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The First Day of Something New

Rory blinked open her eyes and immediately stifled a groan as she squeezed her eyes shut again. It was bright - very, very bright. With one hand over her eyes she slowly, and carefully, opened them again. Even the with the source of the light blocked (crap she'd forgotten to close the blinds last night!) the tiny men surrounding her continued to pound vigorously on her head. Shifting carefully in the bed, Rory blinked a couple of times and was finally able to focus on the numbers glowing on the face of the alarm clock.

8:03. She closed her eyes again and settled back on the pillow. Thankfully she had time before she needed to get up. She didn't need to be ready to leave for an hour and all she really needed to do was shower and toss some clothes on. Regardless, Rory knew that she was going to be regretting having those last couple glasses of champagne last night later in the day.

At the knock on her door she actually did groan. Maybe not so much later in the day.

Taking the groan as ascent to enter, the door opened and Lorelai peeked around the edge. Seeing Rory's position in the bed she grinned and came fully into the room, closing the door softly behind her.

"How's your head this morning?" She asked.

"Ugh." Rory responded. "Why didn't you stop me sooner?"

Lorelai chuckled. "You mean like when I said 'Rory you should probably slow down a bit. You don't want to be hungover tomorrow'?"

"I hate you right now."

"Up to you." Lorelai told her. "Of course, if you're going to be hating on me, then I might have to withhold the coffee and breakfast that I've got for you in the next room. I'm sure I can take care of most of it."

"You're not seriously gonna keep me from food this morning are you?" Rory asked her astonished. Lorelai chuckled again, because during all of this Rory hadn't opened her eyes. "Are you laughing at me?"

"No, I'm not laughing at you. Technically I'm laughing with your dad. And your husband-to-be. You were warned after all." Lorelai explained.

"Why are you here?" Rory asked in a deadpan voice.

"Breakfast. Coffee. Next. Room." Lorelai's answer had just enough edge to it that Rory finally opened her eyes.

"No, seriously, why are you here? I don't have to leave for another hour." Rory pointed out.

Lorelai raised her eyebrows and smirked, her eyes twinkling in amusement. "Because your grandmother is going to be here, at 'precisely nine o'clock!', and I figured I'd prove just one more time how I'm one of the greatest parents in the whole world. Hence the food and coffee in the next room."

"Okay, you're right, I love you. Now help me up so that I can have a shower and eat before grandma gets here." Rory smiled and held out her hands to her mom.

Less than 15 minutes later Rory entered the sitting room of her hotel suite and found not only her mom, but her dad and Luke, sitting at a table filled with breakfast foods from both Luke's and from the kitchen downstairs.

"Dad! Luke! I didn't realize you were here." Rory said happily and hugged both of her 'fathers' as they rose in greeting. As she took her own seat she sent a mock-glare towards her mother. "Mom didn't mention that anyone else was here."

"No surprise there." Christopher said with a smile for both Rory and Lorelai.

"Hey! It's not like I was keeping it a secret. She didn't ask!" Lorelai argued happily.

"But you didn't give any indication that you weren't here alone did you? I suppose you took all the credit for having arranged breakfast too?" Christopher demanded. Rory couldn't help but smile as she listened to her parents laughingly argue back and forth. Listening to them always reminded Rory of herself and Logan - the similarities were just creepy sometimes!

"I didn't take any credit at all. I just said that there was breakfast in the next room." Lorelai responded.

"Uh huh." Chris said doubtfully. "You were in there for a pretty long time to only say 'there's breakfast in the next room.'"

"I made it sound prettier than that." Lorelai told him with a smirk.

Finally Rory jumps in. "Actually I believe what you said was that breakfast and coffee were supposed to show me that you're the greatest parent in the world..."

"Hey!" Both the men exclaimed. "Lorelai!"

"One of!" Lorelai insisted. "I said one of the best parents! Jeez, you call yourself a reporter and you can't even get a little quote like that right."

Rory smirked in response and stuck her tongue out as she started filling her plate from the various options. Bacon, sausage, pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese, french toast and even fruit. And coffee, of course there was lots of coffee.

