Chapter 17.

Sarah was seated in the throne of the King when she felt the spinning sensation of the vortex. She closed the mismatched eyes and let the magic take her.

Jareth closed the green eyes of the body he was occupying and also allowed the magic to carry him away.

When Sarah opened her eyes, she was still in the king's body, but now in the garden. Standing a few feet from her, facing her was her own body and the King. Silently they reached out their hands, clasped the together. The King in Sarah's body whispered. "I'll paint you mornings of gold."

The spinning sensation moved though them, and they were transferred to their own bodies once more.

"Valentine evenings," he said in his own voice with such enthusiasm as he touched her face tenderly.

With eyes shining she used his own words to express her feelings. "How you've turned my world, you precious thing."

Jareth smiled broadly, a happy smile, not his usual smirk. "Can we stop running now, Sarah?"

"Yes, I think we can." She moved closer, putting her head on his chest and listening to his heart beat. "I promise you'll never be lonely again, my love."

Jareth closed his eyes tightly, held her for a time then said the words he'd vowed she would never hear. "I love you, Sarah Williams…be my queen."

Sarah looked up at him, "You may regret that offer." She crinkled her nose at him. "I've got a few suggestions for when we get home…to the castle."

"Home?" he cupped her face in his gloved hands, "You called it home!" He kissed her. "I'm sure anything you suggest will be fine."

Sarah laughed, "Good lord what happened to you in my body?"

"An epiphany." He admitted. "I think I understand now… you never really rejected me. You did what honor demanded."

"How did this epiphany come about?" she asked looking into the loving mismatched eyes.

"Your poster, which by the way has been sold." Jareth led her toward the fountain.

"Sold? Oh dear…what am I going to do with money…I mean I can't spend it in the Goblin Towns, now can I?" She leaned into him.

"I had the money donated to a charity for war orphans." He gave her a squeeze. "In the name of Mr. and Mrs. Jareth G. King."

"Mr. and Mrs.?" Sarah looked up at the King.

Jareth held out his left palm, she placed hers over it. "I'm a stubborn fool sometimes, Sarah. But yes, Mrs. King. You are not an object of property…you are my heart and my souls desire. You are my wife." He then made a face. "However don't expect me to go all soft and goofy. I've been in my skin much longer than yours."

Sarah smiled, " Yes, well." She blushed. "Did you have any problems being in my skin?"

"A few, and you?"

She blushed deeper. "A few."

Jareth removed one glove dipped his hand into the fountain and splashed her. She laughed, dipped her hand in and splashed him back. Oberon witnessed the moment and withdrew.


Emrys looked at the High King, "I thought you were going to have a word with our love birds."

"They are going to be busy for a little bit," He looked over at the scrying pool which suddenly sent out fire work explosions.

Emrys snickered. "In broad daylight?"

The High King snickered as well. "Ah to be young, Emrys."

"Indeed." The old wizard agreed.


Sarah lay with her head nestled in Jareth's shoulder. "I had no idea of how harrowing your work can be."

"It's not easy," her husband agreed. "But it can be very satisfying."

"And how complex and deep the Goblins are… I mean they give one an impression of being rather a rowdy crew, but when it comes down to it, they are… mysteriously multi-layered and profound. Oh by the way, I've allowed one, Milo to come into your study."

"Milo." Jareth smiled. "That little fellow follows me all about. He's very devoted."

"You're a good King." Sarah said at last. "Your subjects love you…very much."

He cuddled her closer, "But does my Queen?"

"With heart and soul." She whispered intensely. Shyly she looked at him. "I read your journal."

"I read your poems." He answered with tenderness.

"From the first moment you saw me?" she asked.

"And every heartbeat there after." He admitted freely. "If I had not been so wounded in my pride I would have told you sooner. Sarah, I was wrong to call you property…but I was not wrong in knowing that we belong together."

Sarah sat up, looked down into the face of the man she would be spending forever with. "Part of me…" she bit at her lower lip, hesitating in her admission. "Part of me likes you thinking of me as…your possession."

