Title – A Kathryn Tale

This story is of my own. Some of the characters are not mine and come from the movie Cruel Intentions in which this story was built from.

I'm not sure how well this story is going to work as it will be coming from Kathryn's point of view and I don't know if I will be able to make it out like I am being her.

The story is set at the end of the movie where Kathryn gets found out about her coke problem and everything else that was written in Sebastian's journal.

In this story though Sebastian didn't die and he didn't give Annette his journal, Annette hated Kathryn for trying to kill Sebastian and stole the journal. Realising it had useful information that is when she printed it and handed it out at the first day back of school.

I know this is sounding confusing already but I want to point out what changes are being made.

The story starts off at the end and goes through Kathryn's rehabilitation and a drug clinic and then when she gets out and goes on from there. It won't be day by day and will mostly likely skip a week or two between chapters.

People are constantly pissing me off these days. Sebastian for one; the once other half of me has turned soft and is dating little miss purity Annette Hargrove. Also the new headmaster's daughter.

I got in my limo the first day back of school and Sebastian followed behind me. He looked lost like a puppy on his first walk out of the home. I turned my full attention into finding out what was wrong with him.

"Something the matter dear brother?"

"My journal is missing"

"Oh is that all?"

"I can't remember putting it down anywhere unusual, I remember Annette coming over and we fought…"

"Trouble in paradise?"

"Shut up. We fought and then I put my journal down and stormed downstairs, she followed after but only after a few moments…"

My step-brother was always the one to back track events to find things. Especially if it included his beloved journal. If you ask me that thing says queer all over it. I must say I am very intrigued into what is actually in it though. Sebastian never let anyone read it or touch it. As far as he is concerned it's gold.


"Excuse me?"

Sometimes he could be an idiot. Did I look like the queen of purity? I think not, I am as far away from purity as people get. Where did he think he got off calling me Annette? Fucking idiot.

"Not you, Annette, she must have taken it"

"Oh little miss sunshine stole your life story?"

"Shut up Kathryn, that book you call my 'life story' has a lot of important things in it. If it got out it could ruin many people's lives, none of which are mine"

"Please Sebastian, what could you have written in that thing that could ruin people's lives?"

Little did I know later on this morning my life would be one of a few that would come crashing before me in front of my whole social circle, mother, step-father and school. Sebastian's life story wasn't exactly his life story. It was more my life story written in his words.

The limo pulled to a halt and I stared out the tinted window, rain fell from the grey sky. The driver got out and opened my door, I stepped out under the umbrella to cover my hair so it didn't frizz. It was the last thing I needed before my first day back speech.

I stepped in the halls of Manchester Prep. The school had been my prison for so long, I had acted like Mary Sunshine through out the halls of this expensive school everyday over the many years I had attended Manchester Prep. My only reason being to get to where I am today. Student Body President and most respected student. You are all probably thinking I'm exaggerating, talking my self up maybe? You are wrong, I am not exaggerating. Everyone worships me, from principal to teacher to student.

The only student that gives no respect for me is Sebastian. My once other half, the only person who really ever understood me. He was the only one who never worshipped me for my Mary Sunshine act, from the beginning he saw right through it. Maybe that's why we fit together so perfectly.

I make my way into the large hall of the school. Students were filling up the once empty seats. My mother and step-father (Sebastian's father) sat in the front row. They never took interest in anything I did, but the new headmaster had asked for them to be present at this year's welcome back assembly.

Once the headmaster had finished introducing himself I stepped onto the podium and looked down at my adoring crowd. All eyes were fixed on me. Their tiny brains intoxicated with the Kathryn drug that so many boys were addicted too and so many girls wanted to be.

"Good morning fellow students. Most of you know I am Kathryn Merteuil. I am the Student Body President of Manchester Prep. For the new students of Manchester welcome to what will be some of the best years of your life"

They were all buying into my speech. Stupid morons, they all stared up at me as if I was some queen. All except for one pair of eyes which were fixed on a blonde seated next to him. None other then Annette Hargrove. The once virgin listened attentively to me as Sebastian tried to grab her attention.

"As a last year student at Manchester I have to say that I have enjoyed my time here and if I could I would stay back just to relive the moments I had in these halls"

Those like fucking Court Reynolds in the janitor closet. Now that was a fun day. Court and I had been messing around in class and I was as horny as fuck. I needed to fuck someone or I was going to go crazy. Although Court is smaller then my usual fucks he still makes me go wild. Anyway getting back to my speech.

