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You don't have to read The Truth about Dean Winchester but it really would help.


Previously: Dean grinned maybe everything would be ok even if he was a dhampir. Jim heard him say I want one framed for blackmail purposes as he watched Dean go back to sleep. Jim nodded to Bobby it's not going to be easy hiding this from other hunters is it. Bobby replied with a shake of his head - No it would not be easy. Dean would have a tough life ahead, maybe tougher then anyone else and no matter what he did, if other hunters ever found out, Dean would be hunted without mercy for to other hunters he would be a monster. Jim and Bobby could only hope that Dean managed to hide his bloodlust in the hunt so that everyone thought he was just a very very good hunter following his father's footsteps chasing a demon who killed his mother and destroyed his family's normal life, and not a dhampir surviving by killing every evil monster he could get his hands on, while chasing the demon.

In the coming years Jim and Bobby would only say when people asked them what made a great hunter such as the growing legend of the Winchesters. Jim would reply that the Demon choose the wrong Family to mess with and that it was the Demon's greatest mistake and yes that was true. Neither Jim or Bobby would point out, even when they found out about Sam demon related abilities, that the Demon greatest mistake was not choosing the wrong family but choosing the wrong child. Actually they had to thank him for helping to create a hunter named Dean Winchester, for without the Demon's intervention Dean would have ended up like any other dhampir either a crazy killer or dead! But I guess the biggest joke of all was that while Bobby, Jim and later Elkins knew about Dean, the Demon did not until one night they met at a cabin but that and what else happened to Dhampir Dean is another story and this is it.


You all remember that statement John said in Season 1 episode Dead Man's Blood - Quote "We had a falling out" well that was the understatement of the Millennium and really it's all Bobby's fault.

You know the old saying "The Path to Hell is paved with good intentions" well Bobby would always rue the day he suggested that John and Dean might need a little extra training, and pointed them in the direction of a hunter called Elkins. Now there was nothing wrong with telling John that Elkins could help him, but if Bobby had foreseen the dangers of sending John to Elkins's, he would have never had sent him there infact he might have tied him to a chair to make sure he did not go or at least he did not take Dean with him.

Elkins Cabin was really just like Bobby's house only smaller and with different books in it. It was when he glanced at a few titles that Dean realized the reason that Bobby had suggested that this was the hunter to know, because he seemed to specialize in vampires. Now to Dean who was still on a mixed diet of regular food and blood packs (but only one, once a month), this was exactly the kind of guy who might be able to help him learn to deal, but being Dean he was hesitant to actually come out and say Hi I'm a dhampir. Let alone ask such questions as he needed actual answers for such as Will I be able to live on real food, how can I control my bloodlust a little more, and most importantly Is there a cure??? No Dean figured that instead he would start reading and learning all about vampires which he personally figured did not exist anymore. Anyway he had John to back him now so he figured he would be OK. Now Dean had rarely admitted to being wrong and his standard sentence of "I'm the eldest so I am always right", would work with Sammy unfortunately it might not work here in either of those two taken for granted statements because not only was there a vampire nest about to move into the locality but Elkins was good actually very good and John well he was about to make the biggest mistake of his life, ok I take that back the second biggest mistake of his life after the one where he tried to hunt down his eldest son that is! (Author's note - Read The Truth About Dean Winchester)

I guess it all started as soon as John knocked on the door of Elkins cabin. Elkins had already got a phone call from Bobby to say the Winchesters where coming but when he opened the door all he saw was a man and a nice looking car parked out front. Cautiously he said Yes.. I'm John Winchester, I'm told you can help me hunt better. Cheerfully Elkins invited him in and said well you've learnt one thing right always be careful noticing that John was carrying a shotgun and was obviously armed to the hilt. Elkins laughed and John smiled maybe this man could teach him and his sons a little more about hunting. John glanced around the cabin and took in all the books. This reminds me of Bobby's you a demon expert too. No didn't Bobby tell you Elkins thought yup leave it to Bobby to leave out important information. No said John If not demons what??? he asked. Vampires smiled Elkins. Maybe it was the glance that passed over John's face that triggered off Elkins spider sense or maybe the smile that did not reach his eyes.

