Quick note: Hi! So I'll go into length down the bottom at the author's note but I just want to say that this is a re-write of chapter 38 and I am really considering starting this up again. Hope you enjoy.

Sebastian and I exit the hospital building. We've just been for our first ultrasound. In Sebastian's hand are the ultrasound pictures of our twins, he can't stop looking at them with a big goofy smile on his all too handsome face.

"I just can't believe it. That…right there. That's our babies. A part of me and a part of you. We fucking made that!" He says, blindly walking towards his car.

"Yes, Sebastian I know. I saw them on the monitor. Believe it, because they are real." I tell him, opening my door to get in.

"It's just so…amazing. That we can create life." He says, passing me the photos.

I nod my head and place the precious pictures in my handbag. We pull out of the car park and on to the road.

"Seb?" I ask.

"Yeah babe?" He replies.

"Have you thought of any names yet?"

He smirks and turns his attention from the road to me for a millisecond before averting his eyes back to the road. "Why have you? Why, Kathryn I think you're growing soft."

"Shut up you idiot. I asked you because it's exactly the type of thing a sappy bastard like you would do." I say, slapping his arm.

He shrugs his shoulders. "Yeah I guess I have thought of a couple. Nothing serious."

"I'd like to hear them."

Sebastian turns into our street and not a few seconds later he pulls into our garage. As we both get out of the car he looks at me.

"Violet." He says all of a sudden.

"Uh is our daughter going to be a stripper?" I ask, scrunching my face up.

Sebastian laughs. I follow him inside our house and place my handbag on the kitchen bench.

"Fine you tell me a name then." He says, turning on the coffee maker.

I take the pictures out of my bag and stare at them. You can't really make out much at 13 weeks you can see the formation of a baby (or in my case babies). I try to make out facial features but it's hard, especially when you don't really know what you're looking at. I try to picture my babies here in my arms, or grown up a little like maybe 4 or 5 and I try to put names to faces.

"I don't know. It's hard to think of giving something a permanent name when you don't really know what it looks like." I say.

I'm still my nightgown when I hear Blaine call out from the front entrance. Sebastian is just coming down from upstairs a towel wrapped around his waist. It's early morning about 9am. Blaine enters the room with a big smile on his face, he's always happy.

"Good morning." He chirps, snapping a piece of fruit from my plate.

"Hey!" I say, scolding him.

"Oh don't get your panties in a twist, Kat. As if you were going to eat it anyway." Blaine says rolling his eyes at me.

"Well excuse me but I actually was planning on eating it now that I'm eating for three." I tell him, waiting for him to catch on.

"So you're eating for Sebastian too? That's nice of you." He tells me.

I can see Sebastian smirk in the corner of my eye. He's seated next to me reading the morning paper. It's takes a few moments but suddenly Blaine does catch on and his eyes go wide and his mouth forms a giant 'O' and he starts to squeal.

"Oh my God. Oh my God. Are you having twins!?" He squeals.

"Yes." Sebastian replies. "And no, we are not naming one after you."

"Oh c'mon! You'll have two now. Can't you just even give one my name as their middle name?" He whines.

"Nope." Sebastian answers, standing up.

I smirk to myself and listen to them bicker. Things haven't changed much between them in all the years I've known them to be friends. They've always had a love-hate relationship a bit like mine and Sebastian's but less intense. Sebastian doesn't exactly agree with Blaine's lifestyle but loves Blaine too much to stop being friends. Blaine on the other hand and almost always been in love with Sebastian is is always hoping one day Sebastian will wake up and realise he's gay and fall madly and deeply in love with Blaine. Fat chance.

"Boys!" I interject. "As much as I enjoy listening to the two of you fight like a gay married couple, we have plans to day Sebastian with your father. So if you'll excuse us Tuttle we'd like to get a quickie in before I have to start getting ready."

Blaine's face scrunches up. "Okay, ew. You didn't have to tell me that. I'm off! Congratulations you two!"

He waves us goodbye as he makes his way back to the front entrance and out the house.

"Now about that quickie…" Sebastian says, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Yes?" I question, a seductive look in my eyes.

"Where is this going to happen? The bedroom? The bathroom? My study…?" He asks, his boner is now very apparent under his towel.

I hoist myself up onto the dining room table and carelessly shove my plate aside. "How about right here?" I purr.

"You read my mind."

We arrive at the restaurant a little early, we are seated and given glasses of water to keep us occupied while we wait. Sebastian leans over and brushes my hair away from my ear.

"Nathanial." He whispers.

"What?" I answer.

"For a boy. Nathanial Valmont." He replies, his fingers lacing through my own.

I smile. Even though I'm not one for all this sappy 'let's talk about our future kids' shit I oddly find it very sweet that Sebastian is actually thinking about it still. I wander off in to my own world, picturing Sebastian as a father. In my mind he's playing with our kids and he's a wonderful father, nothing like his father was and nothing like my mother. He nudges me waiting for my reply.

"It's nice. We'll see." I reply.

I rest my hand on his upper thigh and Sebastian automatically thinks I want to have sex. He shifts uncomfortable in his seat before leaning over once again and whispering in my ear.

"Do you think we have time for another quickie?"

"No." I answer back.

"What? Why?" He says seemingly annoyed that I rejected him.

"Because you're father just got here." I say, placing that all too familiar fake smile on my face.

Sebastian turns his attention to the distance where Sebastian's father and his new wife and her two kids are walking towards our table. His new wife is much younger then my mother. After all my mother wasn't much younger then Edward. She looks about 35 maybe, but a good 35. She doesn't look anything like my mother did at 35 after years of plastic surgery. Following closely behind her are what I imagine are her two children, they look in their early teens. The boy is the youngest I think, probably about 13. He has braces on his teeth and pimples on his face. He's in that awkward stage that Sebastian never went through (because he's a lucky asshole). The girl is slightly older maybe 14 or 15. She is not going through an awkward phase. Her head is held high and she looks like she knows that every male in the room is looking at her. She's mildly attractive for a blonde girl (I hate blondes).

