"Sit your GODDAMN ass back down!"
"What part of I don't have the GODDAMN time for this don't you understand!?"
As Ichigo argued with their de facto leader, the other Vizards lounged around while watching the two as though they were a sitcom. Only Hachigen seemed bothered by the situation.
"That Berrytan sure is stubborn, isn't he?" a bemused Mashiro commented.

"For the last time, stay out of my way, just stay out of my way!"
"'For the last time'? That's my line! You're not healed yet, so park your ass back down and quit trying to run!"
"Dammit!" Ichigo directed his frustration at the wall, punching it so hard the plaster cracked and his fist broke through. Hiyori's scowl deepened, and Kensei sighed audibly. "I have to get back out there, I have to-"
"SIT DOWN. What good do you plan on doing anyone in your condition?"
"When are you going to understand that I don't have time for this! I don't have time to deal with you people! I don't have time to deal with you! If you don't want to help, then quit interefering!"
"THAT'S ENOUGH!" The entire group all jumped a little. From past experience, the Vizards knew that once Shinji's voice took on that tone, he was dead serious. Like watching a ping-pong match, their eyes darted from Shinji to Ichigo and back. "I don't know what kind of person you think I am, but I do know that there is absolutely nothing any of us have done to deserve your goddamn attitude!" With his hands shoved deep in his pockets, Shinji turned on his heel.

"What the hell is this, that baldy Shinji's acting like a jilted lover..." Hiyori commented in a sotto voice. As a reflex, she flinched when Shinji turned his head back over his shoulder.
But his anger wouldn't be directed at her this time. "Hutch. Restrain him."
"Wait just a mi-" Before Ichigo could finish his sentence, Hachigen's bakudo spell interrupted, pinning him to the ground with his arms behind his back.
Watching him struggle, Mashiro commented, "It's useless, you know. You might as well lay there like a good boy and let Hutch finish."
"I... dammit... Hirako! I don't need your damn pity!"
At this, Shinji spun to face him again. "Pity? Pity?"
"Shinji's angry" Mashiro's voice was tinged with awe.
"It'll be fine," Lisa replied shortly. She'd already turned her attention back to her book.
Sure enough, as Shinji kneeled to be eye-level with Ichigo, he grinned. "Don't think of it as pity, Ichigo. Everything we've done for you— as much of an ungrateful brat as you are— is grace."
"That's right. Maybe you don't deserve it, but we're giving it to you out of goodwill, anyway. But," the grin vanished momentarily, "you don't get to look a gift horse in the mouth. I know what's best for you. So just shut up and let Hutch heal you already, moron."

At that, Ichigo finally gave up the struggle against his restraints.