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Long ago humans and the Fey were allies and friends. The Elves taught humans so much and but wizards could barely touch them in power. But there were stronger humans, these elves called Cash-hark or Mages, they were seven in number and each had a special Magic. It was a time of growing dissention amongst humans and wizards. One man took advantage of the growing uneasiness to become the first lord. The seven were given absolute authority because of their pureness and Talent's they held.

Excerpt from the Book of Races by Jeremy Marlborough

Little Whinging, Surrey

Silver eyes watched the teenaged boy interestingly, following every movement as the young man paced his room. Silver Eyes knew that the boy was virtually a prisoner in his own home. The man behind the Silver Eyes was intelligent, stealthy and ingenious but most of all he was known for his silence and mysterious manner. He turned to the left to find a man bent beneath an invisibility cloak, the cloaked one watched as intensely as Silver Eyes but he noticed the sadness and could not do anything about it. He knew in the street a brown haired woman had walked past the house five times with her dog watching the house knowingly.

Silver Eyes knew, for instance, the cat in the garden was actually staking the house out. He also knew that these instances were solely for the young man pacing his room because he happened to be the most important individual in the world. The Child-yet-a-man could be forgiven as being normal yet he wasn't. Silver Eyes noticed the dark hair unable to be kept in place as he ran his hand through it much like his father. His intense green eyes were intense but dulled by an incident a few months ago. The young man was studious he noticed reading many books. But the boy wasn't normal. Silver Eyes could see a broom propped against the cupboard and a white owl in a cage. Silver Eyes also saw books with titles like Potions and their importance by Gander Wilderpump and Fantastic Beasts and where to find them by Newt Scamander. These weren't the books of an ordinary fifteen-year-old boy unless he was in the occult. No! This boy was the individual prophesized sixteen years ago by a believed-to-be fake seer.

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…ad the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not…and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives…the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…

No, this was no ordinary boy! This boy was called Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived because when only a year old a feared wizard had attacked his parents he had been the only one to survive. He now attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and would be returning for his Sixth Year at the end of the summer. Last year, his fifth, Dark Wizards had killed his godfather, which is why he contemplated Death at this very moment. Then his mind reminded him of those moments in Albus Dumbledore's office when he finally revealed the truth of Harry's existence.

It was the Second week of Harry Potter's imprisonment within the walls of Four Privet Drive. Yet the Weather seemed to match the mood of the Teen Dark and Dank. That's why the occupants of Privet Drive in Surrey huddled inside staring out the windows where the water streamed down in rivulets. Inside Four Privet drive however the bespectacled boy watched the rivulets with interest trying to keep his mind from other events. Harry Potter's look did not fit in with his family where as they were smartly dressed he wore cast-off's from his enormous cousin. Cut off jean shorts and a ragged shirt that hung off his chest sticking to him in the humid heat were all that he wore.

Thunder peeled in the distance threatening to bring the storm closer to Privet Drive. However Harry just stared out the window watching the lightning with morbid fascination when the subject he was trying to forget surged the fore of his mind. His Godfathers death had plagued his mind since the beginning of summer. A sharp clicking on the window drew him from reverie; he opened it quickly allowing a bedraggled Hedwig into the room. She fluttered to the desk where she waited patiently for Harry to remove the letters tied to her leg. After he had his winged friend took flight to her cage. Harry found himself with three letters in his hand; two he knew were probably from his best friends Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. The third however peaked his interest. He sat at his desk and sighed as he thought of his friends. Ron Weasley had been the first person he met at Hogwart's and had been his best friend ever since. The youngest of six boys he lived at The Burrow with Parents, brothers and younger sister. Hermione on the other hand was an only child and lived with her Muggle parents but she was smarter than some of the older magical-born family heirs. She had befriended Ron and Harry at Halloween of their first year. Harry growled with anger, he wanted to be alone left with his grief but the pair mailed him almost daily.