"This looks great! I don't care who arranged it, it's awesome and exactly what I needed this morning." Rory told them.

"So are you excited?" Luke asked her as they all ate.

"I am. So much." She admitted.

"Nervous?" Chris wondered.

"You know," Rory told them between bites and sips of coffee. "I'm not. I thought I would be, cause I think it's normal to be a bit nervous, but I'm not. Worried that something might not go according to plan, yes. Nervous, no."

"I wasn't nervous." Lorelai said offhand and the other three people in the room - namely Chris, Rory and Luke - looked at her strangely. None of them were sure what to say to that since Lorelai's second wedding was something of a sensitive subject between the men. Both of them were biting their tongues but Rory, being of the same 'Lorelai stock', couldn't not say something.

"Which time?" She asked and hid her smirk behind her coffee cup. Lorelai had suddenly realized what she'd said and was glancing between Chris and Luke waiting for some kind of battle to break out. She hadn't quite figured out that despite their problems of the past, everything that had occurred between Lorelai and Rory since the younger Gilmore Girl's graduation from Yale had placed the two men on the same side of an issue and it was increasingly difficult to get a rise out of either of them.

Lorelai cleared her throat and looked at Rory with a weak smile. "Both times. Of course I didn't really have enough time to get nervous the first time around. It was sort of a 'wham, bam, I do - man' type thing after all."

"Oh my God." Rory gasped as she laughed and chocked on the bite of pancake that she'd just put in her mouth. When she was finally able to breathe again she took another sip of coffee and then continued with another laugh. "I'd love to hear you describe your first wedding to Grandma and Shira that way! Today, please, it'll be hilarious! I can already see their expressions. It'll be great."

"Jeez. Don't encourage the insanity Rory, you'll only make it worse." Luke chided. He put great effort into sounding serious but after nearly two decades of being around the Gilmore Girls, Rory could tell that he was silently laughing, on the inside.

"Nothing could make it worse Luke." Chris chuckled. "She's been like this since we were kids, nothing is gonna change her."

"I think I should be insulted." Lorelai mused.

"Why would you be insulted? What is there to be insulted about? You practically make it your mission in life to make people uncomfortable by what you say and do." Rory pointed out as she continued eating. Every bite she took, every drink of coffee she had lessened the intensity of the miniature jack hammers beating at her skull and with every moment that passed she started to marvel a little bit more about the fact that today was her wedding day. Today she was finally going to marry the love of her life, her best friend, and the one person she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt would always have her back. After more than 18 months of being engaged, she was finally going to become Mrs. Logan Huntzberger.

"Well quite obviously I'm not unchangeable, or irredeemable." Lorelai replied with a saucy smirk and a twinkle in her eye, though considering all of the troubles of the last couple years there was a good deal of sincerity in the words as well. Rory smiled softly at her mother's response and then launched into conversation with her dad and Luke about their various duties throughout the day. The time passed swiftly and soon her grandmothers, both of them, were arriving at her door to sweep her off to her hair and makeup appointments.

"Logan are you awake?" The softly feminine voice asked as the door to his room creaked open and he heard the quiet voice of his nephew's baby talk that accompanied his sister everywhere she went.

With a smile he turned to two of his favorite people in the world. "I'm awake, Honor. Good morning buddy, did you get mommy up extra early this morning?" He asked as he took Jared, Honor son, from her arms.

Jared burst into giggles when Logan nuzzled at his neck and wrapped his chubby little arms around his favorite uncle's neck. Honor watched the two together and sighed wistfully, for all the mistakes that their own parents made with her and Logan, somehow the two of them had managed to become people who were great with kids.

"We weren't up any earlier than normal." Honor explained. "Have you been up very long? What are you doing in here anyways?"

"I've been up for about an hour, I guess." Logan told her as he settled the baby, who wasn't really a baby anymore at 16 months, on his hip. "I had a shower and got dressed and then I've been sitting here thinking."

