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Summary: Tweek is the most unlucky person in the entire world, it seems, but his boyfriend is willing to stick with him and love him through whatever may happen – including being sent away from home as a result of his mistakes.

And without further ado, let the story begin!

Tweek emanated bad luck. Wherever he went, chaos or misfortune was soon to follow. He remembered when he was… what; eight, nine years old? All the experiences he'd gone through – his father threatening to sell him into slavery, almost getting abducted, the gnomes almost killing him and stealing his underpants, replacing Butters as a member of Stan, Kyle and Cartman's group and causing him to go insane and create an evil alter-ego…

Tweek shuddered, spilling hot Coffee all over himself. "GAH!!" He cried, jumping up and pulling off his shirt in hopes of soothing his searing hot pains. "Owowowowowowow!!" Yet another result of his increasingly awful luck. Almost killing himself from trying to calm down. Maybe I should just accept the fact that I'm jittery and it can't be h-helped, He thought. His eye twitched out of habit. After reflecting on his experiences, Tweek decided to live in the present, and facts were that he was 16 years old now, currently attending Boreal's School for Boys, away from his family and most of his friends. This isn't my fault, he reminded himself for the billionth time. I didn't do anything. I was just… in the wrong place at the w-wrong time… yeah. He wasn't convinced. Being sent away did mean he'd be severed from his old life, but he was thankful for one thing.


Tweek gazed around the dorm of the boarding school he was living in, looking for his boyfriend. Thank God Craig's here. If he wasn't I wouldn't have lasted through the first day. He twitched again, remembering the first day.

"We'll get through this together, Tweekers. Just you and me."

Tweek shivered again, basking in the warmth of those words. "Ah… Craig…"

"Yeah?" Came a reply from behind him. Tweek jumped up again. "ARGH! C-C-Craig! D-don't Do that! You s-scared me… again!"

"Hey… sorry about that, Tweeky. I couldn't resist. Damn you look sexy without a shirt on."

Tweek blushed furiously. He always got embarrassed when Craig said things like that. His head jerked to the side and he replied with a soft "Nngh…"

"So, what did you want?" Craig asked smoothly. Damn him, Tweek thought. "I was just… I c-couldn't… Rrgh." Another twitch. "Th-thinking… first… thanks." Even though this jumble of words didn't form a clear sentence, Craig seemed to understand. "Hey, don't worry… both of us were upset at being sent away from our home. It's fine. Those kids didn't exactly give us an easy time, did they?"

"No… but you were so brave… and you stood up for me…" Tweek said. "That was so… b-brave… no, n-nice… n-n-no… I don't know what the word is…"

"You don't have to say anything Tweek. Let's head to bed, okay?" Craig said. "It's getting late and we have classes tomorrow."

"O-Okay," Tweek said, not wanting to mention that he was still an insomniac and was scared of the underpants gnomes. "If y-you're sure…?"

"What else can we do right now?" Craig asked. "I'm to tired to do much else."


"Oh. I get it. Still 'fraid of those gnomes?" The boy with the ebony hair asked. "Seriously Tweek, they're not going to be here, too." Tweek objected, saying that a few of his pairs of underpants had gone missing. Craig disagreed, saying "You scream about them so often that people must've overheard you, Tweeky. Chris is prob'ly just playing a joke on you. You know how he is." Chris was another roommate of theirs, who often went out with the other person lodging with them (Daniel) because the boyfriends would often make the two others squirm. Sometimes Craig would take charge and kiss (more like make out with) Tweek in front of them, making a huge deal out of it. "Ah, Tweek, you taste so good…" he'd say. "More…please, I need more…"

Tweek shook his head. "No! I think it's really the gnomes…" But Craig silenced him with a quick kiss. "Good night, babe," he said, laying down on his bed and covering himself up to go to sleep (Tweek noticed that he didn't even remove his clothes as he usually did).

"Good night," The caffeine-addict said before letting his mind wander into what he called "A dream without sleep."

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