Last chapter finally done, I know it's been a long time since I have written anything I was just about to give up with when I thought why not just finish it. Hope you like it.

An hour passed by quickly, The Doctor had finally finished the repairs on the Tardis when the door flew open.

'Jackie, I thought I'd bloody well told you…'

'It's not Jackie.' Answered a quiet voice.

The Doctor peered round the console and there with puffy red eyes stood Rose, she had been crying. The Doctors heart melted at the sight of her. She looked more beautiful than ever.

'Rose I thought I made it quite clear to your mother…'

'I'm not the one who wants to talk to you.'

'Your not, well then, who does?' The Doctor asked.

'I do, Daddy.' Mich walked from behind a pillar towards her father. She took hold of his hand and lead him to a chair sat him down and began to speak.

'Don't leave me daddy, I've waited so long to meet you and now I have your just going to go. Take me with you, mummy as well. Please.' Tears welled up in Mich's eyes as she began to sob. She laid her head on the Doctor's knee. The Doctor looked up at Rose and caught her pleading eyes. After a long silence and a deep breath the Doctor spoke.

'I suppose you could come along if you behave.'

'Rose and Mich both lifted there heads to look at the Doctor. A big cheesy grin formed on his face and both girls screamed and hugged him tightly.

'Right let me go get Grandma, Grandad and Uncle Jack.' Mich ran off.

Rose looked at her Doctor and smiled.

'Thank you.' She leaned into kiss him, however just before there lips touched; Jackie ran in screaming and kissed the Doctor. Rose was annoyed by this as was the Doctor.

'Thank you, thank you. I knew you would come around. Come on Mich, Pete, Jack lets go unpack.' She shouted.

'Unpack?' The Doctor questioned Rose.

'Well, erm, er, Mich wanted to be with her whole family so they all decide to come along. The Tardis is big enough for us all anyway.' Answered Rose

'Oh for god sake, I've told you Rose this whole domestic thing and me do not mix this isn't going to end well, and what about Martha and Mickey?'

'You will learn to mix and Martha and Mickey have sort of you know got it on so they are staying here. Now, come here.' Rose fingered for the Doctor to join her he grabbed her waist and she draped her arms over his shoulders the both leaned in but hesitated, both expecting an interruption. There wasn't one they both laughed at this but then finally kissed.

'Erlack. Gross.' Screamed Mich, from across the console room. Rose and the Doctor laughed. The Doctor chased Mich around the laughter filled room as they set off on their new journey for more fun filled and dangerous adventures.