Poison (41 / 41)

"Naked in the Woods"

Summary: Two mutants take the naked plunge into wedlock.

Note: when we last saw our heroes, Logan had proposed to Rogue, who insisted they get married immediately (if not sooner), naked, at midnight, in the woods. Having already applied for a marriage license, Logan was ready, willing, and very able. "Bruce" is a real tree, and lives in the woods in Ohio, USA. He has kindly given permission for his name to be used in this work of fiction.

"If you blush, what color will your skin turn?" A naked Storm teased Kurt, stroking one languid finger over his mystically-scarred cheek. He grinned, but remained steadfastly, determinedly blue. Clutching a minister's stole and a leather-bound folder against his nude lower half, Kurt drew a deep breath and tried to focus himself on the welcomed responsibility of marrying Rogue and Logan.

"You ready for this, baby?" Logan asked with a sly grin, knowing the answer. Rogue was lighting a white candle she'd placed on a stump earlier, in the center of the cozy grove they'd selected to tie the knot. Logan let his eyes graze openly over her curvy, pale form, illuminated by the flickering light of the single candle.

"I should be asking you that, since I'm still half-expecting you to bolt at any minute," Rogue drawled. "I thought about hiding your boots to keep you from running, but decided to risk it." Turning to embrace him, she reveled in the warm hardness of his naked body against hers. Logan knew no shame at nudity, and with a brawny, masculine physique like his, she didn't blame him. She tickled him lightly over the rose tattoo, causing him to stifle a chuckle, before they turned to stand side by side before Kurt.

Storm was adjusting the stole around Kurt's shoulders as he searched through the papers within the folder, pulling out one sheet after another, stacking them in order. He muttered to himself, "Vows, script, license, everything in order, jah...", then regarded the smirking pair before him as Storm stepped to Kurt's side, fulfilling her role as witness. "We are ready, jah?"

"We are ready," Rogue confirmed.

"Yep," Logan added. "Do it," and he pinched Rogue lightly on the ass, making her yelp before she fanned his hand away and stifled the subsequent giggles. They all arranged themselves in a tight circle around the flickering candle.

"Dearly beloved..." Kurt intoned.

"That would be us," Storm whispered in a moment of light-heartedness as Rogue finally did burst into giggles. Even Logan made a throaty snarking sound - the mutual nervousness was manifesting in giddy laughter.

Kurt grinned and continued, "we are gathered here..."

"In the middle of the woods at midnight, nekkid as jaybirds," Rogue added, before she whacked Logan on the ass, making a distinct slap in the stillness.

"Hands off the merchandise, darlin' - we ain't married yet. Go on, Nightcrawler - let's get to the good part, the consummatin'."

"Ah, now I know what you really want," Rogue commented.

Kurt carried on, trying to be the essence of professionalism in facilitating his very first wedding ceremony. "In the presence of..." he faltered, knowing religion was a touchy issue with both mutants. "Of?" He hinted for help.

Logan looked around, and confidently added, "Nature."

Rogue added, "Good friends. And candlelight."

"And the moon, and I can smell a buck somewhere nearby."

"And Bruce over there - that's good enough for me," Rogue added.

"Bruce?" Logan's eyebrows arched.

"Yeah, that spruce tree over there," she pointed to the edge of the pool of light. "His name is Bruce. I was a little tipsy the night I named him, so just trust me. He's Bruce the Spruce, and he's our other witness."

"I think you're drunk now, darlin'."

"Am not! Shush, minister marrying us now, remember, sugar? Focus." Rogue nodded to Kurt politely, "Go ahead, Kurt."

"Shall we go straight to the vows?" he asked, hoping to simplify the ceremony, since even Storm was starting to giggle behind her hand occasionally.

"Rogue, do you..."

"Uh, my name is Marie, so we should use that to be legal, right?"

"Ah, I see, jah... Marie, do you take Logan to be your lawfully-wedded husband, to have and to hold, to love, honor, and obey, in si..."