"About?" She asked, honestly curious because for the past several days he'd been a bundle of energy - nervous and excited about the coming wedding and his future with Rory, and now on the morning of his wedding day he seemed uncharacteristically solemn and quiet.

"Everything, I guess. Rory and San Francisco. Lorelai and the Gilmores, and Chris and the Haydens. Mom and Dad." Logan explained in a somewhat baffled, confused tone.

"You're not having second thoughts are you?" She didn't think so but it did need to be asked.

"What? No." Logan said and just the surprise in his voice, that she would even ask such a question, was enough to settle her worry on that accord. "No, just..."

He looked at Jared again and smoothed his hand over the young boys head. Jared in his blessedly oblivious way continued to babble on in his sweet little voice. Logan smiled softly and again Honor sighed wistfully, thinking that Logan truly would make a great father.

Finally he looked back to Honor and his eyes practically glowed with happiness. "It's just that 5 years ago I never would have believed that we'd be here. Not just Rory and I, but all of us. Mom and Dad, the Gilmores and Haydens, you and Josh and Jared. All of us."

"We've come a long way, that's for sure." Honor admitted.

"We sure have. Three years ago we never would have even consented to be in the same house as mom and dad and grandpa for more than a couple hours. Yet here we are and we've spent the last 4 days here with them and even more of the extended family. It's actually sort of amazing to me." He told her.

Honor started laughing as she listened to him. What he was saying was absolutely true, but it was sort of funny listening to his musings. She'd been thinking the same thing the night before and when she'd mentioned it to Josh he'd told her she was being over dramatic. It seemed that no matter how long a person was part of the family, at least part of the Huntzberger family, they never really understand everything that makes them tick. Not even her.

"Anyways," she finally managed to say through her laughter. "Mom wanted me to find you and tell you breakfast is ready if you're hungry."

"I think I can eat something." Logan replied and started toward the door.

"I should probably warn you that Tristan and Sara are here, and so are Uncle Michael and Aunt Audrey." Honor said as they moved down the hall to the stairs, and toward the common areas of the house.

"So that's why she wanted me to come down for breakfast." He chuckled in response. "She wants me to act as protection. I can't believe that 30 years later, she's still terrified of Aunt Audrey."

"Hey! You're the one that reconnected with Tristan and made him one of your groomsmen, thereby including his family in the 'event of the century.' So yeah, you're acting as mom's protection. It's only fair." Honor joked with him.

"See, like I said, this is all amazing to me!" Logan told her quietly as they entered the dining room and found both of their parents, Josh and Elias, Janlen Dugrey, Michael and Audrey Dugrey, their son Tristan and his fiancee Sara Anderson.

"There's the man of the hour!" Tristan announced as they entered and stood to approach the siblings.

"I think it's more like man of the day..." Logan corrected.

"Damn Mare's right about that ego of yours. I was talking about Jared!" Tristan told Logan jokingly and took the boy right out of his cousin's arms.

"Ace says the same things about your ego. Need I remind you how she says that if we didn't look so much alike, she'd know we were related simply because of the similarities of our ego's." Logan said archly.

Tristan shrugged. "Almost makes me wish that I'd gone to Yale instead of Oxford."

"Boys." The single word was said in an amused tone but it also carried a thread of warning. "You'll have to forgive him Logan. Ever since that last movie night when we watched the Shakespeare movies he's been weird. And annoying. And I hate to say it but she's been nearly as bad, we might want to keep them separated today as much as possible. He may just object to your wedding."

Logan laughed and gave Sara a hug and kiss on the cheek. "They mostly only do it when you're around, though I'll admit that they've been on my nerves once or twice lately too."

"Ah, trying to make me jealous. How high school?" Sara commented as she raised a brow at Tristan, who merely smiled innocently in response. She shook her head and then looked back to Logan. "You don't look nervous at all. I expected you to be crawling out of your skin by now."

"Hardly," Logan chuckled and Tristan joined in.

"He's got nothing to be nervous about. Besides the fact that he's nearly good enough for her, she seems to think he's the best thing in the world next to coffee." Tristan said to the group.

