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Beyond The Rose Garden

December 24th

It was late at night on Christmas Eve, and most students were safely stowed away in their common rooms, talking and laughing with their friends, anticipating the fun and antics that would be happening the following day. For two of the students of Hogwarts, however, this was not the case.

In the seemingly empty Entrance Hall, footsteps could be heard coming from the Grand Staircase as someone carefully stepped down them. The footsteps echoed across the floor, clearly heading towards the magnificent entrance doors of the room. If anyone was watching, they would've thought that the door creaking open was a product of the wind that was blowing outside.

The footsteps continued, down the front steps of the castle, turning quickly into a crunch as their owner navigated through the blanket of snow that covered the grounds surrounding the castle. On and on they crunched, until eventually they came upon a large, beautiful stone arc. They passed through this as well.

The long lines of bushes and roses were frozen, it being winter and everything. However, this did not detract from the overall beauty of the surroundings.

The footsteps stopped after they had passed through a second, smaller arc.

Harry pulled off his invisibility cloak, smiling slightly. He was back where it had all started.

Draco was sitting there on the bench, waiting for him. He gave a small cry of happiness upon the appearance of the other boy, and jumped to his feet. Harry had barely thrown the invisibility cloak down onto the snow-dusted cobblestones when Draco was there, wrapped around him and kissing him as fiercely as he ever had.

Harry gladly returned the kiss, his arms going around Draco's neck and up into that familiar, icy hair. Draco's hands latched onto his waist and Harry was pulled closer. Draco's lips were cold, his breath cool and fresh. Harry pulled away slowly, and Draco made a noise clearly mourning the loss of contact.

"I've missed you." Draco whispered.

Harry smiled. "I know. I've missed you as well."

"It's been forever." Draco said melodramatically.

Harry laughed and kissed that pale, pointed nose. It was cold as well. "It's only been a week." He pointed out. "This is nowhere near as bad as the summer holidays were."

"I know." Draco said, with a mock-pout. "I just don't like not being able to kiss you every day."

"How sweet." Harry cooed playfully. He disentangled himself from Draco's arms, and after taking one of his gloved hands, led him over to the bench. Draco sat down and Harry neatly curled into his lap.

It had been about 7 months since Harry had found Draco in this very place in the Hogwarts rose garden. Since then, their relationship had been going from strength to strength. Harry, naturally, had told Hermione the very next day during class about what had happened, and naturally she had been overjoyed for him.

Telling Ron, however, had proven a lot more difficult, and required a lot of patience. Harry had waited until the following Saturday night, just a week or so before their exams, and he and Hermione had cornered the redhead together in the Gryffindor common room.

Harry had started from the beginning, recalling that initial visit to the rose garden, and the subsequent visits after that, as well as the conversations he'd had with Hermione. He'd been very careful when describing the third visit to the rose garden he'd undertaken, the one where he had accepted Draco and what was going on and from which had stemmed his relationship with Draco.

Ron hadn't taken it very well initially, but that was to be expected. After insisting that Harry must be under some kind of enchantment or love potion, and then being thoroughly shot down, Ron began to accept the idea that maybe his best mate was something other than straight, but still had difficulty accepting it was Malfoy, of all people, that Harry was with.

"But why Malfoy, Harry?" he'd asked desperately. "Why?"

"I don't know, Ron." Harry had answered quietly. "He loves me so much, and I'm hardly the kind of person to turn away someone like that. And he's just…perfect."

The conversation had followed the same lines for a few hours after that, with Ron incessantly asking him why, and Harry repeating again and again the various reasons why.

Luckily for Harry however, 7 months on, Ron had come to accept Harry and Draco's relationship. Granted he still winced slightly whenever Draco was mentioned, and the few conversations the pair had shared had been stilted and tense. But it was better than Harry could have hoped for, so he wasn't complaining.

Draco sighed now, tightening his grip around Harry's waist and placing a chaste kiss on Harry's jaw.

"Aren't you cold?" Harry asked him.

Draco shook his head, and smiled peacefully. "Not now you're here." He replied contentedly, moving so his head was resting on Harry's shoulder.