"One does not have to be property to be a possession, Sarah." Jareth said with insight. "I learned a good many things in the last day."

"I've learned a thing or two as well."

Jareth moved his hand, touching her skin and feeling her thrill. "How I adore touching you, my dear."

"How I love being touched by you." She blushed.

"Pax?" The Fae asked quietly.

Sarah returned to her place in his arms. "Pax." She agreed.

Jareth smiled at her with a silly smirk, "And to think, we achieved this peace without the use of the bonding cord." His Sarah buried her face in his shoulder and laughed.


Oberon had waited what he deemed a respectful length of time. He had a servant announce him to the couple who were seated in the room talking. Entering he noted the changes in both of them. "Good afternoon, children."

"Father." They said in unison and smiled at each other.

"We've a few things to discuss." The elder took a seat and looked at them with affection. "This evening we are giving the Fae community a chance to look at you as a couple. I am throwing you a ball."

"Yes, Father, you mentioned that before we took our sojourn." Jareth said holding out a hand to his wife. "We thank you for the celebration." When Sarah took it, Jareth looked at Oberon. "However we have a request."

"A request, amusing…. Alright children, what is your request?" Oberon looked at them seeing the children they truly were.

Sarah nodded to her husband. Jareth looked at the High King and said calmly. "I should like my magic restored so I may provide the proper adornments for my bride and myself."

"You don't trust my taste?" Oberon asked.

Jareth shook his head. "It's not that, Father." He looked over at Sarah. "We prefer to do this our way. If we are going to be severed up to the Fae world on a sliver platter, we would like to do it our way."

"You are united in this?" Oberon looked at the girl.

"Yes." Sarah said confidently. "We are united."

"In this and in all other things." Jareth finished for her.

Oberon pulled at his beard, "Yes this might prove. Interesting, alright my son, with the exception of the ability to flee here, your magic is restored. I will send an escort when you are to appear. Until this evening then." He exited the chamber with a grin a mile wide.


Oberon and his Queen stood side by side looking down at the great hall filled with dissenters. They had dressed in long flowing robes that matched. He held a hand out to her, leading her down the grand stairs and though the room of parted guests who bowed deeply. Once reaching the dais, Oberon waited until his Queen was seated then took his own seat.

A low murmur began, eyes darted about looking to see where the young couple was. The members of the tribunal took their places below the dais, and a trumpet sounded. All eyes turned to the staircase and up to its top. A prolonged crackling of lightning was throwing a giant shadow of a human figure. At the entrance to the great hall stood the Goblin King, the howl of a storm behind him, and lightning announcing his presence. He wore a cloak dark as midnight and glittering like thousands of black diamonds, which swirled in the wind that accompanied them. Beneath the cloak he wore his dark blue royal regalia, including the breastplate that held the royal insignia. From a cord about his neck he wore the amulet that bore his insignia. Sarah stood at his side, in a long flowing gown of midnight blue. From her neck hung a cord with a miniature replica of the King's medallion. His fair hair rose on the wind, he held out a gloved hand to his bride. Sarah placed her hand upon his. They descended the staircase with heads held high, as they entered the great hall.

There were shocked faces, and mutterings of disgust. Both Sarah and Jareth ignored them. When they stood before the Dias they bowed to the High King, and turned. Before Oberon could say a word, Jareth addressed the assembled crowd.

"A good number of you have seen fit to trouble our good father with concerns that are not really any of your concern." He said sharply. "Where and when, I was to take a bride was of no importance to anyone until I had the audacity to fall in love with this mortal girl. Some of you now call for my title and crown to be taken from me."

There were guilty looks and shuffling.

"To this I say, fine. Take my title…take my crown…Who among you is going to take on the duties that I've performed?" He held up his medallion.

Again there was cowering and movement in the great hall. Oberon sat back in his throne, amused and pleased. He looked at his Queen who also wore an amused grin.