"Well he is the Huntzberger heir. What more could the girl possibly want?" Michael Dugrey asked. All the younger members of the family, and Sara, rolled their eyes at the ridiculous statment but surprisingly it was Mitchum that answered the mostly rhetorical question.

"Being the heir was more of a deterrent for Rory actually." Mitchum explained to his own cousin. "She'd be much happier if he wasn't."

"So would I most days." Logan added quietly.

Audrey Dugrey gasped. "Don't be silly Logan. Why you're just as bad as Tristan, running off to the other side of the country, working outside of the families. In our day that was unheard of."

"That's silly." Shira retorted. "I may not have been part of the family at the time, but even I know that Mitchum left the family business for a while when he was the boys' age and went off on his own. Eventually he came back and I'm sure that our boys will too eventually."

"Don't hold your breath." Tristan muttered under his breath and only Logan, Sara and Honor heard the words.

"Mom you know it's not that simple. Dad and I have worked out a lot of our issues but the biggest thing that has helped us to actually get along better is the fact that I don't work for him and Grandpa. And that Rory doesn't either." Logan said and where even a couple of years ago the topic would have incited an argument among the Huntzberger men, now they all just nodded in agreement.

"You may be right Shira," Mitchum continued. "Logan may come back to HPG someday but if he doesn't that's fine too. He's doing what he needs to do and that's what's important."

"I don't know where you young kids get these stupid ideas these days, but that has got to be the biggest load of bullhockey that I've ever heard!" Janlen snorted with disgust. "You tell me how it's a good thing for those boys to be working for someone else's company when they should be learning how to run their own!"

"Grandpa we've talked about this." Tristan said.

"And we'll talk about it again." Michael replied.

"Wow, Logan, thanks so much for including me in your wedding. I'm having so much fun spending time with family again. It's so refreshing to know that even with all the successes we've had, that I've had, that I'm still nothing to them but the reluctant and rebellous heir." Tristan said sarcastically as he looked over at Logan and did everything in his power to ignore his parents and grandfather.

Logan shrugged and smirked. "Don't blame me, Rory's the one who suggested you be part of the wedding party remember?"

"Didn't he tell her that he wanted to be in the wedding? Something about how if he couldn't be her groom, the least she could do was insist that he be a groomsman?" Sara wondered aloud.

"Right! It was after the 'Wedding Crashers' weekend last summer. I'd been to that conference in Toronto and Tristan went with Ace to the rallies in Austin." Logan remembered.

"And we had to listen to crappy Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn comedic relief for weeks after." Sara reminded him.

"And I'm still sitting in the room and can hear everything you say!" Tristan exclaimed.

"Really?" Sara mocking gasped and fluttered her hand by her face as if to cool it off. "I thought you'd gone and disappeared, looking for Rory or something."

Tristan narrowed his eyes at her. "You're not really jealous, lover, you just like to make everyone think you are."

"And you're not nearly as annoyed with being here as you'd like everyone to think." Logan pointed out.

"Well this little guy does sort of make it worth the trip." Tristan commented and glanced down at the little boy sitting happily in his lap.

"So did Rory decide what she was going to do now that her contract is up for renewal?" Elias asked, hoping to turn the conversation in a different direction.

"Hopefully she intends to stay at home, like a proper society wife." Audrey put in cuttingly. Logan, Tristan and Honor all rolled their eyes and even Mitchum shook his head and the comment.

"Not entirely." Logan told the group. "The only thing she's decided for sure, was that she was turning down the Washington offer. She doesn't want to pigeon hole herself into Political writing and neither of us was keen on the idea that she'd need to be in DC for two weeks each month."

"Definitely the right choice for her. She's done amazingly well throughout the campaign and during this transition period while Obama settled in to office, but I think she'd probably have more success in features or doing op-eds. She'd probably be happier at it too." Mitchum commented to Logan and Elias.

"Did you tell her that?" Elias asked him. "I know I heard you talking about work with her a couple days ago."

Now it was Mitchum's turn to shrug. "I didn't say it in quite so many words. She didn't mention that she'd already decided to turn down the DC offer, but we did discuss some of the other offers she's received."

