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Fan Club

Chapter 3

Hikaru shook her head, her light green hair flying around her face. She shifted her heavy axe and stared at the canal below her. Her meeting with Kite hadn't gone so well, and as such the fan club she had started had sort of broken apart. The reason: Kite clearly didn't care about them as much as they had thought, and none of them wanted to face Blackrose.

She narrowed her eyes. It was all that Blackrose's fault. They had been close to breaking Kite's barrier, allowing him to let them into his online (and hopefully offline) life. Then she had shown up, and their strategy had gone down the pipes. The only way that the Kite Fan Club had any hope of surviving would be if Blackrose could somehow… disappear.

Someone came and stood beside her, glancing sideways to take in her appearance. Hikaru met his gaze. He was a wavemaster, taller than herself (which wasn't hard, being how short she was), with messy brown hair and chocolate eyes. He had on the traditional robes, laden with wave symbols, and clutched a staff firmly in his pale left hand. He smiled slightly.

"Having some problems?" he asked.

Hikaru nodded, "How could you tell?"

"You just look troubled," the guy held out his right hand, "I'm Toji."

"Hikaru," she replied, shaking his hand, "Are you running into problems too?"

Toji made a face, "Yeah."

She peered closer, "Wanna tell me about it?"

He laughed, "Well, you'll probably think I'm insane. There's this girl, see? She's absolutely amazing in every way. She's really strong, and smart, and nice. Only problem is that she won't talk to me or my… friends, because she has this one guy that she hangs out with all the time."

Hmm, Hikaru thought, sounds a bit like my problem, only reversed.

"What's her name?" she asked, curious.

Toji stared at the water, "Blackrose."

Hikaru gaped at him. Blackrose, kind?! Where has this guy been? Under a rock?! But wait… a guy that hangs out with her… that must be Kite! A smile formed on her face, This could work out in my favor…

"I have a similar issue," she assured Toji, "Who, conveniently, is Blackrose. She's always hanging out with Kite, and therefore he never gets to spend any time with me or my friends. We sort of have a fan club, you see, and him not hanging out with us causes some problems…"

Toji grinned, "I see where you're going. If I get Blackrose out of your way, and you get Kite out of ours, then we're both golden! There will be nothing to distract them from us!"

"Exactly," Hikaru beamed, "Now. We need a plan to separate the two. Ideas?"

Blackrose stared at the item, "But, Kite," she whined, "I need this!" she brandished the wavemaster's staff. Kite rolled his blue eyes at his partner.

"Blackrose, neither of us are wavemasters. We can't use that item," he informed her patiently, a bit exasperated.

She huffed, still clutching the staff, "But it's so cute. We could probably find some use for it."

Kite thought for a moment, trying to be agreeable, "I suppose we could give it to Mistral as a gift…"

"I wouldn't give it away!" Blackrose exclaimed, horrified.

He stared at her, "Then what would you use it for?!"

She chuckled, "Kite, Kite, Kite. When will you learn that being a girl means that you can get things like this and never need a use for it. It's just to have. It's that simple."

Kite frowned, considering that. Blackrose did seem excited about the idea of owning this staff. It was out of her price range, but if he pitched in, they could buy it together, and then she'd be happy. He smiled at that though and shrugged, "I suppose, if you really want it…"

"Thank you, Kite!" Blackrose gave him a hug and joyfully headed towards the shopkeeper's counter to pay. Kite, blushing slightly, followed her obediently.

Suddenly someone was calling his name. He paused, listening, glancing at the to make sure that he had really heard it. Sure enough, there it was, called by a player called Hikaru. He cocked his head in confusion. He didn't know any player by that name. How could she know his?

"Come on, Kite!" Blackrose called from up ahead, glancing over her shoulder.

He waved at her, "Be there in a minute, okay?" and with that, he walked in the other direction, general curiosity taking over. His name was called again, towards the edge of the bridge, almost near the Chaos Gate. He glanced back at Blackrose, who was watching him carefully, and flashed her a smile before pressing on. He'd be back in a few minutes.

A girl with light green hair was standing by the Chaos Gate, smiling brightly at him. She approached as he neared the Gate. He watched warily, frowning, "You're that girl from earlier today. Where're the other girls?"

She shrugged, "They went their own way. I just wanted to apologize for earlier."

"Oh," Kite smiled, completely forgiving, "it's okay. No harm done."

"I'm Hikaru," she held out her hand, "Maybe we could go adventuring sometime?"

Kite hesitated. Blackrose had given him hell about the fan club while they had been questing, and now here was the chief member asking for his member address just a few hours later. He knew that if he gave it to her, and followed up on his agreement, the taunting from Blackrose would just get worse. And taunting aside, another problem like Terajima Ryoko could easily occur. Kite was slow at times, but he wasn't stupid, and it was easy to see that Blackrose hadn't received this girl warmly the first time.

"I'm sorry…" he said slowly, "I can't give you my member address."

Hikaru pouted, "Why not?"

"My partner, Blackrose—"

"Is your whole life about her?" Hikaru interrupted, narrowing her eyes.

Kite blinked in surprise, "She's my best online friend. If I go questing, she's the first person I call."

Hikaru clenched her fist around her heavyaxe, scowling, "She controls your life. Don't you think it's time you branch away from her? Other girls can be just as good, and they won't be as controlling."

Kite folded his arms angrily, "Now wait just a minute. Blackrose may be a bit bossy at times, but that's just her personality. She's a really nice person once you get to know her, and she's the best person to have covering your back. I couldn't pick anyone else to do a better job."

