Rukia looked outside the window, only to see the rain pouring down from the gloomy grey sky. Autumn was about to end as the dead leaves fell onto the footpath, covering up the whole entire area with its lonely brown shade. Rukia sighed to herself, sitting inside the classroom. She hated winter. Not only was it the coldest season with a bad weather, but also she never really liked the snow. Ever since she was little she always slipped on them, causing a very serious leg injury. She wasn't clumsy or anything but the snow didn't exactly love her for some reason. So that's why in every winter she would use the limousine to come to school. Luckily her dad Byakuya was the richest man in the area. And the area where he lived in was also full of rich people, making her family 'super rich'. So everything she wanted always happened thanks to Byakuya. Her life was absolutely perfect, well, according to what other people thought. Now if only money stopped winter from coming, it would be even better.

"Rukia you coming?" her friend Orihime festively called out across the classroom. Snapping out of her thoughts Rukia lifted her head up realising the school bell just rang

"Yea, hold up!" Rukia replied back standing up from her seat. She hastily grabbed her handbag and walked out of class with Orihime

"So how is it going with you and Kaien-kun?" Orihime asked. Rukia slightly blushed, not knowing what to reply back. She and Kaien have been best friends since kindergarten. The reason why they met was because of a party her dad held when they were young. Because his dad was an owner of a huge company she and Kaien saw each other everyday, just like brothers and sisters. Yes, like brothers and sisters. Nothing more…

"Yeah, he's coming to my place next week. My dad is holding another one of his party" Rukia said "Would you like to come too Inoue?"

Orihime gasped, she didn't know what to say or how to react. Even though she and Rukia have been friends for a year now she was never invited to one of those parties where wealthy people drunk and casually chatted with each other in their million dollar dresses and suits

"Me? But I have nothing to wear…" she replied back rather sadly

"Come on Inoue! You live here in this part of the area of Town, come to a private school and tell me you don't have a dress!" Rukia laughed

"Well, my family is quite wealthy compared to other family, but not wealth as your family Kuchiki-san" Inoue replied back "Aww, but I really want to go!"

Rukia gave off a soft smile while walking next to her friend. She really wanted Orihime to come. She never liked those overloaded bastards rambling on about their business and their 'perfect' family. It was as though they were like a robot, programmed to talk all mighty about themselves. And she definitely wanted her friend to be there for her so she won't crack and put the Kuchiki's name in shame

"You can borrow my dress if you like" Rukia claimed. As soon as she said that she saw Orihime's eyes lighting up with joy. Her ginger friend screeched out with happiness as she hugged her very tightly in the middle of the corridor

"Really Kuchiki-san! Wow! I'm so happy! Thankyou!" she said. Rukia smiled at her friend as she lightly hugged her back. Ever since she was little she always had some guy friends, so having a girl like Orihime as her friend was quite new to her. Especially with this whole hugging thing. She was used to more casual stuffs like hi5 and punching

"Come to my house tomorrow at around 4. You can try some of my dresses," she said. Orihime gladly accepted her offer as they both made their way outside school

"Inoue, I really need you there. Dad wants me singing up on stage," Rukia announced. Orihime's heart stopped for a moment as she heard those words. Once again, excitement took other her body and she jumped like a little kid

"That's wonderful Kuchiki-san! After all, you have such an amazing voice!" Orihime said. It was true. Rukia had such an alluring voice some people even want her to release an album. As far as she can remember she loved singing, especially writing the lyrics down. She always enjoyed scribbling down meaningful lyrics, whether it's about her family, friends or about her life. As long as her lyrics meant something she was happy with it

"I should get your autograph now!" Orihime laughed very cheerfully. Rukia just smiled back

"You should sing something about Kaien!" Orihime suggested. This nearly caused Rukia to blank out

"What?" she chocked out

"You should Kuchiki-san! I mean, I saw you two together once and he looked like he really loves you! The way he acts around you, the way he smiles around you, the way he jokes around you"

Rukia was absolutely speechless. But then again, writing about her love life might be something new

"I'll think about it..." she said.


