7:00 p.m. under the Sakura Tree in the Alice Academy Ten Years Later

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It's been awhile since Natsume's leave. That's right, Natsume left Alice Academy. Natsume's superior intelligence was finally acknowledged by a different school far away in Cambodia. They have also asked Hotaru to go but she refused knowing that Mikan will sob forever.

Here's how it went…

Another ordinary day in Alice Academy--- okay, nothing is ever normal but this day happened to be really boring! There were no classes, everyone went to Central Town but nothing special happened or so I say.

"Good morning Natsumeee!" Mikan said rushing towards the sakura tree.

"Can't you ever be a quiet ordinary girl?" Natsume said removing the manga covering his blank face.

"Awwww, c'mon Natsume I'm so bored! There's nothing to do!!!" she whined.

"Are you serious?" she nodded, "You're bored?"

She fell immediately. (Anime-style)

"What do you mean?!"

"Nothing, Polka dots," he smirked.

"Waaaaa Natsume, I'm so bored!" she whined even more.

"Of all the people to whine to, why me?" he asked.

"Well… uhh…I…hmmm…" she scratched her head, "You're right."

"You're such an idiot."

"Am not!"

They continued to fight not knowing a pair of lavender eyes were bestowed upon them.

"There they go again. Why is today a bit normal?" she asked herself.

"IMAI!!! LET ME DOWN!!!" Ruka yelped.

"I can't," she said plainly.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN'T GET ME DOWN?!?!?!" he yelled once more.


"When I asked you to help me in my experiment, you agreed," she said.

"I DIDN'T MEAN IT LIKE THIS!!!!!!" he yelled throwing his arms everywhere.

Hotaru looked at Ruka who was in a large golden bird cage. She started to take out her camera and picture. He could immediately see the dollar signs in her eyes. He started to sob waterfall tears.

"Be a man, Ruka," she smirked.

"I DON'T WANNA BE A MAN!!!!!" he yelped. (Sorry! He was desperate! What can I do?!)

"Whatever," she said coldly.

She looked at the couple outside once more. They were still fighting err… Well, Mikan was!

"Natsume, Please!!!!" she whined.


"Pleaaaaase!!!!!" she bent down on two knees.

"No, you idiot."


"Why do you want to make me wear a bunny costume anyway?!!?!?"

"COZ IT WILL LOOK CUTE ON YOU!!!!" she smiled delightfully.


Mikan thought that he was finally going to say yes.

"No," he said.

"Wha?!?!?!" her jaw dropped. (Anime-style!)

She looked at him and went away looking all depressed.






"OH!!! I KNOW!!!! CAN YOU WEAR THESE THEN?!!?!?!" she said holding out a pair of bunny ears.

"Man, you never give up," he said a bit irritated.

Mikan started to get even angrier. She wanted to really do something. The boredom was getting the best of her. She started to tackle him trying to put on the bunny ears for him.

Hotaru Imai and Natsume Hyuuga, please come to the faculty room.

Everyone suddenly turned their heads as soon as they heard the announcement. What could they want with the both of them?

Natsume immediately pushed Mikan off while Hotaru left Ruka alone. Mikan and Ruka's eyes widened.



They both spoke at the same time.

Meanwhile in the hallways going to the faculty, both the raven haired students walked silently.

"Saw you and Mikan," Hotaru smirked.

"Heard Ruka's scream from your lab," he smirked back.


"He agreed to an experiment," Hotaru said.

"Mikan came with her own will," Natsume replied.

They were finally in front of the faculty room. They immediately entered the room. They saw two men in black and the whole faculty looking at them.

"Why are we here?" Natsume asked.

"Natsume! Hotaru! Both of you have been chosen to go to a different school, a university to be exact!" Mr. Narumi smiled.

They both raised one eyebrow. A university?

"Of course, you can't come back here," he smiled.

"Can we go to our families if we go there?" Hotaru asked.

"Well, yes! It's like an ordinary school with vacation and summer and like that..." Narumi's smile faded.

"What's in it for us?" Natsume asked.

"Well Mr. Hyuuga, Ms. Imai, both of you have a superior intellect compared to no one else of this earth, which has given us, proctors, professors and etcetera, an interest in both of you. This university will help both of you enhance your capabilities and expand your boundaries. Some of the finest students are now participating there. We would like to give both of you… an opportunity," the men smiled.

"You see Hotaru and Natsume, they're giving you both scholarships to go there," Mr. Narumi smiled.

"I'm out. Find another monkey," Hotaru said coldly and walked out.

"Okay Natsume, it's up to you," Mr. Narumi smiled.