"You did?" Logan asked and they could all tell that he was surprised.

"I did." Mitchum confirmed. "I told her that I'd been hearing a lot of rumbles about what she was going to be doing now, questions have been circling after all, and she said that she was glad that I'd brought it up because she had hoped to discuss some of the offers with me."

"I didn't realize that she'd talked to you. I mean, I told her that she should because she was curious about the offers from the HPG papers and I couldn't rightly give her all the information that she'd want about them, but I didn't know that she'd managed to talk to you all ready." Logan explained his surprise.

"Yes well, you and I can talk about it more after breakfast Logan. For now let's just-"

"You didn't honestly suggest to the girl that she continue working though?" Audrey exclaimed.

Michael nodded his agreement with his wife's statement. "It's hardly appropriate."

"Rory will continue working for as long as she wishes to. It wasn't something that I was initially accepting of but I've come to realize that Logan could do far worse than someone that will truly, and fully, understand the demands of the business." Mitchum announced.

"If he comes back to the business." Elias added.

"We may have had our issues but over the last couple of years we've come to learn a few things about Rory, and I think we all agree now that Logan managed to find himself a wonderful young lady and partner." Mitchum finished.

Logan smiled in appreciation of those words. "Thanks Dad."

"Well, she proved herself." He replied with a shrug. "She could have stayed away, in a lot of ways it would have been easier for her because Lord knows the last few years haven't been easy for either of you, but she tracked you down and wouldn't let go."

"And despite all the challenges that her work has thrown at her, she has managed to be present for all the social events that we've requested the two of you to attend. It's more than I had believed she'd be willing to do. Once upon a time." Shira included in the conversation.

"Now." Elias said in a tone that broached no argument. "Let's eat. We've got a wedding to get through today after all."

There was a nearly audible buzz in the air of the small church at Martha's Vineyard as the friends and families of Logan and Rory waited for the power couple to appear for their wedding nuptials. When Logan and his groomsmen appeared at the head of the church, near the altar, the whispers started. After the practically public refusal more than 2 years earlier everyone wondered whether Rory would actually go through with the ceremony or pull a "Lorelai" and run and disappear. Others wondered at the return of the Dugrey heir to society and how the pair of lovers had managed to convince the young man to come back. And there were still others, and certainly these weren't the most important of the wedding attendees, that marvelled at the flowers and location, the line-up of groomsmen and, when they entered, the bridesmaids.

And then on the arm of her father the bride appeared, respledant in a gown of white and beautiful as any princess could be. Through her thin veil, her distinctive Gilmore Blue eyes practically glowed with happiness and when he saw her, Logan's eyes lit up to match and his smile widened, and softened in to an expression of love that made the society mavens sigh with appreciation.

To Rory, the aisle seemed impossibly long. Far longer than it had been the day before during the wedding rehearsal. As she stepped along slowly with her dad she watched the expression flow over Logan's face and felt an answering smile curl her lips. Then Christopher was placing her hand in Logan's and responding to the priest solemn question as to who was giving her away.

The rest of the ceremony seemed to pass in a rush, a blur. Everything happened as it was supposed to, when it was meant to, and exactly the way they wanted it to. For all of her hopes of burning every moment into her memory, of forgetting not a single word of the priest's sermon- the words of wisdom and prayers that were offered to them, Rory knew as she and Logan started back down the aisle after being pronounced husband and wife that she would remember only three things with absolute clarity: the look on Logan face as she walked up the aisle on Chris's arm, the deep and steady tone of his voice as he repeated his vows, and the moment of absolute perfection when Logan slipped her wedding ring onto her finger, and accepted one onto his own, when his eyes met hers and the love that existed within their hearts, within their souls, was mirrored there.