Ichigo gazed up into the rain that was hitting him like a needle. Shielding his bright orange hair with his hoodies, he casually shoved his hands inside his pocket and started marching down the dark alleyway. Ever since his mum died in the rain his life has never been the same. His life started feeling purposeless and misery took over his head. He hated the rain. And he hated winter because it was a season full of rain.

"Ichigo!" his friend Renji called out running in the rain. Ichigo turned his head around

"Got some good news," he said puffing his breath out from the entire running he did

"What's up?" he asked rather curiously

"Well, there is this rich snob holding this gigantic party tomorrow" he answered "And rumour has it, these rich bastard has this really expensive diamond necklace worth millions of dollars!"

Ichigo raised his eyebrow

"We can sneak into their house and steal the diamond!" Renji said

"Whoa, whoa, whoa wait…" Ichigo said, "How can we sneak into their mansion?"

"Well, knowing they are busy with this party, guests come in and out I guess" Renji replied back "I'm sure all their attention is going to the party meaning no one in the house"

"This news is so sudden" Ichigo mumbled out rubbing his forehead. Renji sighed

"Come on! This is our big chance!" Renji said.

Thinking for a while Ichigo scratched his head in pain. He was used to life like this right? Stealing stuffs from people, fighting in the alleyway, going to parties and getting drunk. So why should this one be any different? He has done tones of bad things in his life. So he might as well go steal that diamond necklace

"Okay, let's do it" he said, smiling at his partner. Renji let out a breath he was holding, and patted him on the back

"Yea, let's do it" he said.


At 8 o'clock in night Rukia was in her room playing her guitar while she sat on her luxurious, soft bed. Her room was very decorative. Clustered more likely. A gargantuan plasma TV hung on the creamy white wall with a black leather couch in front of it. Next to her TV there was a glass door leading straight to her balcony. Sometimes, when she needed fresh air she wrote her songs there. Along the right side of her door there stood a desk with a computer on it. Her wallpaper was her favourite band of all times B'z. She loved everything about that band. Especially their hard rock lyrics, which was the most important thing to her. Her room was filled with famous rock band posters, all of them influencing her very much. The only thing in her room that had nothing to do with rock band was her duvet cover with Chappy pictures on it, and some another furniture.

After she played for a few minutes she wrote down the lyrics that came up on her head.

"When you say thankyou to me, for some reason it hurts" she sang in a very delicate voice she was famous for. As she played her guitar a very soulful sound came out from it

"Stuck in a mid-point between friends and lovers"

Knock Knock

As soon as someone started knocking on the door she hastily laid her guitar next to her and shoved the notepad with her lyrics inside underneath her Chappy pillow. She never liked an interruption during her music time

"Come in" she, said. Her dad Byakuya opened the door, with his calm looking eyes observing down at her.

"Hey father! What is it?" she asked. Byakuya casually dug his hands inside his pocket and took out a elegant looking blue box out from it

"You aren't going to propose to me are you?" Rukia joked. Unfortunately, her dad wasn't exactly a person who laughs at jokes.

"Wear this for the party tomorrow. It's Hisana's," he claimed handing her the box

"Mothers?" Rukia said opening the box with curiosity. This reminded her of Christmas when she opens up a present her family and friends give her.

As soon as she lifted the lid up she wheezed with a shock. Inside, there was a glistering diamond necklace that sparkled very gracefully. It must have been the most beautiful thing she saw in her whole entire life. It's white light beamed at her like a sun and it's polished surface shined very lustrously. She held her breath. It looked so fragile that she thought even her breathing will ruin its glory.