Harry marvelled that one human being could be so effortlessly beautiful. But then, the last seven months had been life changing for the blonde. It had been amazing for Harry to witness the metamorphosis Draco had undergone since that night, way back in May.

They had had a long talk, and Harry had found out everything; about the moment Draco realised he loved him, about the rose garden visits, the dip in homework completion level, Draco's recent habit of not eating much, everything. The dark bags that had camped out beneath Draco's eyes were gone now, disappearing after months of getting decent amounts of sleep again. Draco had easily managed to get back on top of his schoolwork in that first initial week with Harry's help, and had been excelling as usual ever since. They were in seventh year now, and Draco was coming second in the year only to Hermione. Harry was even doing better in his classes thanks to his boyfriend's academic knowledge and advice.

They had arranged to meet here this Christmas Eve, back in the rose garden, because for the last week they had both been so busy with schoolwork and Quidditch, as well as Draco's prefect duties, that spare time just wasn't possible in the lead up to the holidays. Harry was happy to be back here, where it had all started, with Draco – he had missed the blonde, even though they had seen and talked to each other frequently throughout the week.

During the summer holidays, Harry had returned as usual to the Dursleys house, for the final time. Draco had gone back home to his Manor, and his mother. In the two months before Harry's birthday Draco assumed his full duties as the heir of the Malfoy bloodline, as Lucius had died in Azkaban at the beginning of summer. Narcissa Malfoy had helped him with everything he needed to know, and had delivered the news in mid-July that she considered her alliances with the Dark Lord and his causes terminated.

Harry absently stroked a hand through Draco's soft hair, finding comfort in the familiar silkiness. Draco had used the opportunity to tell his mother about him, Harry, and their relationship, which was still so new. Fortunately, Narcissa had not objected – the title of the next heir to the Malfoy bloodline could easily pass to one of Draco's distant cousins throughout Europe, and so their relationship would not cause a hassle in naming an heir.

As for Harry, after his birthday he had left the Dursleys forever, and went to stay with Ron and Hermione and the Weasleys at the Burrow. During the month before school started back up Bill and Fleur had gotten married, which had been a joyous event for all present. Harry had finally seen Draco again for the first time in two months when they met up in Diagon Alley whilst shopping for school supplies, something that had resulted in Harry being pulled into a side alley, pushed against a wall and thoroughly snogged by a very happy Draco Malfoy.

The new school year had brought its fair share of eventful happenings. Draco had finally found the courage to tell his friends the truth about his relationship with Harry. The reactions had been mixed – his friends were shocked, naturally, and Theo and Millicent in particular had been adverse to the news.

For a long, painful week Draco had to give them space to consider the new developments. Harry remembered that week fondly, albeit slightly guiltily, as the absence of interaction with his friends resulted in Draco had spent a lot of time with Harry.

Eventually, the Slytherins got their heads around the idea. The clinch in the entire situation had been the factor it was Harry Potter of all people that Draco was in love with, and thus the situation was seen as a guarantee of sorts, a safety net even, if their friend was going out with the saviour of the wizarding world. If there was one thing Slytherins were renowned for, it was the instinct for self-preservation, and it showed itself to be as strong as ever in Draco's friends.

Their relationship had affected the rest of the school as well, once it was found out. The idea became that if Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, well-known leaders of their respective houses, could put aside their differences to that extent, then maybe a truce of sorts could be declared amongst the houses. This was exactly what had happened – snide insults and fights between all of the houses, even Gryffindor and Slytherin, had reduced to minimal amounts.

Draco had even been in the common room with Harry and his friends a few times, to do homework and hang out. Besides a slightly misguided fourth year hitting Draco with a Tickling Jinx, nothing too bad had happened as a consequence. Harry was yet to do the same for the Slytherin common room – he and Draco generally agreed that Harry would most likely suffer bodily harm if he dared to set foot there.

Despite the warmth of Draco, Harry was beginning to feel the effects of winter at Hogwarts. He shivered fairly violently and Draco removed his head from Harry's shoulder immediately, concern and affection clear in his eyes.