Meanwhile under the sakura tree, Mikan slept with Natsume's manga held in front of her chest and the bunny ears in her hand. She woke up as soon as she noticed a shadow coming nearer.

"Hotaru, where's Natsume? What happened?" Mikan asked still drowsy.

"Say goodbye to Natsume and we were just asked to go to a different place," she said plainly, "I declined lucky for you."

"And Natsume?"

"I didn't stay long but I bet something bad happened," she said, "Go."

Mikan's heart started to race. She left the bunny ears and the manga on the ground and ran. She bumped into Natsume.

"N…Natsume," she frowned, "Did you…"

"I'm leaving," Natsume said.

Mikan's heart shattered, her eyes lined with tears, her jaw dropped, and her body numbed.

"When?" Mikan asked a bit coldly.

"Mr. Hyuuga! Let's go!"

"Apparently, now," Natsume said passing her.

As he passed her shoulder, she dropped to her knees and cried.

"Hey idiot, meet me under the Sakura tree in Valentine's Day after ten years," he added, "Don't be late. Seven."

With that, he left. Just like that. Nothing more.

So the day wasn't boring but depressing. Mikan changed a bit but not entirely. She was still as jolly as ever but once she hears the name 'Natsume' or anything related to their moments, she'll either break out crying or not talk at all. She was never like this.


Ten years later…

Mikan was now twenty one years old. Because of a certain illness, she was locked up in a hospital far away from Alice Academy. Everyday, Mikan would look at the window beside her and wonder what the day was. Obviously, she was still thinking of Natsume.

Hotaru entered the room.

"It's Valentine's Day, isn't it Hotaru?" Mikan said still looking at the window.

"Yea, so?" Hotaru replied plainly like always.

"Can we go out later at seven?"

"You're still too weak. You heard the doctor, you could die."

"Please Hotaru," she said calmly.

"Why are you even asking?"

"I have an appointment," she smiled.

"Who would ask for an appointment with you when they know you're sick? And where will be the appointment?"

"He doesn't know I'm sick and… I'll be meeting him under the Sakura tree in the Academy."

Hotaru's eyes widened, "Its Natsume, isn't it?"

"How did you---."

"Oh please, I'm not dumb."

"Hotaru, I promised," she smiled.

"And you believe Natsume promised? He's probably making out with another girl right now, Mikan! Forget it," Hotaru scolded her.

"I'm sorry Hotaru but I have to go. I'll wait all night if I have to," she smiled.

"Fine, I'll do it," Hotaru said, "But if he isn't coming… Don't cry."

7:00 p.m. under the Sakura Tree in the Alice Academy

Mikan carefully waited patiently for her prince charming. Was he even going to come?

Hours passed… It was ten minutes before twelve p.m.

Mikan, who was determined to wait, stayed. Droplets of rain started to pour down. Mikan fought back the tears. She was willing to wait. Hotaru watched her. She wanted to go to her but Mikan insisted. The rain grew even more powerful. Mikan was wet and cold. He wasn't coming.

Five minutes before twelve. Tick Tock.

The rain grew even more powerful. Mikan's eyes started to grow weak and so with her body.

Three minutes more…

Mikan still fought the tears… Minutes seemed to be hours no days…

One more minute…

He wasn't coming. The rain stopped and Mikan grew impatient. She started to cry quite heavily. She held onto her skirt. It was all wet and the sakura petals started to stick to it. Hotaru looked at her with concern. Mikan was hurting. How could Natsume do this? It wasn't like this.


"Y…y…" Mikan stuttered.

Mikan looked up and saw…Natsume. He looked worried. His eyes grew softer.

"You're here," Mikan said, "You're late," she smiled.

"You're just like the old Mikan," he smiled.

"Who made you like this? Is there a girl?" she asked nervous of his answer.

"Yea, there is a girl…" he blushed a bit.

Mikan grew shocked but didn't show it.

"She's beautiful and kind. She makes me think. She's funny and… I love her," he smiled, "I'm going to propose to her later. I wanted to propose awhile ago but then… everything went wrong."

"Did you fight?"

"No," he smiled, "She would never fight with me. I know we do but I also know she doesn't mean it. It's funny I keep thinking about her."

"Really?" she fought back the tears by forcing a smile.

"Yea, I want to marry her as quickly as possible. I hope she says yes."

"Who wouldn't say yes to you?"

"I don't know, maybe her. She's different you see, not like all those fan girls."


She couldn't fight back the tears anymore. He noticed this.

"I have a hard time with proposing, though," he smiled.

She looked at him.

"Is it like this?"

He bent down on one knee and got a box from his pocket and opened it.

"Mikan, will you marry me?"

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