"Father…" she chocked out, not daring to take her eyes off the gorgeous object. Byakuya slid his hands down her tender cheeks for comfort seeing how speechless Rukia was

"I'm sure your dead mother will appreciate you wearing this," he whispered out. Even though he was acting very caring he still somehow managed to keep his cool

"But, why now? Why are you giving me this now?" Rukia asked

"Rukia, you are nearly turning 16. I'm sure you are mature enough to take care of this necklace," he said. Rukia was still too stunned. She didn't even dare to move an inch while she held onto the necklace. She was scared it would fall out of the box

"Hisana would definitely love it if you will wear this tomorrow" he said. Rukia nodded her head. She thought she was the luckiest girl in the world

"Okay father. I will wear this at the party tomorrow" she smiled. Before neither of them could say a word the phone started ringing in Rukia's room. Byakuya left the room, leaving Rukia alone with the diamond necklace

"Hello?" Rukia said, answering the phone

"Hey midget!" a voice called out from the other end. Immediately, she knew who it was

"Don't call me a midget you idiot!" she roared out "You better come to the party tomorrow Kaien"

"Well, hearing that you were going to sing up on stage, how can I miss it when you are humiliating yourself"

"KAIEN!" Rukia bellowed out. Kaien started laughing at the other end of the line. He loved teasing her a lot

"Nah, just joking. You have a awesome voice Rukia," he admitted. Rukia started to fluster. Luckily she was on the phone so no one saw her blushing

"Well, just wanted to let you know I'm coming tomorrow" he said "So see you tomorrow!"

"Okay. See ya!" Rukia grunted. She wished she could chat with Kaien more

"By the way, don't punch me like you always do when we meet!"

Before Rukia could protest back Kaien hung up on the phone. She may always punch him but he always teased her non-stop.

Putting the phone down she leaned back on her bed and hugged her Chappy pillow very tightly. She didn't mean to act like a love struck girl but she always felt light headed after talking to Kaien

"Hint of bitterness, the flavor of life" she started singing. She couldn't wait for tomorrow.


As dawn came Ichigo found himself asleep in the park. He had a very bad headache, meaning he drank too much. But he didn't remember anything.

A gentle zephyr blew past him, causing the dead leaves on the ground to dance in the air. He checked his watch to see what the time was. It was 4 am in the morning, and school wasn't going to start until 8. That is, if he could be bother going.

Lying down on the bench he closed his eyes once again.

Beep Beep

"DAA! Not now!" Ichigo grunted taking out his cell phone from his pocket "Hey" he said

"Ichigo, you ready for today?" Renji asked on the other end of the phone

"Huh wha…"

"Diamond necklace!" Renji reminded him

"Renji! Don't shout! I have a headache!" Ichigo mumbled out, rubbing his forehead in pain

"Whatever, anyway I have this plan for sneaking into the mansion!" Renji claimed


"Well, I stole these vest that waiters wear" Renji said, "We can dress up as waiters and sneak into the mansion!"

"You think it's going to work?"

"Well we can always pull something off. We always do" Renji said. Ichigo smiled. It was true, he and Renji always got out of tough situations together since they met each other in high school. So why should he be worried?

"I'll see you at 5 or something" Ichigo spoke

"Yep, be prepared" Renji said.


Rukia stood in front of the mirror looking up and down her body. She was wearing a strapless dark violet dress that matched her alluring eyes very well. The dress reached down towards her ankle, and there was a split on the skirt that slightly showed her gorgeous slim right leg.

"Wow! You look so pretty Kuchiki-san!" Orihime claimed very cheerfully. Rukia turned around and saw her friend Orihime in the dress she gave her. It was a very appealing magenta dress and it was one of Rukia's most favourite dresses she had. Her orange hair was beautifully tied up into a loose ponytail

"You look beautiful Inoue," she said

"All thanks to your dress Kuchiki-san" she smiled.

