Power the Dark Lord Knows Not: Care of Magical Creatures

The final battle was raging all around Harry and Tom. Spells of every color were flying everywhere. When Harry and Tom finally met up, the rest of the participants in the battle just stopped to watch in awe.

The duel between the two raged for hours. Both of the participants were quickly becoming exhausted.

Finally, Harry called across to his opponent. "Hey Tommy, After this next set of curses, how about a short break!"

"That's Lord Voldemort to you, gutter rat! But I will agree to your terms. In fact, I'll even give you a free shot." With that the Dark Lord dropped his shield and lowered his wand. "Come on, Golden boy! Chosen One! Take your best shot!"

With a shrug, Harry called out "Testis Aurum!" A shot of gold light exited Harry's wand and struck the Dark Lord.

After conjuring a chair, the Dark Lord sat down and smirked. "That's it? That's the best that the great Harry Potter can do? I felt nothing! You could have killed me, and I felt nothing from that weak curse! What was it supposed to do, anyway? Tickle me?"

"Nope. I just happen to know that your chair is setting atop a niffler lair and I just changed little Tommy's two best friends into gold. Nice shiny gold." Harry said.

As Harry was speaking, Tom Riddle, the Dark Lord Voldemort, felt claws going up his leg, and then the most pain he had ever felt in his life as the nifflers began fighting in his pants to get at the two little treasures. The noise that came from the Dark Lord's throat caused glass (including Moody's magical eye) to shatter and dogs for miles around to howl as the already high pitched voice gained in octaves and volume.

Finally, Fenrir Greyback, crazed by pain from the high pitch, walked up behind the Dark Lord and ripped his throat out, screaming insanely. "The noise! The noise! I can't take the noise!"

Hagrid, taking pity on the deranged werewolf, brought down a silver axe on his neck in a mercy stroke.

Harry called out, "Well, that's a wrap folks! Let's not do this again, shall we?"