Why do they care? He thought, they have each other; I'm just the Boy Who Lived.

But they do care, another voice said, or why would they send you the letters. Harry hated the second voice reasoning with him. He sighed and opened Ron's letter.

Dear Harry,

I know I've only just written to you but if it gets you of this stupid funk you're in then I'll keep writing to you. Sirius's death was not your fault; you could not have predicted the attack on the Ministry nor Belletrix's attack so stop thinking about it.

If you won't answer our letters I'll just have to give you the news. Fred and George moved out over the weekend, apparently their business is doing really well so they thought they'd moved closer to the store. After bugging me they told me fifteen percent of the profits go to their silent partner, I don't know who this person is but they should give me the money I'm their brother. Oh and I found that Ginny isn't actually dating Dean. We ended up having a huge fight and I was on the receiving head of a nasty bat-bogey curse. I must go, Mum wants me to de-gnome the garden.

Harry shook his head at his friend's antics; he always seemed to get into trouble. Putting the letter down he picked up Hermione's next and began to read her news.

Dear Harry,

Why haven't you written? We were all with you at the Ministry and witnessed some terrible things too. I know Snuffles was Your godfather but he died at his best, fighting the dark side. His death was not your fault and you can't allow his death to cloud your judgement especially with your friends, Mooney and Bumblebee.

I spoke to the Bumblebee on your behalf trying to allow you to come on holiday to America but he wouldn't allow it. So now as I write this letter I'm sitting by a pool in the Sunshine state, Florida. It's cool here and the American's have got a wicked history of Magic. It is a wonderful country and it's funny to see how the Muggles act. Look at me talking about Muggles; I've been around Ron too much. Anyway I'll be on my way in a few days and then I'm going to The burrow. Please write to us and let us now how your feeling.


Harry laughed for the first time in what seemed like ages. Hermione was highly inventive at the beginning of the summer she had come up with nicknames for them all. He was lightning, Ron was Red fox and Professor Dumbledore was the Bumblebee. He calmed down and nervously reached for the third letter finding from Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and James Potter's best friend.

Dear Harry,

I'm sorry it's taken so long to get in contact with you; I've been trying to get Snuffle's and my affairs in order. Snuffles was the last of my closest friends and his death almost killed me, I can imagine how you're feeling. It was hard enough when your father was murdered and I thought Snuffles had betrayed us all. When we found him again two years ago I was ecstatic but then he gets ripped from us. Tonks had been a big help and I've leant on her a lot recently. She is a good woman and I really hope she finds some special one-day. I know you don't want to think about it but Snuffle's death was not your fault. He died protecting those that he loved.

Remember his love for you and never forget what he taught you about loyalty, passion and mischievousness. Now your friends are really worried about you, please reply to their letters before they traipse down to Surrey to come and see you. I also know there is a certain Miss Weasley that's especially keen on you. I must take my leave now but remember Sirius will always be in your heart.

Your Friend,


In the Living room below as tears dripped down his face three inhabitants sat watching the TV closely. The first a boy overweight and lethargic sat on the sofa watching Television. The second an older Man had no neck to see and a thick moustache, he watched the Television with piggy eyes his son seemed to have inherited. The third member of the household was a woman with a long neck for looking over the next-door neighbours fences.

" Another murder has shocked the nation, in the early hours of the morning," The TV reporter said, " Sixteen people were killed in Oxford. The houses were destroyed and oddly an image of a skull with a snake protruding from its mouth shone brightly,"

" I bet that Freak knows what is going on," Vernon Dursley growled. He raised his eyes to the floor above where a boy lay on his bed blinking back tears. Abruptly something shifted and he looked around the room, his lips curling into a smile. He began to put things into his trunk.

" Boy, get down here now," His uncle Vernon's bellowing shattered his thoughts. He trudged downstairs and stood at the doorway looking at his Uncle.

" Yes Uncle," He said politely his mind filled with hatred for this man.