Rukia opened the drawer in her room and took out the box her dad gave her yesterday. As soon as she lifted the lid up Orihime's eyes widened with surprise as a diamond necklace came out from it

"Wow! Is this the necklace you told me about?" Orihime asked holding her breath. Rukia nodded her head and carefully put it on. She couldn't believe right now she was wearing her mum's most beloved jewellery she owned.

"It suits your white high heel Kuchiki-san" Orihime claimed.

Someone stared knocking on the door and Rukia quickly replied to it

"Come in" she said. Her housemaid Soi Fong came walking inside the room

"Everyone is waiting for you Kuchiki-sama," she said

"Soi Fong! What did I tell you when you call me?" Rukia laughed

"Oh sorry. Umm… the guests are all waiting for you Rukia-sama…" she chocked out rather awkwardly. She wasn't used to calling Rukia by her first name

"Close enough" Rukia sighed standing up from her Stoll "Let's go Inoue"

"I wonder if Kaien-kun is here already?" Orihime giggled.

Music filled the room as soon as Rukia and Orihime stepped inside the ballroom. A small group of Orchestra were playing in the corner of the room and hundreds of guests in suits and dresses filled the entire place. Orihime gasped out, observing around the room. An enormous shandrydan hung very proudly in the middle of the room, gracefully shining down on a golden marble floor. Tables with white cloth on them were neatly lined up with very tasteful looking finger foods on it. Deviled eggs, vegetable dips, Sushi, everything was there. Orihime almost felt out of place, being in a place like this. But knowing her friend Rukia was beside her it made her feel much better. The same went with Rukia. She hated parties like this. Mainly because it is filled with people whom only cares about money. Instead she wants to be surrounded with people who care about their family and friends more than anything in the world. People that really know what's important to them in their life

"Well Miss Kuchiki, don't you look eye catching" a man called out

"Why thankyou Mr. Shiba" Rukia smiled very politely. At the same time her heart skipped a beat knowing he was Kaien's dad

"Kaien should be around here somewhere," he said looking around. But the room was filled with people it was nearly impossible to find

"Oh umm…"


At that moment Rukia felt her heart beating like a drum. It was really him. Her crush was in the same room as she was, standing only a few metres away from her

"Kaien" Rukia said trying to calm her voice down. But it came out a little high-pitched than usual

"Her Shortie!" he greeted walking up towards he. He looked very dashing. His black hair was spiked up and he was wearing a very formal looking black suit with a green tie that suited his emerald green eyes very well.

As soon as he stood right in front of her, Rukia playfully punched him

"Don't call me that!" she grunted. At the same time she could feel her cheeks burning, knowing how close Kaien was standing from her.

"Can't believe security is quite low" Ichigo claimed fixing his waiter vest

"Lucky I guess" Renji replied loosening his tie. It looked very uncomfortable on him. Ichigo couldn't believe how smart they looked right now. He and Renji were both wearing a white long sleeved shirt underneath their very posh looking black vest. It was a big difference compared to the usual clothes he wears, which was an oversized baggy jeans with a plain simple t-shirt with holes in them.

"Wow! Look at all these food!" Renji shouted out

"You idiot! We came here for the diamond!" Ichigo whispered out, making sure no one could hear him "Now where is that necklace?"

"Can it be that?" Renji pointed. Ichigo looked off into his direction and saw a petite young girl standing in front of the door. She had a short raven black hair that reached up to her shoulder, and the alluring violet eyes that suited her dress very well. Almost too well…

Suddenly a glistering jewellery around her neck caught his eyes. It was the diamond necklace they were after

"Bingo!" Renji happily yelled out. Ichigo was almost too stunned. The necklace was absolutely breath taking. And the girl who was wearing it…

"She's cute huh?" Renji nudged him in his stomach

"Yea… she is… I mean, umm… she's pretty but… umm, not my type" he chocked out

"Whatever. I think she's hot" Renji said "Okay, heres our plan. Ichigo, you go make a move on her and when you think the chance is right go grab that necklace"

"What? Why do I have to do that? If you think she's hot then you…"

His speech was cut short by a chubby old man walking towards him

"Excuse me but do you have any more red wines?" he asked

"Yes we do. I will get it right away" Renji replied back. Before he left, Renji glared off at Ichigo, telling him to make his moves. Ichigo sighed knowing he had no choice. He had to do it.