Hours later as the couple swayed on the dance floor, lost in each other's eyes, the wedding guests, whether Hartford high society or Stars Hollow's own, knew that they had witnessed a very special joining. The doubters and naysayers knew that after everything Rory and Logan had gone through, just to get to the wedding, that the marriage would probably be one of the most successful of any they'd seen, or would ever see. Their families and friends, their loved ones, the people who supported them step by step and stood by them through thick and thin, knew, beyond reason, beyond any shadow of a doubt that Logan and Rory would only become happier as days passed. The love they shared would only grow stronger with time and no matter what life would throw at them, no matter what difficulties arose in the future, it would be worth it. Always.

Eventually the time came for Logan and Rory to say goodbye to their guests and head out for their honeymoon, which Logan had arranged as a surprise for Rory, and they took the opportunity to thank those who they believed were most deserving of it. Rory had changed out of her wedding gown and into a simple, yet elegant, sun dress and Logan was now wearing his typical casual clothes of slacks and a polo. The band asked for everyone's attention and then Logan and Rory took the stage to address the crowd.

"First, we want to thank each and every one of you for coming all the way out here to support us today. For some of you it's quite a trip and we really appreciate that you were willing and able to make it." Logan told the guests and his smile was still big and genuine.

"Second, we want to thank our families - the Gilmore's, Hayden's and Huntzberger's." Rory continued in a tone that did nothing to disguise her happiness. "Without you we wouldn't exist, so thanks. But what's more, is that without your love and support we may not have made it to this point in our lives. In a big way, we owe you."

"And no Dad that does not mean what you hope it does." Logan cut in and caused a ripple of laughter to spread through the crowd. In response Mitchum raised his glass and smiled at the couple.

"Someday." Was all he said.

"We particularly want to thank both of our Mother's, and both my Grandmother's for all the hard work that they had to do to make our wedding the marvelous event that it has been." Rory continued. "Without their help, I probably would have been crazy, and I do mean completely mad, within a matter of weeks of planning. So Mom, Shira, Grandma and Grandma, thank you. For everything."

The four ladies all smiled in response and Lorelai mouthed the words "I love you kid!" to Rory.

"Before we finish up, we'd also like to thank the four men and women who stood up with us today. Finn, Colin, Tristan, Ben, Paris, Lane, Sara and Gigi; thank you for everything that you've helped us out with, everything that we placed in your hands to take care of, and just for putting up with us throughout this whole process. We will be forever grateful." Logan added.

"And I have one last group of people to acknowledge." Rory said softly and glanced at Logan with a pure expression of love on her face. "Lane, Miss Patty and Babette, Lucy and Olivia, Honor, Finn and Colin, and Luke and Dad..." Rory closed her eyes for just a moment, gathering her thoughts and then opened them up and the whole crowd could see that they were moist with unshed tears. "When I didn't want to see the mistakes that I had made, you wouldn't let me hide from them. When I needed your help most of all, you offered it without condition. And when we needed your support, you never once hesitated to give it."

"I will never be ableā€¦ We will never be able to fully thank you for what you did for us. But we want you to know that neither of us will ever forget."

"Thank you."

"So really," Rory said to him after the limo pulled away from the golf club at Martha's Vineyard. "Where are we going for our super secret, super wonderful honeymoon?"

"Well it would ruin the surprise if I told you now." Logan responded easily despite the severe expression on his wife's face.

"Logan!" She whined.

He opened his eyes wide and mimicked her tone. "Rory!"

"Oh, come on. We're already on our way to the airport. I'm going to figure it out soon enough." Rory firmly told him.

"Soon enough, but not right now." He replied firmly.

She scowled at him and narrowed her eyes. He knew that she was trying to think up some kind of threat to make him anwser her request. Truth be told he was going to tell her but he wanted to make her work for it.

"And if I decide I won't get on the plane with you, regardless of where it's headed?" She asked.

"Then I guess I'll have a nice, relaxing time, by myself, while you're here explaining to our families why I flew off without you." Logan said.

"That's hardly fair! I try to punish you and I'd end up getting punished even more!" She answered, turning whiny again.

Logan shrugged. "Life's lessons, dear. That's all I can say."

"Shut up."

They were quiet for only about five minutes when Rory again turned to him and spoke. "But really, where are we going?"