"I'm sure all of you last year students feel the same and all you new students will do when it's your time to leave"

I looked up from my cue cards and noticed some people filing out. I looked to Sebastian who seemed just as confused as I was. When I looked to Annette she was not there. I don't know if Sebastian knew but she wasn't in the seat anymore.

"Um…in saying all this…I…I must say that…that it has…"

Now by rows students were filing out. I couldn't believe what was happening who ever walked out on me? Kathryn Merteuil, the one person you can count on inflicting pain on you if you ever cross her or treat her the wrong way.

"Been a lot of hard work…and…with that…excuse me but where do you all think you're going?"

I shook my head. Stepping down from the stage I walked briskly from the hall, Sebastian, my mother, step-father and headmaster followed. When I walked outside of the hall doors people were gathered in the court yard. Booklets were in there hands and I couldn't quite see what the cover said.

Annette passed by me and spotted that I was not on stage anymore but standing out where everyone else was wanting to know what was going on and why people had completely ignored me.

"Oh Kathryn, here. I think you'll find it an interesting read"

She passed me a booklet with a simple title. 'Cruel Intentions' below the title was two words I would soon come to hate for a few years following and probably forever more. Sebastian Valmont.

I opened the cover and turned to the first page. The first page had a picture of me taken a few years back when my hair had been longer. Written around me were all sorts of insults Sebastian frequently used against me to try and hurt me. But I had always thought they were not true.

Coke problem. Two words that hurt so much even if they weren't exactly insults. It was true, I did have a coke problem, and one which I always had thought didn't matter to him. He had never complained and never tried to stop me. As I looked to the page next to it I see all these words written about me in his messy boyish writing. Even a picture of the crucifix I wore which I also carried coke in.

I soon came to realise that I was not the only was reading this. Most of Manchester Prep was reading the story and all of my secrets. I could feel my eyes swell when my mother grabbed my shoulder. The headmaster grabbed my crucifix from my wrist and opened it. Displaying the nice, fine white powder I often snorted.

Sebastian stood back from afar in awe at what Annette had just done. The lies I've told and the real truth behind things were coming out and if I wasn't going to be shipped off to some catholic shit hole of a school I was going to suffer in New York for years to come on what I had done to the innocence of Cecile Caldwell.

"Kathryn I think it's time to go"


I shook my head, I was not going anywhere. I looked to Sebastian for some sort of help but none came. I guess I kind of deserved it after trying to get him killed. But none the less he had come out with just a bump on the head. Where I was going I was sure I would come out with serious mental problems. Either that or I would commit suicide before hand.

I looked all around me; people were shaking their heads in disbelief. I spotted the perky blonde Annette Hargrove and she gave me a wicked smile. The kind I used to give Sebastian when I had bet him at a game. It was her, all her. She did this to me, she's ruining my life.

"Come Kathryn" My mother pulled me from the crowd into the limo.

I broke down. Not only was I going to pay for this later but I now had to sit in a limo with my mother's icy glare burning holes into me for ruining some part of her social life that she had worked so hard at getting.

Lucky for me Edward was also in there. If he hadn't been I was sure I would have been killed or possibly beaten. I kept my eyes down as I cried for this to all be over.

When we got home Edward disappeared into his office to make a phone call to a rehab centre whilst my mother impended her wrath on me. I stood there and took it, all her hurtful words that were so long coming.

"You bulimic whore, do you know what you've done for my social life?"

That's right; even though I was going through some hard times my mother still couldn't have cared less. Unless her social life was perfected and in tact she couldn't care and as I had clearly put some holes in that idea I was in for a lot of insults.

"You're a coke whore with no life Kathryn; I thought you could handle everything. Then you turn to drugs and ruin my life!"

I just take it all in. There is no point in fighting back. What good is it going to do me? I'm never going to talk my way out of this one so what's the point in speaking. I was off to some rehab centre for a year or maybe two and it couldn't be stopped.

"And getting involved with Sebastian of all people! He is your step-brother Kathryn!"

Yes mother, yes mother, yes mother. I know Sebastian is my step-brother. A sweet-bitter forbidden fruit that I had toyed with and came so very close to having. A fruit that I never wanted to taste in fear of it losing all it's taste and sweet-bitter texture.

"Don't you have anything to say young lady?"


"Pack your bags Kathryn, your going away to rehab for awhile. I can't deal with you"

I walked up to my room, tears slowly rolling down my pale cheeks. No point in crying Kathryn, tears won't get you out of this one my dear. You're too far in to dig yourself out not honey. You tried to have fun by ruining other people's lives. Well sorry sweetheart but it backfired on you now. The only life you truly ruined was your own.