"Are you cold, Harry?" he asked.

"No." Harry went to bury his head in Draco's neck, but sneezed before he got there.

"Maybe just a little." He admitted, wiping his nose with the sleeve of his robes.

Draco's eyes softened and then hardened simultaneously. "Well, we better get you out of the cold." He commented, shifting so that Harry reluctantly slid from his lap.

They stood and Harry retrieved his invisibility cloak from the snow-covered ground before covering both of them with it. Draco's arm snaked around Harry's waist and Harry's arm curled around Draco's shoulders. Each held the cloak in place with their free hands as they began the trek back to the castle.

Several minutes later they arrived back into the warmth of the Entrance Hall, which still had torches blazing on the walls that increased the overall warmth of the room. Harry glanced at Draco out of the corner of his eye.

"Are you going back to your dorm?" he asked, trying not to let what he was feeling show in his voice.

Draco, having always been one for not bothering to dance around an issue, turned and looked Harry straight in the eye.

"I'd rather not." He remarked. "I can think of somewhere else I'd rather be."

"And where's that?" Harry asked, a hint of a smile on his face.

"With you." Draco leaned forward and kissed Harry again, right there in the middle of the Entrance Hall, underneath the invisibility cloak.

Harry broke away, laughing, relief obvious on his face. "I was hoping that would be your answer. I don't want to leave you just yet either." He thought for a moment. "Come on, I know somewhere we can go to be alone." He tugged on Draco's arm and began dragging him up the Grand Staircase.

"We're not going anywhere near the Gryffindor common room, are we?" Draco complained, reluctantly allowing himself to be dragged.

Harry grinned as they reached the top of the staircase, pulled Draco to him and kissed him passionately. They stayed like that for a moment before Harry pulled away, eyes glowing and a dull flush in his cheeks.

"No." he murmured, dipping his head briefly to kiss the shallow hollow at the base of that pale throat. "What I want for us tonight means I don't want any of my friends to know what's going on." He pulled away once more and grinned at Draco, whose breathing was laboured and whose eyes were nearly molten with lust.

"Come on, then." Harry said cheerfully, seizing Draco's arm and dragging him off once more down the corridor. Sensing defeat, Draco had no choice but to obey.


They arrived on the seventh floor corridor. On one wall was the tapestry depicting Barnabas the Barmy's attempts to train trolls for the ballet; along the other was a man sized vase, a long stretch of blank wall and then a small window.

Harry pulled the invisibility cloak off them with a flourish. "We're here!" he declared proudly.

Draco was looking around, very obviously confused. "Surely you're not entertaining the notion we're going to be having alone time in this corridor?" he asked, eyeing the trolls in the tapestry with some apprehension. "Anyone could come along and find us."

Harry laughed, lazily folding the invisibility cloak in half and securing it over one arm. "Not quite, no." he said. He reached out and took Draco's hand, tugging him along to one end of the blank stretch of wall.

"Hang on," Draco said, still frowning at the tapestry, "I think I remember this place. Wasn't this near where we caught that defence group of yours?"

"Somewhere about, yeah." Harry said, wheeling them around so they were facing towards the man-sized vase. "Alright, follow my lead, and think about what you'd like a place for us to spend alone time to look like."

Draco looked at Harry as though concerned for his sanity. "What?"

"Just trust me on this, OK?" Harry's eyes were sparkling. "I'm not having you on or anything."

Draco sighed in a melodramatic, long-suffering manner. "Fine, but only because it's you." He said.

Off they went, walking back and forth in front of the blank stretch, each silent and thinking hard. On the third time past, Harry stopped, with Draco nearly crashing into him. A door had appeared in the middle of the blank stretch of wall.

Draco eyed it with apprehension, but Harry strode forward and confidently turned the handle, pushing into the room beyond.

The Room of Requirement now very strongly resembled a ski lodge room, with broad wooden boards on the floor that were covered with large, thick rugs, and an enormous fireplace along one wall which was lit with a fiercely blazing fire. The walls were made of wooden boards as well, only thinner, and they were adorned with tarnished-looking chandeliers, which were also alight with small, flickering flames.

