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You don't have to read The Truth about Dean Winchester but it really would help.

Previously: John rushed to the back door and on out to the shed where he was sure Elkins was and where he hoped Dean was too.

John headed out the back door as quickly as possible, he had seen Elkins head for the shed and he hoped Dean was there too. Having Elkins lie to him about Dean was unacceptable and he suspected that Elkins had somehow found out about Dean being a Dhampir which even he had to admit he was still getting used to that fact, but Dean was his son and he would go though hell to get him back. When he reached the shed, his worst fears where realized, he glimpsed Elkins preparing to kill Dean.

John wasted no time as he literally broke down the door and aimed the shotgun straight at Elkins, Leave Dean alone Elkins. Drop the Gun John or else, Elkins said as he moved the knife closer to Dean's throat - You don't understand John, this is for the good of all. That's Garbage Elkins and you know it. No it's not John, look I know it's hard to understand but I am doing the right thing here. You lied to me Elkins, you said Dean was dead killed by the vampires treatment - I won't let you kill him. John, listen I wanted to spare you the truth but your son Dean is a dhampir, the only thing keeping him unconscious is the incense I am burning and the sigils on the walls.

It was then that John noticed the faint smell of the incense, it smelled like lilac but with something added, he glanced at the wall behind Elkins seeing the carved sigils that he now noticed where all over the shed on the inside and probably painted on the outside as well under the top cost of paint, he figured. Now if Elkins had thought that the revelation of Dean's shall we say condition would have given John pause, he was about to be greatly surprised for John just held the gun straighter and said, Leave my boy alone Elkins, I won't let you kill him, he's done nothing wrong! How can you say that John didn't you hear me, shouted Elkins. He's a monster, a killer. If it was not for the pendent he wears round his neck, he wouldn't have a second thought about killing you or Sam, not a second thought. John thought about what Elkins had said and slowly reached into his pocket, and dragged out Dean's amulet - You mean this amulet Elkins! What is so special about this amulet?

Elkins starred at the small piece, now it had to be another copy, Dean had to be wearing it. Elkins looked down at the unconscious form of Dean Winchester for the amulet that he was sure dean was wearing only to find it gone, but that did not make sense. Dean had walked into the shed calm and controlled. He had even tried to talk to Elkins, and convince him that he (Dean Winchester) was not a threat that Elkins had to eliminate. That is Dean tried to talk until the incense and done it's job, making him tired and dizzy. It was then that Dean realized he had to get out but the door locked on closing and the sigils kept him trapped. Dean's last sight before his eyes closed and darkness took him was of Elkins advancing before him holding a knife, a large sharp knife. Elkins came back to the present, still holding that knife against Dean's throat. NO! he must be wearing it, your trying to trick me with a copy John and it won't work. Dean is a dhampir and therefore a killer, now or later, he will kill and kill and kill. John do you want that on your conscience, do you want to know that you let your son live only for him to end up as something you have sworn to hunt down and kill. John, dhampirs don't change, they are killers and will always be killers!

At that Elkins raised the knife and John let Elkins have it with both barrels. Now, Elkins as he was flying against the back of the shed with a thump, realized that he had miscalculated John, for Elkins believed wholeheartedly that John would not kill and he was correct but not in the way he expected for John had fired and Elkins never did find out whether John had known that the double barreled shotgun that he had grabbed, was full of rock salt. Elkins did realize something though that Dean would realize much later, rocksalt does not kill you but it hurts like a bitch. That was Elkins last thought before darkness took over.

When Elkins awoke he found himself bound securely to a chair with a drowsy but awake Dean Winchester glaring at him and watching the time. So said Elkins, counting down the minutes till the bonding is over, then what.. your going to kill me right, make it look like some vamps got the better of me. Raising his head Elkins looked directly into Dean's slightly glowing eyes, "Tell me this, how?" - "How what" asked Dean. "How did you convince a person like John Winchester to protect you? What spell did you use to force him to help you?, The John Winchester Bobby told me about wouldn't help a dhampir ever!" "There was no spell" said a voice from the doorway as both Dean and Elkins looked up to see John leaning against the doorpost. "It's simply the love that a father has for his son and the fact that Dean is a dhampir does not change the reality that he is my son and I'd die to protect him, just like I'd die to protect his brother".

Elkins shock his head and looked at Dean who looked at his watch and smiled, time was up. Dean picked up the knife that was on the table, and moved towards Elkins who stiffened and snarled Bobby will kill you all for this. Now Dean was not malicious or fool hardy and he just wanted to make absolutely sure that the bonding was over so he only had the intention of making a small cut on Elkins arm, but the fear he could feel coming from Elkins nearly throw him so instead he called his father and handing him the knife Dean said "Dad, if I do this, I'm not sure I can stop, could you make a small cut". John shook his head, bent down to be level with his son, No you have to do this yourself, to prove Elkins wrong. I'll be waiting in the Impala, you have 5 minutes then we return to Bobby's and your going to tell him exactly what went on here Dean. Yes, Sir". Dean turned and squared his shoulders, everything else would have to wait he needed to know that the bonding was over so approaching Elkins slowly he slide the tip of the knife down Elkins's arm drawing blood, while Elkins watched him all the time. Dean then checked his arm and found nothing the bonding was over, Dean was free. Moving behind Elkins Dean whispered in his ear, "I stayed in control this time, but you come near my family or Bobby again or tell anyone about me and I will hunt you down and make your worst nightmares come savagely true. Then he shoved the knife into the chair, "By the time you get free, we'll be gone" and with that Dean went out to the Impala and settled down for the drive to Bobby's with Sam on his lap. He now knew that the amulet was the one thing helping him control this but he could control this so at least the future for Dean Winchester Dhampir looked better then it had in ages.

Note: It took Elkins less then Dean had figured to get free but long enough for him only to see the dust left behind by the Impala. His first thought was to call Bobby and warn him about what was coming his way, then he figured he would call Jim. What he was told when he called them shook him to his foundations and made him decide that the only way to stay alert on keep your mind on the job was to work solo for the rest of his life for you see Bobby told him "Of course I know that's why I sent him there, I figured you could help him with it", and "No I have not lost my mind, Dean is a great kid and I'll stand between him and anyone else gladly". Of course Elkins thought he would get help from Jim but found that Jim too would not raise a finger to help Elkins hunt Dean down - in fact Elkins got told in no unclear terms that if he dared to even try to hunt down Dean Winchester, he had better go so below the radar that the devil would have a hard time finding him. After that Elkins as I said decided to hunt solo and we all know how that ended up!

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