Title: Hate

Description: Roxas hated Axel.

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts

Category: Romance

Rating: PG

Parings: Axel/Roxas

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Disclaimer: Nope, not mine. :(

s.h.a.f.t. -- s.h.a.f.t

Roxas hated Axel.

He hated how Axel was able to twist words to insure that he always got what he wanted. He despised the mischievous glint in the green eyes that he disliked so, and hated even more so that that glint and those eyes were becoming as familiar as his own reflection.

He detested Axel's ability to turn anything into a joke, more often than not at Roxas' expense, and he absolutely abhorred his stupid catch phrase.

He hated how Axel acted like he had emotions, even though they both new very well that he didn't. But most of all, he hated how Axel was able to make him fool himself into think that he was Somebody.

Roxas hated Axel. And oh, how he loved him.