"Packing for a holiday sis"

Great the one person I didn't want to see right now, Sebastian. I bet he had some part in this plan. I could see why I did try to kill him, well not kill him maybe but hurt him. It was the only way I knew to get him back for trading me in for the Virgin Mary.

"You're not very talkative"

Of course I'm not very talkative. My life has just been destroyed because of your little girlfriend who mind you I will get revenge on if I ever see the world again.

"Kathryn seriously where are you going?"

"Where do you think I'm going Sebastian?"

"I don't know, London maybe for a few weeks, until this blows over?"

"If only that was the case, sorry dear brother but you have guessed wrong. I'm on a one way two year trip to rehab"


"Thank to your little stunt I'm being sent to rehab"

"My stunt!?"

"Yes, you are the one who set this up aren't you?"

"No, god Kathryn I hate you but I would never want you out of my life. Come to think of it though it was a good plan and I am very surprised at Annette's creative skills"

"Fuck you Sebastian"

God he got on my nerves. He could wet my panties and make me want to kill him all at the same time. I loved and hated him. I despised and wanted him. I could kill him and I could make love to him.

"Maybe I can talk your mother out of it?"

"Don't bother, go play happy families with your blonde virgin girlfriend and leave me the fuck alone"

"I'm just trying to help Kathryn"

"Don't you think you've helped enough!?"

Here we go, the water works. As words of his journal replayed in my head I couldn't help but cry to them. They had stung like hell and forever would haunt me in my nightmares. He was never the type to bluntly hate me; he had called me all sorts of names before but never meant them.

"Kathryn the things in my journal are true, but it doesn't mean I don't care about you"

"Just go Sebastian"

I watch him as he leaves my room. It was probably the last time I would see my handsome blonde haired step-brother until I got out of the god forsaken rehabilitation centre in two years. I was going to pay for all the sins I committed.

"Welcome to Sunny Oak Rehabilitation centre"

A man dressed in white greeted my mother and I at the door. Sunny Oak Rehabilitation centre seemed like a nice place to get rid of old habits. Little did the outside world know that this place was living proof of hell for those who were admitted. Most people who were sent there were teenagers with drug problems whose parents couldn't be bothered looking after them. I was one of those 'troubled' teens. Maybe if their parents were around and actually gave a flying fuck none of them would have turned to drugs.

"Kathryn Merteuil isn't it?"


"You'll be sharing a room with a girl by the name of Abby Goldsmith"

Great not only was I going to be stuck here for years to come maybe even forever I had to share a room with another person. Even worse a girl, I know it sounds weird that I don't want to share a room with a girl but I don't get along with them. I'm much more used to male company. Girls seem to despise me, they pretend to like me but bitch about me behind my back. Maybe it's because I'm prettier then them or screwed their boyfriend's, but even so girls and I just don't mix.

As we walk up the white halls of the rehabilitation centre I see so many teenagers and even younger kids trapped inside their rooms, or cells if you wish. Most sit on their beds huddled up looking out windows or even staring at the blank walls.

We turn a corner down another long, white corridor I notice a room open. Inside was a boy, maybe my age a little older. Unlike the others he seemed free to do what he wanted. He was not sitting staring out windows or at walls but painting.

"Who's that?" I ask the man who was taking my mother and I to my room.

He stopped; my mother stopped after him and inquisitively looked into the light room. The boy still painted on his canvas, I'm not sure if he noticed or not that we were all staring at him. I don't know about the man or my mother but I was wondering what he was thinking. He seemed so at peace in this hell hole and I want to know why?

"That is Adam Faithem. The poor kid was sent here 3 years ago with an addiction to heroin. None the less he's been clean for 2 and a half years. He's one of our best patients here but his parents don't want anything to do with him anymore"

"He seems so at peace"

"Yes, he is the only patient we have here at Sunny Oak that is allowed to do most anything they please. He's a pleasant boy, one of the sweetest 20 year olds I know in fact"

Adam was 20; the guy didn't look a day over 18. He could have fooled me. If he had been here for 3 years that must mean he was here from the age of 17. Just like I am about to be, I'll be here for the rest of my life if my mother gets her own way.

We walked down the hall a bit, a few down from Adam's and across the hall. The man opened the door and a skinny, pale brunette was seated on one of the beds. I'm guessing she was Abby.

"Abby, this is Kathryn Merteuil your new room mate. Kathryn this is Abby"

Abby smiled at me then returned to the book she was reading. 'The truth behind the lies' one of Sebastian's favourites. I remember him reading it two days after our parents got married. He had payed no attention to me and was so stuck on that book it was like he was going to morph into it if he wasn't careful.