" What's happening on the news?" Vernon snapped back.

" Lord Voldemort and his horde killing Muggles for sport," Harry replied without hesitation, he was beyond caring about his family.

" The guy that's supposed to kill you, Freak," Vernon said approaching the younger boy. He looked at him but notice his eyes darken or the air begin to sizzle around them.

" Yes Uncle," Harry said coldly, " Lord Voldemort has powers that you'll never know, he uses these to kill and torture painfully,"

Vernon stepped back from the young wizard sensing something different about the boy; he suddenly noticed that Harry's truck was behind him without Hedwig's cage. She sat looking eerily at the man upon Harry's trunk.

" W-what are you doing?" Vernon said suddenly fearful.

" I'm leaving, you have abused me emotionally and physically for my entire life, I will not bow down to you anymore,"

" But Harry, you can't leave," Petunia said quietly.

" I can and will," From his pocket he removed a piece of parchment and tied it to Hedwig's talon. Jumping onto his shoulder he muttered something under his breath and his trunk began to rise.

" Y-you can't do magic," Vernon spluttered, " You're not legal,"

" Oh but I can, sod the ministry they don't care about anyone," came the reply as he left the house, " Take this Hedwig and go to Hermione's, I will see you soon,"

Hedwig flew off into the dark skies as Harry made his way to the curb; taking his wand from pocket he summoned the Knight Bus. With a Bang the purple bus arrived on his street.

" Welcome to the Knight Bus for the Wizard or Witch in need," Stan Shunpike said bored then he glanced up, " ere it's 'arry Potter,"

" Just get me to Diagon Alley," Harry replied thrusting some galleons into the hands of the conductor. As he slumped into one of the soft chairs he smiled again, Dumbledore would have his britches in a knot and Severus Snape would be furious. He felt sad about his friends but his plan didn't include their deaths.

Many miles away in the sleepy town of Ottery St Catchpole another person was experiencing dark thoughts of a different kind. Ginny Weasley slept in her room in the throes of a dark dream.

The chamber was dark and shadows played on the wall from the flaming torch she held. She looked around fearfully as a sound penetrated the thickening silence. Moving forward she walked into an open space. There were two figures, one lying on the floor as though dead while the other looked down at the pitiful body. The figure looked up at the approaching figure. She wore all black but she was pale in the orange light of the flame.

" Ginevra, come into my arms," a ghostly voice reached her ears.

" No Tom, I'm not dark," she answered, her voice quivering.

" But you're already dead," the boy answered indicated the body on the floor.

" No, I can't be. This is just a dream,"

" Join me Ginevra, together we could be powerful,"

" No, I am of the light," she answered.

" Why does everyone ignore you? Why does Harry?" Tom suddenly changed tact.

" Because I'm Ron's little sister," she answered bitterly.

" I can change all that," he said smoothly, " I can help you get Harry's attention,"

" How?" she asked almost gingerly.

" Change your look, your attitude. Make him jealous," he returned.

" With who?"

" With someone he despises, Draco Malfoy,"

" I will never date that serpent,"

" Then you shall never date Harry," His whispered voice disappeared into the night


In Scotland an elderly man reclined in his seat looking out onto the school grounds and fields. Suddenly an alarm sounded, two in fact. Albus Dumbledore shot up and found himself looking at two polished stones, one emerald green and one deep purple both were flashing brighter while emitting a whining sound. Next moment a flash listed and turning far quicker than his age belied he found himself looking at the head of Cornelius Fudge, Minister For Magic.

" Now really Albus this is the last step," Cornelius's angry voice came first.

" What is?" Dumbledore asked perplexed.

" The ministry has just detected heavy magic at Potter's house," Cornelius said, " and several wizards will not allow me to enter until you are here,"

" I'm coming right there, don't do anything rash until I get there," His head disappeared and Albus Dumbledore, esteemed Headmaster of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, shook his head before disappearing.