An even larger chandelier hung from the ceiling in the centre of the room. Underneath it were several plush-looking sofas, each coloured a deep, warm gold, semi-circled around the fireplace with a low, amber-shaded wooden table in between them.

The main furnishing of the room, however, took the form of an enormous four-poster bed, somewhat similar to the ones in the dorms of the Houses. It easily could have fit four grown adults in it, and its sheets were a deep, royal blue in colour, accentuated by gold lining along the edges.

Draco gaped, silvery eyes wide, at the room. He turned to Harry.

"What the hell is this place?" he demanded, sounding stunned.

"Welcome to the Room of Requirement." Harry grinned, walking over to one of the lounges and putting the invisibility cloak down. "It'll turn into anything you want it to be."

"Whoa." Draco murmured, hesitantly moving further into the room, neck craning as he looked around in every direction. "It's amazing."

"Isn't it?" Harry lazily flopped onto one of the lounges, and gestured Draco over. Draco numbly sat down next to Harry, who kissed him deeply and powerfully before pulling away yet again.

"I'm hungry." Harry said, a cheeky glint in his eye like he knew what torture he was putting his increasingly more sexually frustrated boyfriend through. He stood up from the lounge while Draco gave an audible groan of frustration.

"Harry…" he whined, getting to his feet too.

I want a romantic dinner for two. Harry thought, ignoring Draco, and immediately a small, cozy table appeared in one corner of the room, laden with a thick, cream-coloured tablecloth and golden dinnerware. Two golden-cushioned chairs were positioned on either side of the table, waiting for them.

"But we've already eaten!" Draco protested.

"What's so urgent that it cannot wait for us to sit down and enjoy a private meal together for once?" Harry asked innocently, already taking a seat at the table.

This was undoubtedly true – Draco and Harry never sat together at meals, as their respective friends simply drew the line at this. With a half-hearted sigh of annoyance, Draco walked to the table and took the second seat. He looked at the plate in front of him, and then expectantly at Harry.

"Where's the food meant to be, then?" he said, in a voice that was like a ghost of his old drawl.

Harry shrugged, smiling. He was enjoying himself. "Just think about whatever you want to eat, and it'll appear." He instructed.

Draco scowled prettily at him, and then fell silent. At once, a large, chunky bread roll appeared on the plate before him, accompanied by a small pot of pale, silky butter. He looked up and raised an eyebrow at Harry.

Harry grinned and concentrated for a moment before his entrée (thick pumpkin soup) appeared in a golden bowl in front of him. Harry picked up his spoon and smiled across the table to Draco.

"Bon appetit, my love." He grinned.

Draco scowled again, but couldn't hide the happy smile that spilled onto his features. He followed suit and picked up a knife, and began to butter his roll, secretly overjoyed at the lengths Harry was going to tonight.


Nearly an hour later, the plates before them on the table had been cleared of their last morsels, and the candles in the chandeliers throughout the room had burned low. Even the previously roaring fire in the enormous fireplace had been reduced to dark, smouldering flickers.

Harry smiled at Draco, reaching out and intertwining his fingers with Draco's slender, pale ones. Draco smiled back, absently squeezing Harry's hand.

"That was wonderful, Harry." Draco said, his grey eyes appearing brightly silver in the fading light of the room.

"I know." Harry grinned. He stretched lazily, loving the fact that Draco's gaze very obviously snapped straight to the few inches of bare stomach the action revealed.

Harry stood up and sauntered lazily over towards the bed, feeling Draco's eyes still on him.

"Merlin, it's hot in here." He said in a half purr, beginning to take off his robes. Within a few seconds Harry found himself tackled onto the bed and pinned down by a somewhat wild-eyed Draco. He grinned up at the blonde.

"I knew that would work." He commented.

Draco smirked and lowered his head, kissing along Harry's jaw lightly. He pulled away and looked down at Harry.



"Shut up."