Jareth looked around, and lowered the medallion back down onto his own chest. "No one…" He barked. "Then here me, none of you have any say in what I do. I answer to Oberon, High King alone! You don't like the fact I married a mortal, fine I can live with that. Don't invite us to your kingdoms! And don't expect to be invited to ours. I was free to choose where I wanted. And Sarah Williams is whom I wanted. You will treat my Queen with respect."

One Fae man moved forward in the crowd. "Your Queen? She's a mortal; no mortal has ever been made Queen."

"There's a first time for everything!" Jareth declared. "I've declared her my chosen. My father bound us," He held up his left hand and removed his glove; the red scar in the center of his palm was glowing. "She is the other half of my soul." He held the hand out to his bride. "She is my Queen."

The man who had come out of the crowd spat at her feet. "I for one will never accept her!"

Oberon spoke in a low growl. "You forget yourself, Lord Donnae. You are a guest in my palace. Kindly act like one, or leave." The man turned to go. "However know this, once you leave here, you will not be welcomed back."

The man turned to the High King. "That's blackmail!"

Oberon nodded. "Effect, isn't it?"

Donnae pointed to the tribunal. "Some of your own members of this mock tribunal are not happy about this union. Ask the Fisher King!"

Seth stepped forward, perturbed at being drawn into the mire. "Donnae, you are behind the times. What ever qualms I've had… have been cleared up."

The man glared. "You are telling me you approve of a mortal for a Fae kingdom's Queen?"

All eyes, even Morganna's went to Seth. Seth moved to Sarah's side, and then went down on one knee paying homage to the girl. "I pelage thee my allegiance Queen Sarah," he was followed by Morganna who knelt at his side. Soon the entire tribunal save the High King was kneeling to Sarah.

Donnae barked at them all. "This is insane!" He pointed at Sarah, "She's but a mortal." From his fingers came a bolt of light ready to strike her down.

Sarah expected the light to strike her, when it shattered harmlessly into confetti colored glitter she turned to Jareth. Thinking he'd saved her, but he look of shock on his face told her he had not. She looked up at Oberon, whose face was amused but not overly concerned. Looking back at Donnae she wondered what the hell was happening.

Donnae gasped and faltered back.

Oberon cleared his throat, "If I may now speak." The room stilled as he rose from his throne. "For years my son and I do think of Jareth as my son, for years now he has been chasing after this girl. A good number of you were aware of it, and snickered at him behind his back. Don't bother trying to deny it, for I'm only too well aware of your actions toward the boy."

Oberon gathered his robe close. "Many of you wanted to see him embarrassed and humiliated. You were only too happy when he was beaten and his Labyrinth solved by a mere mortal, and a girl at that. You scoffed at his love for the girl. Some of you even spurred him on in his quest for retribution. Giving little thought to the consequences or the aftermath. And not one of you had regard for the girl."

The members of the tribunal now stood and surrounded Jareth and Sarah.

Oberon wore a tight smile, "I'm sure what I'm about to say will not sit well with any of you. Sarah Williams is my son's bride, and his Queen.

Donnae glared at the High King. "You protected her!"

"No, Donnae, she protected herself." Oberon said with a smirk.

"That's not possible." The man muttered angrily. "Mortals don't have that power."

Oberon smiled unpleasantly. "They do when their bloodlines are mixed with Fae."

Sarah turned to the High King, "Granny said we were Faye….I thought she meant fanciful." She looked at Jareth. "No wonder magic seemed familiar."

Donnae became uncomfortable, other Fae in the room began to kneel and bow to the royal couple. "I will never accept her." He said firmly.

"Then go." Oberon said. "But don't look back. And don't look for my protection."

The man glared at the High King. "I cannot leave, and you know it."

"Yes." Oberon said taking his seat again. "I am High King, and I've decreed that these two are wed. My son has declared her Queen of his Kingdom! What's said, is said."

Sarah was never in her life so glad to hear those words. She looked at Jareth, "Amen."