"Your bag is here. A nurse will be around soon to check your bags and clothes for any substances or non-permitted items that you may have tried to sneak in"

"Okay now you're settled in Kathryn I'll see you soon. Have a nice stay"

Okay now you're settled in Kathryn I'll see you soon. What did she mean by soon? Like when I die? Because mother I don't intend on dieing just yet, I have revenge to plot and people to ruin. Have a nice stay. Have a nice stay in this hell hole? I very much doubt that, having a nice stay would include being allowed to snort my coke. This was not going to be a nice stay.

The man closed the door and my mother and he left down the hall. From what I could tell he had locked it behind him too. Damn it, I was planning on escaping. Sunny Oak was a hidden rehabilitation centre just outside of London. Not many everyday people knew about it. It was a centre for the rich and elite of the world.

"What are you in here for?"

Abby set down her book and sat up right on her bed after asking me the question. I didn't think it was any of her business what I was in here for, but if I was going to have to be trapped in a room with her all day everyday I suppose I would have to play nice.

"Coke addiction, you?"

"My father found my secret stash of heroin and coke"

"How long have you been in for?"

"This is my 5th year. My first year I got caught smoking pot and two weeks ago I was caught with a bag of coke which was not mine. But I still got done for it"

Rehabilitation people were different to the outside world people as I was soon realising. They weren't fake and plastic, they told it how it was and they never lied. This girl, Abby was my type of person. A drug addict and a pretty girl.

"How long are you going to be in here for do you think?" She asked me.

"I don't know. If my mother has her way I'll die in here. Maybe she won't even come to my funeral"

"That's sad"

"Didn't your parents put you in here?"

"Yes, but I was only supposed to be here for a year max. My mother and father were in a car crash the day before my apparent release. Unfortunately for me I was taken under my Aunt Beatrice's wing, she decided that I needed more time in here"

"I see, well my step-brother's virgin girlfriend photocopied his journal that coincidently was mostly about me and had all my secrets and lies in it. She distributed it at the welcome back school assembly and my mother and step-father thought it was best if I get out of New York for awhile to deal with my 'problem'"

The door of our room opened and I immediately turned around. A nurse in a white coat walked in. She was an over weight, old looking lady who's skin hung from her face loosely. She picked up my bag straight away and opened it without permission.

"Excuse me what do you think you're doing!?" I protested.

"Don't try Kathryn, the nurses here check your bags without permission"

The old lady ruffled my clothes and threw them out not caring how expensive they were. Under everything and hidden in a secret pocket was a small bag of coke I had hidden before I came. Damn her, she had found it.

Once she had done searching my bag she searched me. Patting me down she took all non-permitted items from me. Bitch, note to self; get the old lady nurse for doing this to me. It was practically rape. I didn't give permission to be touched in this way.

After all of her searching my items and drugs were taken away. This list included; Cell phone, two bags of coke, hair straightener, hair dryer, nail scissors, nail filer and a pen. This lady was tough; who could think a pen was dangerous?

She left after that and locked the door behind her. It seemed that all nurses and doctors would be doing that from now on. The only person that was not a doctor or nurse that I had seen wandering the halls was Adam. The mysterious guy I had seen in a room painting.

"Is security always this tight?"


"So this is what happens everyday?"

She looked at me as if I were a dumb blonde who had just asked how to spell cat. Of course this was not the case. Abby got up and walked to a wooden desk by a window; she ruffled a few papers then passed me a white timetable sheet with my name written on the top.

"What's this?" I asked her.

"Your timetable"


"Your daily planner maybe, it's what you do everyday. Time slots and days are allocated to activities"

I stared at the list of things that were written on my timetable. It was wrong, all wrong for Kathryn Merteuil. I would not stick to some stupid timetable for anyone especially doctors and nurses who thought I was troubled.

"Therapy, gym, group, home. Gym, group, group, therapy. Home, therapy, gym, home. Group, therapy, group, home. Gym, home, home, therapy. Therapy, home, home, home. Home, home, therapy, home"

I read my timetable aloud. It didn't make sense. I did not do therapy. I remember once my mother had made me go with Sebastian to one of his therapy sessions. It was a complete disaster. I think the therapist is now in a mental hospital.

"You're lucky, you don't have therapy twice day everyday"

"You have therapy twice a day everyday!?"