Harry laughed delightedly, feeling happier than he could ever remember. "With pleasure." He smirked back, and pulled Draco downwards until his body was in complete contact with Draco's. Their lips met and they kissed, as passionately and tenderly as they ever had before.

Draco moved from Harry's mouth to his neck, finding the spot where the neck meets the collarbone and focusing his attentions there. Harry writhed and whimpered beneath the blonde's administrations, his hands tangled helplessly in the silky strands of hair.

Draco grinned against Harry's neck, his hands beginning to finish what Harry had started and take off the robes that blocked what he wanted. Harry did likewise, and each found opportunities for a kiss to a shoulder blade here, a soft touch to warmed cheeks there, until both were left only in their school pants.

They kissed again, bare chests sliding smoothly against each other and causing Harry to gasp aloud. They had done this several times before, explored each other's bodies and pleasured each other. But something was different about this time. It was Christmas Eve, and for the first time in all the months of their relationship, they were truly alone.

Draco leaned back, looking down at his Harry; dark hair completely wild against its pillow, endless tanned skin, glowing green eyes surrounded by a ring of thick, dark eyelashes, in turn ringed by the black metal of Harry's glasses.

Draco reached out and gently tugged the frames from his love's face, looking around for a beside table which naturally appeared out of nowhere the moment he wished for it.

Draco studied Harry again, the pure green eyes brighter than ever now they were released from behind the glasses. Draco allowed himself a moment to marvel that this boy, this breathtakingly beautiful boy, was his.

"You are so beautiful." He breathed into Harry's left ear, his hands lazily floating over Harry's stomach as he did so. Harry shivered, whether from the ministrations or the words, it was hard to tell.

"So beautiful…" Draco murmured, beginning to kiss a slow path from Harry's neck downwards. Harry gasped softly, his head falling back as Draco ran his tongue slowly over Harry's chest.

Draco hummed into Harry's warm skin, slowly making his way further and further down, thoroughly enjoying the way his simple actions created such amazing reactions in the brunette.

Harry made a noise halfway between a moan and a whimper when Draco reached his stomach, a sound that caused chills to arch all the way up Draco's spine. Draco dipped his tongue into Harry's belly button, and then glanced up.

"Do that again." He said huskily.

"Do…what?" Harry panted in response.

"Make that noise." Draco murmured.

Harry happily obliged, and Draco shivered with want before moving down even further. He was now finally hovering over Harry's pants. With an indulgent smile he undid the button and began to unzip the fly, at a torturously slow pace.

"Merlin, Draco, hurry up…" Harry gasped, head still thrown back against the pillow.

Draco gripped either side of the material and pulled downwards, until the pants were nestled comfortably at Harry's ankles and he was only left with his boxer shorts on.

Draco pulled away slightly and admired the view, still marvelling at the sheer beauty of his boyfriend, especially in this state. He absently traced the top of the boxers with a single finger, never breaking eye contact with Harry.

"You do know how beautiful you are, right?" he murmured, now tiptoeing both fingers back and forth across the soft cotton material of the waistband.

Harry whimpered, closing his eyes briefly and opening them again. The fire burning in those stunning emeralds was breathtaking as he fixed his gaze on Draco.

Draco slowly grasped either side of the boxers, and with a final smile at Harry, pulled them down to join the pants in one swift motion. Harry gasped at the feeling of the cool air that was suddenly everywhere at once, but kept his eyes on Draco, whose eyes were skimming over his body.

They had been together for 7 months, yes, and they had touched and explored as newfound lovers do, but this was a step further than either of them had taken before with each other. Not to mention that Harry had never looked so beautiful and so vulnerable as he did at that moment, lying completely exposed to Draco.

Draco lightly kissed Harry's lower abdomen and then finally turned his attentions to that which needed them so badly. Harry's back arched and he let out a mindless cry as Draco's mouth descended upon him.

Draco wasn't really sure what he was doing – he had, after all, never had many relations with anyone before, let alone with a guy. But judging from Harry's writhing movements and mindless moans of pleasure, he must've been doing something right.