"Hold it right there!" Rogue held out one hand, palm forward, as Logan turned slightly to regard her through hooded eyes. "I'm not obeying anybody. Take that part out," she looked expectantly at Logan, who amiably nodded his approval.

"I ain't obeyin', either. Agreed."

"No surprise there, so agreed. Go on, Kurt."

"...in sickness and in health..."

"No, dump that part, too," Logan interrupted now. "I got the healing mutation, and that ain't fair to her."

"Jah, okay... for better or worse, for richer, for poorer.. Oh, I think I got that part backwards..."

Rogue interrupted again, "Wait - can't I just say what I feel, and leave it at that?"

"Works for me," Logan added.

With a breath of relief, Kurt crumpled the sheet of paper with the standard wedding ceremony and tossed it aside. "Go ahead, Marie?"

Turning to Logan, she took both his hands in hers and looked up into his eyes which gleamed in the candlelight. She knew heightened emotions brought out the gold in his hazel eyes, and the shifting color assured her.

"I love you." Marie hesitated a moment, then continued, " Logan, I have loved you from the first moment I... no, scratch that. You scared me shitless that first moment, and pissed me off the next, but then you let me back in your truck, and fed me, and tried to keep me warm, and I loved you from that point. There's no way our lives can be normal, but I think we can make something together that resembles normal. I'm willing to risk that to be with you, any time, anywhere, no holds barred. Tonight, when you proposed to me, you said I was 'fuckin' amazing,' and I'll try hard to make sure that opinion of me never changes." Marie nodded her head, indicating she had said her piece.

Logan hesitated for a long time, and Marie started feeling nervous, knowing he wasn't much for words. His lips parted twice before he actually started to speak.

"What you said about trying to make a normal life together - that's what I want, too. You had a normal life once, then lost it. I want you to have that back, in as much as we can manage it. I don't remember a normal life, so I want to have it, too." Logan's head dropped and he studied the ground for a few moments before continuing, "We've got the deck stacked against us, but I don't care. We'll catch.. err, I'll catch hell for being so much older than you, but in time, that'll change. You'll mature, and I'll probably still be the way I am now, but that doesn't matter to me. I'm willing to risk everything for you, for us, to be where we both want to be. And..." he smiled at her and his words softened, " yeah, I love you, too." Logan leaned forward and kissed her bare shoulder, working his lips slowly up the side of her neck.

Storm cleared her throat delicately, and looked away with a smile. Before the couple got too distracted, Kurt continued, "By the powers invested in me by the state of New York, I now pronounce you man and wife... uh, or her husband, and... uh... married! You're married! Mr. and Mrs. Logan... who?"

"D'Ancanto," Logan stated decisively. "Logan and Marie D'Ancanto." He glanced at his new wife for approval, which he got in an immediate and brilliant smile from her.

"Logan and Marie D'Ancanto," Kurt repeated, "you are now married!" The excitement had gotten to the minister now, and he ignored the book before him. "Kiss her, quickly!"

"Don't have to tell me twice," Logan grinned and swooped Rogue back in his arms, kissing her for all she was worth. While the newlyweds embraced, Storm eased to Kurt's side and spoke softly to him, "You did a good job. Look how happy they are."

Kurt shrugged and added, "They made the happy, but you are most kind, and a terrible liar. I made many mistakes."

"It doesn't matter. They're happy, and they had a wedding that they'll remember for the rest of their lives. I'm proud of you," she slowly eased closer and pressed her lips to his before stepping away again. Walking to the side of the illuminated clearing, Storm pulled a large bundle from the bushes and walked toward Marie and Logan, who were just coming up for air.

Storm decidedly ignored the beginnings of arousal obviously presenting from Logan, and handed him the bundle, saying, "A wedding present from Kurt and I - and your clothes are hung over that bush, for when you decide to return to the mansion."

