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"Gemma, I – I have to tell you something."

"What do you need to tell me, Kartik?"

Kartik puts an arm around me; I suspect the gesture is more to support himself than be affectionate. "It's a secret. I have to tell you a secret, Gemma. There is a secret. That I must say. To you."

I crane my neck to get a good look at him. "You're drunk, Kartik."

His eyes grow wide. "How'd you know?"

"It's pretty obvious you've had too much to drink."

"Shh! Don't let anyone know! It's a secret!"

"Okay, Kartik. I promise I won't tell anyone. Just don't drink any more."

He nuzzles my neck and traces a finger around the lip of the red Solo cup in my hand. "Gemma," he breathes, his voice sweet with liquor. "You look really pretty tonight."

"Thank you."

His lips move on my neck. "Let's go upstairs," he mumbles.

I sigh. "You're drunk, Kartik."

"I know. Isn't it wonderful?"

"You know full well that as soon as we go up to your room, you're going to pass out on your bed fully clothed and I'm going to have to stay up and make sure you don't die during the night."

He shakes his head, knocking his skull into my chin.

"Ow!" I yelp, rubbing my jaw.

"Gemma. I am not going to pass out. I am going to work on my paper. Let me tell you how I'm going to work on my paper."

"Which one?"

"Anthropology of the Western World. It is written in the stars that I will finish it tonight. I promise. Let's just go upstairs and I will sit down and finish it."

"What do you need me for then, if you're just going to do homework?"

He stops and appears to think it over. "I need you to be naked. For inspiration."

I stare at him. "I need a new boyfriend," I muse, downing the rest of the mixed punch.

Kartik grabs my hand and wraps it around his neck. "You need to come upstairs with me."

Something dawns on my tipsy brain. "Kartik, you don't even live here."

"So? My roommate's friend had sex in our room."

I gape at him. "Not in your bed, I hope!"

"I washed the sheets!"

I wrinkle my nose and stand up, my body feeling light as a feather. "Let's just go back to my apartment. I don't think Fee will be back for a few hours. What time is it?"

I flick open my cell phone, ignoring the "No Service" line that is notorious in the basements of frat houses. The time reads 1:47 am. She said she'd be back around 3:30 – 4.

"Shit," I grab his hand. "Well let's be quick about it then."

We push through the dense crowd of dancing bodies. Kartik shakes his head to the music, oblivious to the actual tempo. We exit the frat and are immediately hit with cool air, soothing after the sweaty heat inside the dank basement.

"Gemma?" Kartik turns to me, giving the pathetic doe-eyed sad face he's perfected. The same one he executes every time he wants something from me, mainly sex.


"You're not really going to make me do my paper, are you?"

"No. Not tonight."

He gives me his most dazzling smile, another asset he's perfected to use against me. I kiss him full on the lips. "But we're waking up at 9 and you're going to sit at my computer and do your paper."


"Yes, and it's your own fault if you have a hangover."

"But Gemma, even you won't get up at 9, and you barely had anything to drink!"

"Fine. We'll wake up at 10 then."

He scoffs at me. "I'll wake up at 10. You won't stir until 12 at the earliest. Mark my words!"

"Yes, but you're still going to do your paper."

"I will. When you wake up."

"Ah, I see you're getting your wit back. You must be sobering up."

He considers this. "I might be. Don't you and Felicity have any more vodka left?"

I slap him on his arm. "Are you saying you have to be trashed to want to sleep with me?"

He gives me a sloppy kiss on the cheek. "No, I'm just saying you're more adventurous when you're drunk."

I toss my hair over my shoulder. "I can be adventurous when I'm sober."

"Will you let me tie you up?"

"Not when you've had this much to drink!"

He scowls. "Why not?"

"Because you might pass out and leave me tied up and naked for all to see!"

"Will you let me tie you up when I'm sober?"

"Maybe. If you're a good boy."

He squeezes my hand excitedly. "I'll be very good, Gemma!"

I smile, trying to keep my composure. The prospect of the next few hours is beginning to affect my body. Kartik's fun when he's so uninhibited. I just hope he doesn't pass out before we start, or worse, while we're in the middle of the deed. I wouldn't put it past him, as he's done it before.

My hands shake as I try to pass my ID through the card reader of my apartment's building. Kartik presses against my back. "You're turned on, aren't you?" he breathes into my ear. He squeezes my bum.

"KARTIK!" I jump as one of Kartik's friends from the third floor shouts out the window.

"HEY!" he yells back.


"YEAH!" Kartik gives him a thumbs-up.

"Kartik! Shut up!" I hiss, my face flushing madly.

"Sorry Gemma!" He turns back to his friend. "DON'T TELL ANYONE! GEMMA DOESN'T WANT ANYONE TO KNOW!"

I open the door and pull him inside, my face roughly the color of the Solo cup I drank from earlier. I hide my face as we walk past the RA sitting at the front desk. Rather, I walk past the desk. Kartik walks into it.

"Easy there, killer," the RA says.

"I'm terribly sorry," I say, mortified, as I take Kartik's arm to steady him.

"Put him to bed," the RA yells after us as we make our way towards the stairs.

"Oh she will!"

"Kartik, just - shut – up!"

We manage to climb the stairs uneventfully to the suite Felicity, Ann, Ann's roommate Jill, and I share. The entire way to my room, Kartik hums a familiar sounding song.

"Are you humming the AIDS song from Team America: World Police?"

He nods. "My own version."

"And what would that be?"

Kartik flops onto my bed. "Gonna get laid! Laid, laid, laid!" he sings, kicking his feet for effect.

"You're a special one, aren't you?" I kiss him once he settles his legs. "I'll be right back - just going to go freshen up a bit."

"I'll be waiting!"

I call Felicity the moment I shut the bathroom door.


"Hi Fee, it's Gemma," I say, running a brush through my hair.

"Oh, hey! What's up?"

"Not much. Listen. When are you planning on coming back?"

"Probably soon, why? You need the room for the night?"

"Would you mind terribly?" I study my reflection and unbutton my shirt a few holes, revealing a bit of my new lavender and peach lace bra.

"Not at all. Have fun. Use protection. I gotta go." I can hear a man's voice in the background calling her name.

"Right. Thanks!" I set my phone down on the sink and reach for my toothbrush. I spend a few more minutes making sure I'm properly groomed and fragrant, then I return to my room. Kartik is, as planned, passed out on my bed. I let out a frustrated sigh, disappointed that I had worked myself up for nothing.

I undress and slip into a clean pair of pajamas and set the alarm on my phone for 9 am, just to piss him off. I grab a bottle of water from the kitchen and place it on my side table for Kartik, should he wake up thirsty, before I crawl into bed between him and the wall. He breathes softly and looks sweet, untroubled. I smooth back a few strands of hair from his forehead and kiss him. He stirs slightly, instinctively reaching for me. I settle into his warmth and let sleep pull me under.

Oh well, there's always morning.

I felt the intense need to apply college life to Gemma and Kartik's relationship. This fic won't just be about them though. I don't think it's terribly OOC, because I can actually see them interacting like this, if they were college students in the year 2007, that is. As always, any and all feedback is loved.

My last night in the dorms! Next year I have an apartment! Oh happy days!

You know you want Kartik to be trashed,

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