He had to laugh. And laugh. Sometimes she really was just too predictable and cute. When he finally calmed back down, he kissed her temple and murrmured the answer. "We never did get to go on our Asia trip."

"Really!" Rory squealed in massing excitement. "Our trip? The one I planned three years ago?"

"I helped!" Logan scowled in irritation.

"You did." She agreed quickly, nodding.

"And I tweaked some of the plans. I had to." He added.

She nodded again. "Okay."

"It's really not the same trip."

"But it's similar?" She asked, seeking clarification.

"Yes." He agreed warily and then relaxed when he noticed the smile, and happiness that was written all over her face.

"I really love you."

He smirked. "I know."

She smiled at him. "And?" She prompted.

He laughed again. "I love you too."


They lapsed in to silence again, the limo moving swiftly towards the airport. Some time later Rory giggled. Logan tightened his arm around her shoulder and glanced at her.

She glanced up at him and giggled more. "Nothing." She admitted and she smiled slyly. "I bet Tristan $200 that we'd be going to Asia. He didn't think that you'd take me there, so I say that when we get on the plane I call him, waking him up since it'll be late, and tell him that he so totally owes me!"

Logan laughed with her. "What a sucker."

It was her turn to shrug. "He loves me."

"Oh yeah?" He asked.

"Oh yeah." She responded easily, nonchalantly.

"But not as much as I love you." It wasn't a question and both of them knew it.

"And no where near as much as he loves Sara."

"An other important distinction." Logan agreed.

"Very." Rory said.

"You know," he continued after a minute. "Now that our wedding is over and done with, you're going to have to help Sara with the planning of hers. Tristan mentioned that they'd been putting off setting a date and starting planning until ours was over."

"I know. I told her tonight that when we got back I'd start helping as soon as possible." She answered. "We're going to go shopping for her dress first thing. And I told her to talk to Tris and pick a day while we're gone."

"You think they'll have it in San Fran or Hartford?" He wondered.

"San Francisco probably, but definitely California. Sara mentioned last night that after seeing how his family really treats him, she wouldn't want to inflict this place on him on their wedding day." Rory confided to him.

"And that will probably only piss off his parents even more." He said.

"Definitely. But it's Tristan and Sara's wedding and she said that she didn't care how annoyed they got as long as she and Tris were happy." Rory replied.

Logan sighed shook his head in frustration. "Well I wish her all the luck in the world. They aren't easy people to deal with when they like you, and to be honest, I don't know if they'll warm up to her."

"Because she's not Hartford Elite?" She asked.

"Because they didn't pick her out for him." Logan answered.

"Are they really that bad? I've never really spent any time with them, when they weren't on their very best behavior." She told him.

"Let me just say that my mother is terrified of my Aunt Audrey and that if you thought that my mother was bad with her matchmaking in the beginning of our relationship, she's no where near as bad Audrey." He advised.

"Poor Sara." Rory sighed.

"Yes, and poor Tristan." Logan agreed and then he put his arm around her and pulled her to his side. "But enough about my cousin and his fiancee. We got married today."

Rory smiled and looked up at him. "We did." She affirmed.

"You're my wife." He said.

"And you're my husband." She replied with a grin.

"I really love you." He told her one more time and his smile was as wide as hers.

"Good thing I married you then." Rory answered.

"Good thing." He agreed and leaned down to take her mouth with his own.

And it was a good thing.

It was the beginning of something new.

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Tristan is Logan's cousin (Elias and Janlan married sisters) but they haven't been close in, literally, years. Remember Logan spent most of his school days in various boarding schools all over the world, while Tristan was at home in Hartford until being sent away to Military school. Which, for your information, is when he and Logan really, really lost touch. To make a long story short, in explaination, once Tristan left for MS, he never came back. He finished high school early at the MS and then went on to university. I've got a couple planned one-shot to three-chapter stories that will go in to the return of Tristan and the development of his relationship with Rory, Logan and Sara (the fiancee from this story.) It might be a while before they're up though, cause I really am hoping to focus on The Best is Yet to Come.

So that's it.

I hope you liked it. I hope you'll let me know.

Happy reading and have a great summer!