Logan accepted the bundle, and held it while Marie untied the satin ribbon holding the whole thing together. Once the white tissue paper was pulled aside, two blankets were revealed: a snug and functional fleece blanket of hunter green, and a hand-stitched patchwork quilt. Shaking out the quilt, Marie gasped at the colors and patterns: the traditional wedding band design. "Oh, Storm! This is amazing. Thank you!" Using the wedding ring quilt to cover her bare skin, Rogue hugged her former teacher with gratitude.

"Aah! Ring!" Kurt shouted suddenly. "We forgot the ring!" He teleported without even realizing what he'd done, and carefully picked the ring up from where it lay beside the candle, then handed it to Logan. With a self-conscious grin, he admitted to the taller man, "I make many mistakes tonight. I apologize."

"Forget it, bub; we were flyin' a little blind here, too."

"Aah, license! We must sign the license!" Kurt turned again to the stump and grabbed the pen he'd laid aside, and all participants signed the legal document. Stashing the signed license inside the folder, Kurt reviewed his checklist to make sure they'd finally gotten everything legally covered before leaving the grove.

Storm shook the fleece blanket out and spread it on the ground in a smooth spot, and reached for the quilt from Rogue's hands. "Come here, you too," she invited as Rogue took Logan's hand and stepped onto the fleece blanket. Storm wrapped the quilt around the two naked lovers, then grabbed her own clothes and Kurt's, and started toward the mansion. Reaching for Kurt's hand, she smiled back over her shoulder as they walked out of the candlelit grove together, "I believe you said something about consummating, Logan?"

Logan's dark head turned briefly toward the retreating couple, "Thanks, Storm, Kurt... we'll see you tomorrow."

"Thank you, both," Marie added, then unashamedly slithered her hands around Logan's waist and grabbed his ass, grinding her pelvis against him. "We're married now, so you're free game, right?"

"Not yet - you ain't wearin' the ring yet," he released his hold on the blanket which started slipping down around their bodies, and pulled her left hand into his. Placing the ring on her finger, his eyes met hers, and he spoke, "This means I'm yours."

"And I'm yours, so... are you up for that consummating you talked about earlier?" Her hands went to his hair, threading through the dark locks before stroking his neck and shoulders.

"What do you think?" Logan ground his growing erection against Marie's belly, before pulling her down into the nest of blankets as they wiggled and embraced and kissed in the flickering light of the candle.

Within moments they were locked together, arms and legs entwined, lips seeking any soft place to kiss. Night birds called in the darkness and the wind laid gently as Rogue pulled Logan higher on her body from where he'd been nuzzling her breasts. "Don't make me wait any longer," she whispered in his ear, and he slid into her, making her gasp softly.

"Does it hurt?" he hesitated while she adjusted to him.

"No," she assured him, "I'm still just... just... you're so...uhhh," Rogue hedged, at a loss for words.

"Big?" Logan offered with a smug grin.

"Arrogant?" Rogue countered, grinned, then added, "yeah, big. And hard."

"Is it okay?" Logan asked after a moment, aching to start moving inside her.

"Yeah - it's okay now. Show me, 'cause I think I've forgotten how to do this part," she teased. Then Logan started moving inside her and she remembered.

An hour later, they had dozed lightly, snug beneath the quilt. Rogue turned to see the bits of star-studded sky above their grove, twinkling points of light filtering through the leafy canopy. Nudging her head against Logan's shoulder, she pulled one hand from beneath the blanket and pointed toward the sky overhead. "Do you think Butch and Sundance ever laid out and looked at the stars overhead, like this?"

"Probably everybody did back then. But I'd wager a bundle that Butch never did this to Sundance," Logan quickly slid beneath the blanket and worked his way over Marie's body. She felt his lips descending over her breasts and belly, then go lower, and then his hot tongue snaked into her cleft.

Marie's head rolled back and her eyes closed as she gasped with pleasure. A stray breeze blew out the candle, and the grove descended into darkness.