The side-effects of the drug aren't really known by anyone outside the users and the creators. They call it the "Shadow" or the "Light" or–as a mixture of both–"Sight".

It varies where you're from. What you've seen. Those in the filthier side of town call it "Light", and those in the cleaner side of town call it "Shadow." Those in between don't have a name for it, because they don't understand the drug in all its power.

They're extremes--light and darkness. Ray and shadow.

The drug is the same way.

Those on the darker side of the spectrum are said to get a high unheard of from previous substances. There is a bizarre increase in the production of the hormone adrenaline and dopamine, one that almost depletes a healthy body of the ability to create said hormones for the rest of its existence.

The light side is also said to have an increase in muscle-tissue development.

A steroid/high/rush-inducer.

Never good.

It started in Gotham, down in the deep, dark bowels of the Narrows where no one would live willingly. Down in the dark abandoned subway tunnels, where rats and monsters lurk in the shadows and wait for prey.

Like all drugs, Sight started in a bad place.

But like all drugs, Sight wouldn't stay there.

Sight left Gotham. Slowly, but surely, the drug found its way onto trucks, into boats, into planes and even into bodies–living or dead–themselves. The substance dug its roots into the surrounding populace, and like a weed it only kept growing.

Some places proved more satisfactory for sustaining life than others. Chicago gave Sight a surprisingly chilly reception, as well as Detroit.

(The observation has been made that the Great Lakes area is not as open to Sight as Gotham–it is advisable to move to either a: the eastern seaboard, or b: the western seaboard of the United States)

No reports have been received of Sight in Los Angeles, therefore leading to the assumption that it has not yet reached that destination.

However, there have been words of a peculiar new drug borrowing itself into the population in heavily industrialized areas near New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia. Authorities have yet to learn of this substance, but it is gaining quick notoriety among the working/poorer classes as a unusual but superb way to escape reality.

Gotham created the Sight.

...unfortunately, she couldn't keep it to herself.

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