SG1 were walking along a beach, towards the Stargate, they'd just spent a nice relaxing mission on a Tok'ra planet. After their help with the Goa'uld fight the Tok'ra allowed SG1 to stay on the secluded planet as a Thank You sort of gift. For SG1 it was a last celebratory mission.

The 4 would be splitting up as soon as they got Earth side.

Carter and O'Neill we're off to be married, Carter retiring from the Air Force, and becoming the civilian leader of the SGC research department.

Colonel Jack O'Neill was all set to become Brigadier General Jack O'Neill leader of the SGC.

Daniel was also becoming grounded to the SGC and looking forward to his and Janet's first baby. Yes, the two Doctors had gotten married 4 months earlier.

And Teal'c was to join the Jaffa rebellion and also build a home in time for his first grandchild's birth.

Yep it was end of the SG1 era. The team designation was also to be retired. As the people of Earth had been informed of the Stargate project the team had become cult heroes thus the team name had to stay with the 4 original members.

"Hey Danny. I brought something for ya." Jack pulled his backpack round and emerged with 4 rectangular objects.

"Whoa! Jack. You remembered!" he said receiving the present from Jack.

As Jack continued handing them out to Teal'c and Sam he said "How could I forget Rockboy" he grinned. Teal'c and Sam had both over the last 10 years of being SG1, been informed of all the events of the first mission. Including Daniels packing.

Daniel tapped in the co-ordinates for Earth, the gate engaged and the four stood in front of the shimmering pool of blue light.

"So the last step through as SG1. Weird huh?" asked Major Sam Carter.

"Indeed" intoned Teal'c.

Daniel turned to Jack. "From start to finish eh?"

"Always Spacemonkey!"

The four unwrapped the bars.

"Mmmmmmmmm" said Daniel.

"Tastes Like Chicken" the team said as one and stepped through munching on their 5th Avenue Bars.

A/N ::: I got this idea after watching the Stargate movie last night and seeing that Daniel packed a load of 5th avenue bars. To be honest I have no idea what they are like as we don't have them in England I don't think. But I love the whole Tastes like Chicken joke and thought it'd be funny. I can just see the team going out the otherside pissing themselves laughing at it and the gateroom looking at them like "WHAT?!" lol. anyway.. bye guys.