering at Blackrose.

Kite nodded, "Much better than I know you," he said.

Blackrose grinned smugly.

The girl bat her eyelids, playing at Kite's weakness of being too nice, "But, you're here now. Why don't you just forget her and stay with us for a while? Please?"

The innocent act almost made Blackrose want to puke. With the comedy aside for now (you could bet that she'd push it to it's fullest later, when they were alone), she put her right hand above her shoulder, on her sword hilt, and raised an eyebrow, "Sorry, but I believe Kite said he had plans, none of which concern you. Excuse us," she waved her hand in dismissal, and most of the crowd parted to let them pass. The Heavyaxe stood her ground.

"I still haven't gotten Kite's member address, so I'm not leaving," she stated stubbornly.

Blackrose shrugged, "Not my problem," she held a hand up as Kite opened his mouth to speak, "Kite, go wait by the Chaos Gate, I'll be there in a moment."

Kite hesitated, "Blackrose… don't do anything stupid…"

"I won't," her voice was light and carefree, "I'll be there in just a minute," she repeated. Kite nodded slowly and walked through the crowd.

The Heavyaxe watched him go, shaking with anger. Blackrose smiled sweetly and leaned towards her.

"So you're the ringmaster of this group, hmm?" she asked, not expecting an answer, "You must think you know Kite pretty well, then."

"I know everything about him," she spat.

Blackrose shook her head, "Clearly not, because you forgot one problem," her eyes narrowed, "Me." She started to walk away, but stopped just before the end of the crowd to look over her shoulder, towards the Heavyaxe, "And know this. Next time you decide to woo my partner with your 'Fan Club', just remember that I'm always right around the corner. See ya."

At that, she walked out of the crowd, heading towards her best friend.

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