Taking a very deep breath he took a step forward towards the short, raven-haired girl. She looked as though she just finished talking to her boyfriend and was about to go somewhere else with her orange haired friend. If she was wearing the necklace it meant she lived in this house right?

"Miss, would you like anything?" he asked very politely

Rukia and Orihime looked up, only to see a very handsome teenage waiter standing in front of them

He looks a bit like Kaien Rukia thought to herself before she spoke

"Please, didn't I tell you guys not to call me like that" she smiled. It was a very heart warming smile in Ichigo's opinion

"Oh, I'm sorry" Ichigo panicked, not knowing what she meant "Umm…"

"Just call me Rukia," she said.

Okay, this is uneasy… Ichigo thought to himself. To get money he usually worked under people like her. Rich bastards. But she was different. Just standing a few centimetres away from her, he could feel a very gentle allure coming out from her. It felt very warm. It was something he haven't felt in a long time after his mother's death

"Okay, Rukia… would you like anything I can get you?" he asked

"No, I'm fine thankyou" she said.

He smiled back, well… if you could call it one, and walked away

She seems okay… he thought to himself Hey wait! I was supposed to make a move on her!!!

After he was gone into the crowd Rukia turned around to Orihime, only to see her blushing

"Inoue, are you alright?" she asked

"Kuchiki-san, I think I'm in love…" she replied back while she looked like she was daydreaming

"You think you're in what?" Rukia bellowed out

Throughout the whole night Ichigo kept his eyes on Rukia. She was non-stop smiling at her guests and acting very politely. If she wasn't doing that she kept gazing down at her precious necklace. She was really different. He felt guilty trying to steal the necklace away from her.

Wait, why am I feeling this way? He wondered to himself

A man stood up on the stage as soon as the orchestra stopped playing their music. He took the microphone in his hands and spoke up

"Ladies and gentle men. Now, I won't speak for long since I know you all waited for this moment to come" he said

What moment? Ichigo wondered to himself and where the heck is Renji?

"Now, ladies and gentlemen. If you all welcome Kuchiki Rukia"

The whole room started clapping their hands in delight. Some even yelled out across the room while some whistled. The crowd's attention all turned towards Rukia who just stood up on stage. Ichigo didn't know what was going on but was too stunned to even breathe. The whole room has gone wild.

After silence filled the air Rukia took a deep breathe and started playing on her guitar. It was a very soulful melody. Ichigo thought his heart stopped for a while. He thought he was going in another dimension of the world just listening to her soft delicate tunes

When you say thank you to me,
for some reason it hurts,
Like a magic spell that doesn't
get undone even after the good bye.
a hint of bitterness.
The flavor of life

Stuck midpoint between friends and lovers,
like an un-riped fruit dreaming about the day of harvest
because of being unable to just move one more step forward
what's causing this frustration baby

When you say thank you to me,
for some reason it hurts,
Like a magic spell that doesn't
get undone even after the good bye.
a hint of bitterness
The flavor of life

Sweet talk and tasteless conversations.
it sparks no interest in me
even when things do not go the way you want
it doesnt mean you've thrown your life away

When asked ' whats wrong?'
I answer 'its nothing'
The smile that disappears after goodbye
It's unlike me

The more i wish to believe in you,
For some reason it hurts even more
'i like you a lot' instead of 'i love you' sounds more like you
the flavor of life

the period when you suddenly remember the scent of someone you had almost forgotten
I want to be able to openly and honestly cherish the white purity of the falling snow more

A future tender and warmer than a diamond
i want to grasp it, in this limited time we have, i want to spend it with you

when you say thank you to me,
for some reason it hurts,
Like a magic spell that doesnt
get undone even after the good bye.
a hint of bitterness
The flavor of life

Ichigo's jaws were dropped on the floor by the time she finished singing. He was usually into hard metal rocks but this song sounded very fragile and mild, in a very good way. Her voice was so amazing. It was absolutly breathtaking.