"Oh, Merlin…" Harry gasped, his head loosely thrashing from side to side. "Draco…"

Draco began exploring with his hands at the same time, something that resulted in an impressive cry of pleasure to be emitted from Harry's mouth. Draco took more, encouraged by this reaction, and Harry actually lifted into a sitting position from arching his back, his hands tangling in Draco's soft hair as he moaned loudly.

They stayed like this for a time, with Draco working on Harry down below and Harry whimpering and moaning helplessly above. Eventually, though, Draco knew his lover was reaching that point of no return. He worked harder, and felt Harry's grip on his hair tighten. Next second Harry's body completely stiffened and then exploded into shudders and tremors as Harry mindlessly cried out Draco's name. Draco felt responding sensations shake his own body as he came without even having touched himself once. They rode it out together, slowly coming down from their high with soft sighs and gasps.

When it was finished, Draco procured his wand and pointed it at the mess. "Evanesco." He murmured, and all traces of their activities vanished. He saw to the complete removal of Harry's pants and boxers from his ankles, and then did likewise to his own clothing. Naked, he crawled up until he was side by side with the brunette. Harry dazedly kissed his forehead and then adjusted around until they were underneath the covers and pressed against each other.

Draco gave a sated sigh, his head leaning onto Harry's shoulder. Harry, who had emerged from the dazed sensation of post-orgasm, was studying the canopy above them, thinking hard.

They had been going out for seven months, and that time had been the most wonderful Harry had ever experienced in his life. There was something so amazing about there being a person who loves you so deeply and unconditionally. Harry had never experienced this kind of thing in his life before. Sure, Ron and Hermione loved him, but it was platonic, and it couldn't reach that kind of love that hit every level the way Draco's did.

If anyone had told him prior to the events last spring about what his life would be like, he would've laughed in their face. And yet, he now knew Draco was probably one of the funnier people he'd ever met, in his own way. He knew Draco was actually rather fond of the colour red, and that he was secretly fascinated with Astronomy. He knew Draco was strong and intelligent and proud, and protective of the things he loved. He knew Draco loved him, because Draco had said it so many times to him, and he'd always felt so horrible for not saying it back.

But lying here now, in the Room of Requirement, warm and content and sated and naked with his Draco, Harry felt such an overwhelming sensation stirring in his stomach, washing through him, nearly terrifying in its strength and power. He knew what it meant, and he knew what he had to do. It was the perfect opportunity.

"Draco?" he murmured, turning his head so he was looking at the blonde. Draco glanced up, the lust in his eyes fading away to be replaced by sleep, his hair messy and tousled. Harry's heart melted a little.

"Mmm?" Draco murmured back, somewhat groggily.

"I love you." Harry said softly, clearly, not breaking his gaze with those wide grey orbs as he did so.

Draco's eyes widened, and he pulled away slightly, looking stunned. "You…what?" he said, bewildered and amazed.

"I love you." Harry repeated, reaching and stroking a hand through the soft hair, down the pale cheek. "Remember all that time ago, when I told you I thought if we were together, I would grow to love you? Well, I do now. I know it, and it's so strong in me that's it scares me a little. I love you, so much."

Draco stared in amazement at him for a moment, his eyes rapidly filling up with crystalline tears. "You do?" he whispered.

"I do." Harry confirmed, smiling slightly as he leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on Draco's lips. "It's always been you, for as long as I can remember. To me, you are perfect." He kissed along Draco's jawline, on his pointed nose, his flawless forehead, and then back to those lips. "I love you."

"Harry…" Draco appeared overcome with emotion, "…I can't tell you how much…I mean, this is just…"

"I know." Harry smiled understandingly.

"…I just…I love you too." He murmured, absently stroking Harry's dark hair off his forehead.

Harry grinned. It was nice, to have this. To finally have that barrier broken down and cast away.

"What do we do now?" Draco asked him quietly. His hands were on Harry's waist. He was wrapped completely in Harry's arms, his nose practically in the midst of Harry's hair. They were complete. They were one. Harry smiled. He knew the answer.

"Now, my love, we begin."

The End

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