Maybe I Won't Look Back

Chapter 5: Don't Panic

The day passed as it usually would with the boys outside playing

Quiditch with Ginny and no one giving any mercy especially to Harry even though it was his birthday.

Lunch came and went quickly and before anyone knew it was time for Harry's birthday dinner, which according to Mrs Weasley everyone was to be on their best behaviour and in their best dress. Hermione and Ginny were in Ginny's bedroom with both of them in fits over what to wear with Hermione slightly more stressed than Ginny.

"Gin what am I going to wear?" She was asking Ginny this whilst standing in front of Ginny's mirror with many different coloured and styled robes in front of her.

"Wear the gold, they really suit your complexion and then wear your hair up with a touch of mascara and gloss you will look excellent." She considered her options and then thought shit Ginny really knows what she's talking about.

"Thanks, much appreciated." She then looked at Ginny who looked just as confused as Hermione was before.

"Gin, see that dark green silk dress on your bed that you discarded and obviously decided not to wear."

"Yes," she said impatiently.

"Wear that, it suits the colour of your hair, then wear it out and straight, mascara and some clear gloss and you'll look fantastic, Harry won't know what's hit him."

"Really?" She said excitedly.

"Gin, can you help me zip up this dress?" Ginny turned around zipped up the dress and then pulled Hermione's hair back into a clip and then she turned around in the mirror and examined herself.

"Hermione, you look really gorgeous."

"You think?"

"Ron will not know what's hit him."

"I bloody well hope so." Ginny laughed and then turned around so that Hermione could do up her dress, Hermione brushed Ginny's hair and made it sit one Gin's shoulders and curl just right at the bottom.

"Gin, you look gorgeous."

"Thankyou, I think that we can see things on other people that we ourselves can't so if we did ourselves we would have sucked."

"Probably," they both laughed and headed downstairs into the kitchen where Mrs Weasley was wearing a dark blue sparkled gown, Fleur who had just gotten back from her honeymoon was in a baby pink skin hugging dress, Angelina Fred's girlfriend was wearing a black cocktail dress and finally Alicia who was George's girlfriend was wearing a white sparkly one which Hermione thought made her look as if she was a princess.

"Girls you look lovely," Mrs Weasley was beaming at them, "Hermione that dress suits your complexion very nicely and Ginny that colour does complement your hair nicely." Ginny and Hermione laughed at each other.

"Take both those trays of food outside in the courtyard where all of the guests are and place them on the table so that everyone can eat."

As they took the trays Ginny whispered to Hermione "Here we go."

Hermione whispered back "Don't Panic."

Her heart was pounding she was in this extravagant dress in front of Ron and everyone was going to see her as an adult not as the smart, perfect, bossy young girl from Hogwarts.

They walked outside and everyone stopped, Ron and Harry where staring at Hermione and Ginny respectfully. They placed the food on the table and walked over to greet everyone together, safety in numbers they had decided on this before. Bill and Charlie were who they reached first.

"You both look really beautiful." Bill was smiling at them even through his scarred face he was still quite handsome.

"Thankyou," they both murmured and they worked their way around the courtyard to Tonks and Remus.

"Girls you look gorgeous," said Tonks who looked equally stunning herself in her bright bubblegum pink hair and a tight black dress which flared out into a short cocktail dress.

They finally made the long walk over to Harry and Ron who were sitting at a table as if waiting for them to come and join them at their table. Harry as usual was the first to speak.

"Hermione you look beautiful, and Gin you look gorgeous that dress is ………" Harry was blushing, the dress made Ginny look like a woman with a bust and curves and Harry obviously enjoyed that.

"Thanks Hermione picked it out for me." Going almost as red as her hair.

"Hermione your dress is just as good, it really suits you."

"Thanks Harry, Ginny picked it out for me." Laughing, though she wasn't entirely sure what she was laughing about.

She looked over at Ron and he was speechless, she decided she'd give him a bit of help boys needed that sometimes both Mrs Weasley and her mother had told her that.

"Hello Ron." Waking up to his surroundings, he tried to find himself capable of some speech.

"You look……, really……" He seemed stumped for words.

"Yes?" Please let him say something, she thought desperately.

"……Beautiful," he smiled and went red at the same time, her heart did back flips.

"Thankyou," she blushed and hid her face behind Ginny.

"Did, you want to go for a walk?" He asked her, she was completely held aback by this comment and just decided to go for it, she would walk with him and see just what he wanted.

They said goodbye to Harry and Ginny who smiled knowingly at each other when they told them where they were going, as if to say that they knew something that we didn't. She walked with him until they were just off the path and just out of people's sight; she questioned him why he did this.

"Why did you bring me here?" Looking at him curiously, she watched as his face changed to one of caution, doubt and hope.

"So I could do this."

He reached down and held her face in his hands and then turned it upwards slightly to face his and he bent down and kissed her, holding it for a moment before she tilted her head and deepened the kiss. She then wrapped her arms around his neck and held on as if it was to be the last thing she would ever hold and it felt as if nothing else mattered in the world anymore, only that she could keep on kissing Ron. They slowly broke apart and she smiled at him and he smiled back.

"I want you to want me Hermione." He looked so embarrassed that he could die and all she could do was smile and her heart once again began performing back flips.

"Of course I want you, I, I've wanted this for so long, I was just waiting for you to figure out I did." She blushed just as deeply as he had.

"I had a feeling you liked me and then Harry blurted it out to me this morning after you'd left the room, said it was about time that I knew the stupid git." He grinned and her heart melted.

"I'm going to kill that boy." She whispered mutinously under her breath.

They stood there and talked (well maybe they didn't talk) for a few minutes and then they decided that they should probably go back and finish the party, though they didn't think that Harry would mind having only Ginny for company.

"My feet are killing me I'm never wearing heels again." This was a lie, though her feet hurt she knew she'd heels again she loved them and she took her shoes off.

"Well that's not going to do is it?" He smiled.


Before she knew it he'd swept her off her feet and was walking back towards the party with her in his arms, she reached up and met his lips with hers and in his arms she never wanted the moment to end and she thought to herself, 'Maybe I Won't Look Back."

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