The whole room started clapping. It's clap was so loud it almost sounded like a wave hitting the shores. Snapping out of his thoughts Ichigo went along and started clapping. Rukia looked like she was running out of breath and was smiling but puffing her breath out at the same time.

"Some chick she is huh?" a voice whispered behind him. Ichigo turned around only to see his partner Renji behind him

"Renji! Where were you…"

"Now go make a move on her for the necklace!" Renji demanded, pushing him towards her. Before Ichigo could say a word Renji ran away and dissappeared into the crowd.

"Gosh!" Ichigo grunted out scratching his hair "Do I have a choice?"

He looked towards Rukia to see her getting surrounded by people, all of them complementing on her singing. He decided to go afterwards when the crowd dissappeared.


Rukia ran towards the garden, to escape from the guests. It was really nice to hear people's opinion on her song but right now she was too tired to even bother with them.

She sat down on the bench, only to find herself surrounded by yellow roses, beautifully kept by the gardener.

"Tired?" a voice called out. She turned around to see an orange haired boy marching up to her

"Oh it's you" she said

"Hey, I have a name you know. The names Kuro…"

As soon as he said that he mentally slapped his mouth realising how stupid he was. He couldn't tell his real name to a girl who he is about to steal from

"Kuro…" Rukia asked rather curiously

"Kuro… Kuroya Kazuki" he lied. He didn't know how he came up with the name and was rather surprised himself

"Oh okay. You already know my name right?" Rukia said

"You sure talk casual for a millionare" Ichigo laughed

"Well maybe I'm not like those 'millionares' you know" Rukia replied back, turning around to see the fountain in front of her. Ichigo was quite shocked by her cold reaction

"Huh? What do you mean?"


Ichigo was rather shocked by her cold reaction. She was definetly different to other 'millionares' he knew.

"Umm… the song" Ichigo said


"It's was good. Especially the lyrics"

"Really thanks. But for some reason…"

Beep Beep

"Sorry, gotta take this!" Ichigo said flipping his cellphone out. It was a text message from Renji which read

One of the waiter realised I don't work here.

Hurry up, we're gonna run

Make sure you ask that girl out so we can get another chance to steal the necklace

"Umm…" Ichigo mumbled out

"You okay Kazuki?" Rukia asked

"Umm… I have to leave but can you teach me how to play the guitar or something… someday" he said

"Umm… yea sure" Rukia replied, rather surprised "Just come to my school any time. You can usually find me in the music room"

"You go to that posh private school right? Got it. See ya!" he said. And after that he ran off, only to find Renji hiding in front on the mansion

"Waz up?" Ichigo whispered, "So do they know about me as well?"

"No, only me" Renji replied "Now let's get out of here"

Ichigo and Renji started running off down the street, trying to get far away from the mansion as possible

"By the way we aren't going to steal the diamond necklace anymore" Renji claimed


"Shuuhei texted me back right after I texted you. He said there's no point of stealing it if we can't sell it. If you go to the store with it someone will definitely ring the police for sure wondering what a punk like us is doing with a diamond necklace"

"But I already asked Rukia to meet again!" Ichigo cried out


"Rukia! The girl with the necklace!"

"Oh… umm… well. You can steal some of her other items I guess," Renji said "Use her for money"

"Not a bad plan!" Ichigo said. Even though something inside him told him it was a very bad idea he ignored it. Right now if he can get money, he was going to do anything

"Do I see a new love blooming?" Renji joked

"Shut up…" Ichigo grunted out.


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