Anyway Elkins shook off the feeling, if Bobby thought this guy was on the right side then he was on the right side. So when do I get to meet the boys, Bobby said you had two eager hunters growing up. John silently cursed Bobby for he was in two minds over whether this was a good idea in the beginning, now he was thinking it might not be a good idea at all and was sorely tempted to drive away but all thoughts seemed to freeze when there was another knock on the door. This one was quieter and seemed lower down and when Elkins opened it, he saw why. There was a kid obviously concealing a weapon behind his back but appearing sweet and smiling and young. You must be Dean, Yes Sir well come on in and settle down and where's your brother? He's out in the car Dean answered after looking at his dad to see if everything was ok. When John nodded Dean smiled again and offered to bring in Sam and some stuff from the car. Elkins smiled so young and yet in him he had to admit was a great hunter. After some more introductions and Elkins showing them their room, everyone settled down to dinner, Elkins specialty whatever happened to be in the fridge at the time. It was then that Elkins suggested that Dean take off the coat that he still had on. Dean had been busy settling Sam down and helping bring in the weapons from the car.

There sitting at the table Elkins got the shock of his life when Dean took off his coat. He had never seen one, he had read about them, he even had some descriptions of how to make them, but the ingredients where rare and some not even Elkins thought existed any more, but there it was, Elkins was sure of it and that terrified him. Elkins thought fast and usually on his feet but this knocked even him for six. Here he was only a few minutes ago dreaming of turning Dean into his prodigy, now he was thinking of how he was going to kill him without his father or brother finding out and all because of the pendent that Dean never took off and was now in plain sight hanging round his neck. Then a thought struck him maybe the boy did not know what he was wearing, maybe the pendent was a thrift shop find or he thought it was a lucky charm. So Elkins thought of how he could find out the truth of the matter while not alerting one of the Winchesters as to what was going on, so he decided to make desert - ice cream coffee flavored ice cream. After getting Dean to help clear off the main course dishes he asked him to help dish out dessert. Dean thought he was in heaven and determined to help out as much as possible. It was during dinner that he decided that this specialist on vampires might be just the right guy to help him learn about his future and how to control his vampire side, he dreamed wistfully of maybe even finding a cure in one of the many ancient tomes (books) he saw lying around the cabin, so he obviously was doing his best to keep on Elkins good side and therefore took every opportunity to help out.

In the kitchen Elkins pointed to where the bowls where kept and started dealing out some ice cream, when he asked Dean to see if everyone liked coffee or vanilla ice cream, so off Dean rushed to ask and did not think that there was another reason why Elkins had wanted him out of the kitchen. Yes Elkins sent him out and while he was getting the decisions which for Sammy took ages as Elkins had known it would and he changed his mind three times finally asking just the question that Elkins knew Sam would i.e. What does coffee ice cream taste like? Dean shrugged his shoulders and went back into the kitchen, Dad wants Coffee, Sam asks what it tastes like so could he have a little of both and he was just about to say he wanted coffee, when Elkins interrupted him and asked well why don't you have a taste Dean. Really thanks said Dean as he took a big scoop of coffee ice cream and shoved it into his mouth. The instant he put it in his face went yuck, it tasted awful, truly terrible, and he swallowed it with difficulty. Don't like it eh, well it's not to everyone's taste, I'll give you vanilla OK. Thanks, I think I need to go to the bathroom excuse me. Dean reached the bathroom just in time for the ice cream to leave his stomach, it tasted horrible and he couldn't seem to hold it down. He decided that from then on no more coffee ice cream. He quietly returned to find everyone chatting merrily, about a werewolf hunt not that far away and Dean settled down to eat his vanilla ice cream and watched his dad and Sam enjoy the coffee ice cream saying it was delicious.

It was then that Elkins said it was probably time to turn in since they had a long day tomorrow and werewolf hunt to get ready for, John's first test as a hunter Elkins's joked, at that John snorted and said he'd hunted werewolves before and done quite nicely at it. We'll see was all Elkins said before retiring after he made sure that the Winchesters where asleep, the doors where salted and his weapons where ready just in case Dean popped in for a snack in the middle of the night. Yes Elkins had figured it out and he was not happy about it. The boy was good and he phoned Bobby to actually see if he was still alive after the Winchesters had visited. Of course he did not tell that to Bobby, he just told him that the Winchesters had arrived and everything was fine. No the fewer hunters that knew about what Elkins was about to do the better, and the list right now had only one name on it - his. It was sad the boy had potential but he was a dhampir the ice cream confirmed it, after some holy water, salt and garlic powder had been added that is. The fact that the boy could not keep it down also confirmed his dhampir status. A real shame the Winchesters looked like they would make great hunters and two of them would, just Dean wasn't on that list. Elkins decided he would kill Dean Winchester while his father hunted the werewolf. Now all he had to do was stop Sam from finding out until it was too late. Say maybe a water spirit that he knew of close by would give a great reason for Dean's death.

Now all he had to do was send Dean Winchester back to Hell where he belonged.