"Amen." He repeated taking her hands into his.

Oberon motioned to the mistrials to play. "Jareth, Sarah, sit here at my feet." He instructed the pair. When they were seated, and the room of people began to mingle as if nothing extraordinary had taken place, he spoke to them. "Children, do not tarry here at this ball. Return to your kingdom and begin your life." He looked at Sarah. "You will learn magic, that is the way of your kind. Far too many of the older generation of Fae forget that we married among mortals often in the days of glory when Fae and Mortal walked arm in arm and celebrated the magic of the world."

Sarah looked up at him. "Will you and your good wife come visit us soon?"

"We'll be delighted to, sweet child. Once you've had a decent amount of time to set your house in order." Oberon promised with a gentle caress to her face. "Go now, with our blessings, my dears."

Jareth stood up, "I should like to have one dance with my wife, in public before we go father."

"By all means."

Jareth looked at the musicians and sent them the song he wanted played. As the sad and beautiful love song began to play, Jareth took Sarah, his bride into his arms. "I'll be there for you…." He crooned.

"You'd better be." Sarah teased as he spun her round the floor and then they vanished.

Oberon turned to his Queen. "I love happy endings." He said with a sweet smile.

"You love making happy endings." She corrected with as sweet a smile as his.


In the throne room of the castle beyond the Goblin City, the young couple danced. He looked at her with adoring eyes. She at him with amazement.

"So," she said at long last as they waltzed about the room to music that played from their hearts. "Is my King satisfied, or does he still seek retribution?"

Jareth laughed merrily. "Ask me again, Sarah, in a few hundred years."

Milo and the other Goblins peered at the King with his Queen. Some of them smiled knowingly, other's just watched quietly. When the music changed from the waltz to a lively tune they rushed into the room and began to dance wildly about, singing along with the King. Sarah danced along with the rest of the merry makers.

Jareth rocked to and fro and took Sarah into his arms. "Is my Queen happy?" He asked as they swayed to the lively music.

"Yes." She admitted. "What's more, I feel like I've come home."

He held her hands and stepped back. "Come with me." He led her past the room of dancing goblins and to the stairs that lead to the twisted room of stairs. He sent her in the room and she looked about. She had rejected him in this room to save Toby. However there was no baby to save this time. He appeared in one of the arches, dressed in the gray and tan owl cape. She was now wearing the same poet shirt she'd worn that night. His body moved with fluidity, as he approached her, his eyes afire. Had they been that night, and she not noticed. Or was this something new?"

"I have done everything you wanted." He took a pace toward her, "And I have done it all for you," he said with a shake of his head. He raised his left arm and made a large gesture with his hand. A glowing crystal ball appeared in it. He spun it around in his fingers, smiled wanly, and said, "It will show you your dreams. You remember. I ask so little," he said,

spinning the crystal. "Just believe in me, and you can have everything you want ... everything you have ever dreamed of ... your dreams, Sarah ..."

Sarah looked up at him, "My dreams?"

Jareth took a step toward her. He needed her belief in him. "Just fear me and love me," he told her in a gentle voice, "and do as I say, and I ... I will be your slave." He stretched his hand out toward her, the same fear that he'd held in those eyes was there now.

"I do fear you." She said looking at him with wide eyes. "You are as wild as the wind and as free as the owls…. Love you; I think I've always loved you." She looked at the spinning crystal he held out with a pleading look on his handsome face. She looked at the pain he'd been in and was still suffering from. "I don't want a slave." She opened her arms to him. "I want a husband."

Jareth enfolded her in his arms and kissed her lingeringly. He tossed the crystal gently up into the air. It floated upward, growing in size and then came down upon the couple locked into each other's arms. When it burst it covered the pair in a golden glow. The Goblin King gently led the Goblin Queen up one set of stairs, across the landing into an arch and toward a secret room. "Welcome home, my Queen."

Sarah looked at him as he led her to the bridal chamber and her new life.