I don't think I could stand sitting in a room with someone whilst they ask how I feel about this and how I feel about that and how does such and such feel, I couldn't do it twice a day everyday. I'd rather blow off my head then have therapy twice a day.

"Not me, Adam. You haven't met him yet but he's been here for a long time, his parents don't wa-"

"I know, that doctor that showed me to my room told me"

"He's nice; he rarely ever talks, only to a few nurses and some other patients here"

"Does he talk to you?"

"Kind of. I don't see him around a lot because I'm not allowed out of my room very often"

"Does he ever get visitors?"

"He only has once, during his first year here. I think it might have be his brother or maybe a cousin"

I was about to ask what this guy looked like when the same doctor that had put me in this room entered. He had a clipboard in his hand and he was now wearing a name tag that said 'Doctor Hamilton'.

"Kathryn, you have a therapy session now. I'll take you there"

Oh super, my first therapy session. I'll be fucked if I'm ever opening up to one of those things. I don't show emotions to anyone, why the hell would I show them to someone I met in a rehab centre!?

I walked out of the room, leaving Abby alone. The doctor led me down a few corridors to a door that said 'Therapy'. We went inside the door which led into a room with several other doors in that room. He pointed to one on the left side of the room that said 'Doctor Alicia Green'.

"There you are, Doctor Green is very nice"


I politely knocked on the door; I couldn't believe I was doing this. I hated therapy. I hated the fact that Sebastian ever went to therapy let alone me. Oh god, what if she made me keep a stupid queer journal like Sebastian's therapist had him do.

"Kathryn, I assume"


"Please come in, I'm Doctor Green, but please don't be frightened to call me by my real name Alicia"


I took a seat on the couch in front of her. She sat up poised; she was quite a lovely looking lady for someone who worked in a rehab centre. She had black shoulder length hair and blue eyes like Sebastian's.

"If I am correct you're in here for a coke addiction right?"


"Okay let's start from the start. What do you think led to you starting to snort coke? Family problems maybe?"

Of course it was fucking family problems. My mother and father divorced I was forced to move with her to New York where she re-married to Edward. My family was fucked, between being pressured to be the perfect child and keeping everyone else happy that is why I turned to coke.

"Family problems"

"Would you like to elaborate on that? You don't have to, I understand if you don't. It's hard opening up to a complete stranger but trust me. Nothing that is said in this room today or any day we see each other leaves this room or me"

"Not really"

"Okay let's go on another subject. What about your father?"

"What about him"

"I understand you haven't seen him since you were 5?"


"How do you think this affects your life?"

"It doesn't"

"Why don't you think it does?"

"I don't know"

It doesn't because he was a cheating, lying bastard who beat my mother and I until we were bleeding and left for dead. That is why it doesn't matter that I don't see him. As far as I'm concerned he could be dead and I wouldn't care.

"Let's touch on your family. What about the ones you live with. Your step-father Edward, your mother and your step-brother Sebastian"

Hearing her say his name was pain. I wanted to see him and just stare into his eyes for as long as he would let me, but then I wanted to kill him for letting his girlfriend do this to me and even for writing that queer journal about me.


I tried to avoid her eyes; I knew the way these therapists worked. They asked you questions and then kept looking at you so you'll blurt out answers so they'll stop staring at you, but she wasn't going to intimidate me. After all I am Kathryn Merteuil.

"Tell me about your step-father, what did and didn't you like about him? Was he mean? Was he too nice? Was he the cause of your drug problem?"

No he wasn't, Edward was nice, sure he was a pervert who like to check me out when my mother wasn't looking but I didn't really have anything against him. He gave me the money I needed and never got in my way. He was never home so I guess no he wasn't the cause of my drug problem.


"Tell me Kathryn what is Edward like?"

"He's…nice…I guess"

"You guess?"

"He can be a bit too nice but never does anything"

Oh god, I had just opened up. Stop it Kathryn, stop being vulnerable. You are not like this, you are strong and poised and elegant. You don't need therapy and you are not going to tell this lady as nice as she is all your problems and worries.

"What do you mean by too nice? Does he touch you in places you don't want to be touched?"

I looked up at the clock. It wasn't long to go until this would be over; if I could keep lingering around this question I wouldn't have to answer much more.


She made a note on the pad of paper she had in her lap, and then looked to her watch. She smiled back at me and looked down into my eyes, there he was. I could see Sebastian in her eyes. My beautiful blonde haired love who had destroyed my life.

"Time's up, but tomorrow we'll touch deeper on your family okay Kathryn. Have a nice night"

I'll have a nice night alright, sleeping in a single white bed with no Sebastian to go running too.

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