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Under the bloody moon2:

The twists of fate…

Chapter one: The royalty of the Northern and Western Lands…

Summary: Nearly eighteen years after Rin and Sesshomaru marry and have their daughter Midori, he is often taking off to expand his territory. Mean while Rin is alone raising her daughter, and a war is being planned behind everyone's back. A war set against the Western Lands… two Sesshomaru may not be able to fight. One keeping his family, and two keeping them alive. Meanwhile Halder and Sagoe bring their children to visit Rin. How will Sesshomaru feel when his daughter and Halder's outspoken son team up... and get into more trouble.

Authors note: Hey guys yes I am finally back! Sorry I just didn't know how I wanted to start it! Sorry it took me so darn long! But here I am, and here is the first chapter to my new story. Thank you those who read my original and are now moving onto this one.

A young woman ran around the castle garden her mothers eye strongly on her. Midori, little sweet Midori. It meant green, which was Rin's favorite color at the time. Akemi, that was Rin's daughters middle name… or more of a knick name. It meant beautiful which Rin loved calling her daughter because Rin loved making her daughter smile. Sesshomaru wasn't around very often, and Rin was left alone at home while Sesshomaru was extending their territory. Rin tried to tell herself, more like make herself believe, he did it for them. But for awhile he began to crave more power, as if he had lost it by having a family.

He barely spent time with his family anymore, and Rin didn't know how to keep her daughters questions at bay. Now Midori was almost eighteen herself, and Rin was beginning to feel like her youth was slipping away from her. Rin still had a youth to her, the wrinkles had not yet started appearing. But Rin was starting to feel as if everyday went by way too fast. There was times when Rin thought of leaving, but knew that Sesshomaru wouldn't allow it.

'Ha,' Rin thought angrily. When it came to her daughter, not even Sesshomaru could stop her from making her happy. A sigh escaped as she watched her daughter sit down on the ground and pick a flower. Jaken was some where running around trying to keep an eye on the unruly teen, "Midori!"

"Mama?" Midori asked looking up at her mother standing by a nearby window watching her.

"Are you staying out of trouble?" Rin asked her daughter as Midori stood up, wow how tall she had grown since a child.

"Hai mama," Midori said her long flowing dress looked much like her mothers. It had become a fashion in their region do to Rin, and her fondness of it.

Surprisingly Midori did not have her fathers silver hair, but inherited a more brown red color do to her mothers dark brown almost black hair. She did not inherit one or the other, but it met in the middle. She did however have her fathers eyes, and his crescent moon on her forehead. Her cheeks were free like her mothers, and her ears were not as long as her fathers… but they were pointy. She had grown into quite a woman, and yet her father was barely around to see it. So every time he would come home from business he would be so surprised how much she had grown.

"I would like to talk with you," Rin smiled at her daughter. Midori nodded before walking back to the castle. She was so much like her mother, and Rin knew it.


"Momma," Midori asked turning the corner.

"My daughter," Rin said her face glowing in the light.

"You wished to speak with me?" she asked her mother, "when is father going to be back? It has been nearly five months since he left."

"I know sweet heart, but papa said six months," Rin said looking sympathetically. Midori just nodded softly before lowering her gaze to the floor, "you know what he does for us…"

"Not anymore mama he only does what he does for himself now," Midori said watching her mother drop her own gaze before continuing with her speech, "why do you let him make you feel like this momma. I know your always crying and unhappy late at night…"

"Enough!" Rin yelled looking up at her daughter, "you know nothing of the sort. I love your father so I stick by him and his decisions…"

"Maybe you shouldn't. He obviously doesn't love us, otherwise he would be with us. And a woman shouldn't let a man put her in any position mother, truly you…" Midori was cut off by her mother.

"Enough I said Midori! Who filled your head with such poisoned idiocy?" Rin asked feeling her anger building up, "a woman's place is by her husbands side no matter what. We should be grateful for what we get…"

"If this is what marriage does to you then I will never marry!" Midori yelled angry that her usually so strong mother was letting herself get so weak.

"You will marry who your father tells you," Rin said feeling her breaths get shallow and her body get shaky, "but enough of this…"

"But mother," Midori said before her mother raised her hand for silence.

"I said enough of this Midori," Rin said trying to regain her posture, "I brought you in here to talk about an upcoming event… not of your father. He will not be here for it, otherwise it would probably not be allowed."

'There was time when I got whatever I want… but now he doesn't quite seem to care,' Rin thought back to the beginning and how happy they were, how happy she was.


Rin was holding the baby in her arms when Sesshomaru walked in with a semi smile. He seemed so happy about their daughter, and it showed on his face. Rin handed Midori over to her husband and mate who bounced the little bundle of joy in his arms.

"She's beautiful like her mother," Sesshomaru commented softly. A smile erupted on Rin's young face.

"She's got my heart like her father does, and his eyes…" Rin smiled placing a hand on the baby and kissing Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru just smiled before looking back at the baby, "what should we name her?"

"Can we name her Midori?" Rin asked giving him a look her couldn't deny, he still owed her.

"If that's what you wish," Sesshomaru said kissing her forehead before sitting down and rocking his daughter. Rin watched him in aw of how sweet of a scene it truly was.

-End of flashback-

"What do you wish to talk to me about then?" Midori asked trying to not upset her mother anymore.

"Do you remember young Lord Juro? And Lady Aneko? The daughter of King Halder and his wife Sagoe?" Rin asked as Midori watched her mother.

"Yes I remember them. I remember that their son was a snotty child, but I did like very much Aneko. Although she is a year and a half younger then I," Midori said fiddling with the long sleeves of her dress.

"Well they are coming to visit for awhile," Rin said smiling at her daughter. They were in one of the smaller meeting rooms. It wasn't used often, but Rin remembered Sesshomaru playing hide and seek with Midori in that room. Whenever he would play… after hours of begging and playing.

"Is that so?!" Midori said a whole new excitement in her eyes, "when will they be here?"

"Tomorrow afternoon, and that is why we are having new dresses made. Rooms will be cleaned and decorated for them, as a dinner party is also being prepared. So you should get to class early today, and then get to the dressing room so you can be fitted for a dress," Rin said touching her daughters face. Midori smiled before running off to find Jaken who scolded her for taking off when he turned his back for a second.