"Sebastian, Kathryn." He says greeting us as he pulls out a seat for his new wife.

Neither Sebastian and I were able to make the wedding as they got married in the last week of our honeymoon.

"Dad." Sebastian acknowledges, nodding his head.

"I'd like you both to meet my beautiful new wife Lara and her two children Stefan and Anna." Edward says.

I smile politely and give a small hello.

The waitress brings around our menus and even though there is enough to go around Sebastian and I share one. While he thinks about which steak he'd like to order I am compiling a list of all the foods I'd like to eat right now. I am particularly hungry right now. The waitress comes back around and starts taking orders when she comes to Sebastian he orders his meal and mine.

"I'll have the eye fillet steak, rare and my wife will have the warm chicken salad and a side of fries." He says. "I don't think I've ever seen you eat fries." Sebastian laughs after the waitress leaves.

"So how is everything?" Edward asks.

Sebastian and him start to talk about the business and how it's all going. I sit there listening to Lara talk about how much of a shame it was that Sebastian and I couldn't make it to the wedding. Under the table Sebastian grabs my hand and then clears his throat.

"Actually dad, we have something to tell you." He says, smiling at me. "Kathryn and I…well…we're expecting."

Edward almost jumps out of his seat. "You're pregnant?" He says looking at me. "I knew you looked especially wonderful today."

The comment makes me feel a little less then wonderful, it always has creepy written all over it.

"That's not all." Sebastian says. "We're having twins."

This time Edward does jump out of his seat. "That is such great news son! Not one but two heirs to take over the business when the time comes. Better than I could do."

Sebastian half smiles at the reference to Sebastian's mother who died when Sebastian was young.

"You'll love being pregnant." Lara tells me. "It's the most amazing feeling in the world. That first time you feel a movement in your stomach, the birth. It's incredible. The best part is the first time you get to hold your baby in your arms and they look at you and you instantly love them."

I nod and agree with her but am secretly wanting to vomit.

"So how far are you along?" Lara asks.

"About 13 weeks. We just had our scan yesterday." I say.

"Pregnancy is beautiful." She says.

I roll my eyes.

By the time Sebastian and I get home we're already undressing each other. We don't make it any further then the bottom of the stairs. He sits on the third step up and I climb into his lap. Both our clothes are strewn from the front door to where we stopped. Our naked bodies are pressed against each other.

"I don't know what it is…" He kisses my neck. "But you're a hundred times more beautiful now that you're pregnant."

"Mmm, well lucky for you this pregnant thing is making me so horny I just want to fuck all the time now." I reply, stroking his cock.

"Maybe I could take 9 months off and we could just stay here and fuck all day and all night long." He moans.

I sit on his cock, my pussy swallowing it all up. He grips onto my waist a little looser then usual as I start bouncing up and down.

"Oh fuck. Yes." I cry out, my nails raking across his chest.

"Baby…fuck. You are so fucking sexy." Sebastian groans, his hands gripping tightly on to my ass.

"Mmm. Oh my God. Yes. Fuck me baby. Fuck me, Seb." I scream.

"Shit. Kat…Kath…Kathryn I'm so…close." He says, slamming me down harder on top of him.

"Cum Seb. Oh cum for me." He tell him, licking his ear.

At that very moment both of us hear someone walking into the house but neither of us are prepared to stop. We both keep fucking not willing to let go of this high just yet. Sebastian rubs his thumb over my clit and I can't help but succumb to my release. As I tighten around him his releases too, both of us breathless and slightly sweaty.

As I turn around to get off him I find Annette standing in the doorway her face bright red. I am not at all ashamed or embarrassed. Sebastian laughs as he gets up and puts his clothes back on.

"I am SO sorry." She says, covering her eyes. "I should have knocked."

"Don't worry about it." Sebastian says, putting the last of his clothes on.

"Don't be such a prude Annette." I laugh, putting the last of my clothes on.

She uncovers her eyes, still a little red.

"I have been so fucking horny lately." I tell her, walking towards the sitting room.

"Yes. I know what you mean, Carter and I have been doing it non-stop for days now. I can't get enough."

I laugh at the idea of Annette being a sex crazed pregnant unmarried Kansas bible basher. I fix my hair in a nearby mirror noticing the very slight bump under my dress. I rub my hand over it lightly and try to put the image of me in a couple more months 3 times this size.

"Anyways Kansas, what can I do for you?" I ask, taking a seat on the chaise sofa.

"Well, I came over here to personally invite the two of you to my baby shower." She says.

She hands me an invitation with all the details and I almost laugh in her face.

"You're having a baby shower at your tiny apartment?" I say.

"Yes? What's so bad about that? I'm sorry that Carter and I can't afford to rent out Times Square." She rolls her eyes.

"Look, we're both pregnant, we're both due around the same time. I don't have a lot of friends I'd like to invite so why don't we just have a joint baby shower here. There is plenty of room for all your hick friends and family and I can have it catered and decorated." I tell her. Who would have ever thought that I'd be asking Annette Hargrove to have a baby shower with me?

"Kathryn I can't let you do that! It's too much." She says.

"I'm not going to offer you twice Annette. So either say yes or no. I'm not often this nice or generous." I tell her.

"Okay! Okay. Fine. You have a deal." Annette replies.

"Good! Don't even worry one bit. I'll organise everything. All you have to do is give me a list of all the people you want to invite and I'll send the invitations out. Let's say for like in a couple of months? After all I need time to plan."

"Sounds good!"

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