"You're too easygoing," Hikaru insisted, "She uses that trait and gets you to do what she wants!"

"She doesn't get me to do anything," Kite retorted, narrowing his blue eyes, "She asks me to do those things as a friend, and I do them because that's what friendship is! You might want to find someone to try it with, instead of pining after some boy that you don't even know."

And leaving Hikaru with that thought, he stalked off, heading back towards the shop he had left Blackrose at.

Blackrose watched Kite walk down the bridge, towards the Chaos Gate. She blinked in surprise as he turned and smiled reassuringly at her; he'd be right back. She shrugged—he was a big boy, he could handle himself—and went back to browsing in the shop. Since Kite had left for a while, she couldn't buy her wavemaster's staff, as he was half the money supply. But nothing stopped her from looking at all the other items.

Someone approached her from behind, and she glanced around to see who it was. A frown graced her features as she recognized the head of her 'fan club' from earlier that day. Would he never get the hint?

"Hey," he said casually.

She squinted at him, frowning, "Toji, right?"

He looked positively joyous that she remembered his name, "Yes, that's right!"

"Good. Are you here to buy something or to talk to me?" Blackrose tapped her foot impatiently.

Toji smiled, "I'm here to talk to you."

"Then bug off," she waved him away, "I don't feel like dealing with you idiots right now."

"Would tomorrow be better?" he asked hopefully.

She stared in disbelief at him, "No. And the next day isn't looking good either."

"Maybe we should set up a date," Toji suggested, "You know, at a time when neither of us are busy."

"A … date," Blackrose studied him, "with you."

He nodded, still smiling.

Blackrose rolled her eyes, "Find someone else."

Toji blinked, "You're not interested?"

"Ha," she laughed dryly, "not in the slightest."

"Why not?"

She turned back to the items, "I wonder."

Toji walked around her to meet her eyes once more, his own brown ones still expectant, "Maybe if you gave me a try, you'd find something you liked."

"And maybe I wouldn't. I'd actually prefer not to find out," Blackrose said coldly, getting ticked off by this guy's actions. Would he never leave?

Toji frowned, "Is it because of Kite?"

Blackrose froze, meeting his gaze, "No. I'm smart enough not to talk to strangers, especially ones I meet online. For all I know, you're some old fart who spends every waking moment on his computer because he has no friends. Or you could be a millionaire, good looking, nice. How would I know? It's a chance that I'm not really willing to take, thanks."

"But you took it with Kite," Toji pointed out.

"Yes," Blackrose replied smoothly, "but he's different."

He narrowed his eyes, "How so?"

Blackrose shrugged, "He's really nice, and funny, and easygoing, so it matches perfectly with my personality. And he's the only guy I'd ever consider dating in real life."

"I'm just like that! I could be your boyfriend," Toji insisted.

She raised an eyebrow, "You couldn't be just like that. Only Kite's just like that. You don't even come close."

He hung his head, trying to get her to pity him, and agree to exchange addresses. She sighed in exasperation, putting her hands on her hips.

"Listen, you do seem like a nice boy. I'll give you some advice," she leaned closer, "Go after someone else. Someone who will actually listen to what you say and not think you're a nuisance."

Toji looked up in shock, but Blackrose had already turned around and walked off, towards where she had seen Kite go. Buying her cute wavemaster's staff would have to wait.

She met up with Kite halfway across the bridge, and nodded back towards the Chaos Gate, "Let's head to a field, just to relax and get away from everyone."

Kite glanced sideways at her, "Did something happen while I was gone?"

"Well, that fan club guy met up with me," she shrugged, "And that was totally trying my last threads of patience."

He laughed, "Same here. I gotta tell you, when I was younger, I used to dream about having fan clubs. Now that I actually do, it's just a huge hassle."

She nodded, "Kudos to that."

They passed by Hikaru on their way to the Chaos Gate, and Kite ignored her completely as she glared at Blackrose. Blackrose smirked, sticking out her tongue at the other PC, before Kite picked some keywords and whisked them away. Hikaru had looked positively livid.

The field he had chosen was a sunny field, complete with rolling, grassy hills and puffy clouds that floated in the digital sky. They wandered a ways away from the Gate so that they wouldn't be disturbed by people coming and going. Blackrose plopped down on a patch of grass, lying down and staring at the sky above them. Kite sat down beside her.

"So, what did that girl say to you?" Blackrose began conversationally.

Kite shrugged, leaning back on his hands and staring upward as well, "That I should give her my member address and block you out of my life forever, or something to that effect."

She raised an eyebrow, "That worked out well for her, I see."

"I told her she was mad for thinking that I would even consider it," he informed his friend, smirking.

Blackrose laughed.

"So," Kite glanced at her, "What did that other guy say?"

"Oh, you know," Blackrose scowled at the sky, "He wanted me to go on a date with him, either online or in the real world. I laughed in his face and said that I don't date people I meet online."

"Oh," Kite looked almost put out, and he glanced away, suddenly finding the grass very interesting.

Blackrose frowned, "But, you know what else I said to him?"


"That there was only one person that I'd consider going on a date with," she watched him, "And that's my partner."

Kite looked up in surprise and turned to face her, "Really?"

"Sure," she shrugged, "I mean, you're a really great guy. I'd love to meet you in person, on a date or just as friends."

He grinned at her, "Well, we'll have to arrange that, won't we?"

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