An hour later Albus Dumbledore was once again in his office having just finished a meeting with the Order of Phoenix. Harry Potter had gone missing and for some unknown reason he could not be traced, Albus thought dark magic was involved. Meanwhile in the south Harry found himself at the entrance to Diagon Alley, he grinned briefly thinking of the Elderly headmaster of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry frantically searching. He looked around Diagon Alley for a few minutes but never truly finding what he wanted he turned down Knockturn Alley, the dark alley was a sharp contrast to the clean and tide Diagon Alley.

After a few minutes of wandering the darker aspects and sneering at a semi-hidden vampire he found a store that looked like it had potential. The store had purple windows and door, in the window many books looked interesting. The doorknob was a gilded Dragonhead Harry saw. Looking around Harry was uneasy being in this darkened alley. To his left a man leered at Harry, the man was stood in shadows and Harry thought he could have been a Vampire. To his right a dirty woman eyed him hungrily. The Seven Deadly Sins looked interesting so Harry Potter stepped into the store. At his feet was a plush red carpet, a deep royal red. Above him the roof looked like the night's sky, everything around him looked so good. It was small but airy and roomy as Harry peered up and saw stairs to his left leading up to a metal walkway that edged around the top of the store. As ventured further in a man stepped up to greet him, he was taller than Harry with vivid blue eyes and a face that was quick to smile. His light eyes looked Harry over as he stood in between the shelves. His dark cape flowed behind him but he wore a periwinkle blue tunic that matched his eyes. A gold necktie almost like a Vicars collar fitted around his neck. Also around his neck he wore a fine gold chain and an amulet of sorts.

" Bless me, it's Harry Potter. I am Drakus Sanguine, humbled proprietor of this store," he spoke with an infectious smile which you couldn't help feeling around him. He just indicated the shelves and moved away to the register at the back. Harry began to look around the shelves; many of the items were interesting probably illegal if the shop was tucked away in Knockturn Alley. He found all sorts of items from Muggle clothing to magical items and books. He looked at the bindings until he came across one called Animagus: the guide to power. Harry removed the book from the shelves and opened it to the first page where he to read the introduction:

The art of changing your shape is extremely difficult. There are many types of shape-changers from Metamorphagus, humans able to change their face and body into that of any human being. Then there is the Animagus, a person able to change to a single animal though it's extremely hard to change into Animagi Mythical Animagi are even harder. The rarest kind of changer is the Shape-shifter, a being able to shift form into three categories Animal, human or mythical. This is very rare and there have only been four in the last thousand years.

This book will explain the basics and details of how to become Animagi; first you must clear your mind….

The book seemed so interesting but Harry just slid it back into place and walked up the shelves again until he found a hand mirror. Looking into the mirror he saw the face of Sirius Black with brilliant clarity. His shoulders heaved as he began to sob. Drakus looked up all of a sudden and saw the boy is distress. He came out from behind the desk and immediately locked the door, gently touching the boy's shoulder he led him to the back room which held a couple of armchairs and looked comfortable.

" Com on son, sit down," Drak said gently sitting in the chair opposite

" I'm sorry, Mr. Sanguine," Harry hiccoughed embarrassed. This man seemed to pull the emotions from him.

" Please call me Drak, my Father is Mr. Sanguine," he returned, " Do you think you could tell me what's the matter?"

" Call me Harry then," he replied, " My friends keep telling me my godfathers' fault wasn't mine but I can't help feeling I let him down,"

" Not everything is as it seems, Harry. What your friends didn't tell you is their grief and sorrow for Sirius Black. He had ways touching people in everything he did, he touched my life though I was a year younger than him and a Slytherin,"

" You knew him?" Harry looked up surprised.

" Sirius Black, James Potter, Lily Evans and Remus Lupin were all in the year above me," he answered, " I was not doing so well in some of the lessons so your mother tutored me,"

" I didn't know that, I've never met you before,"

" I was invited to her wedding and we were friends but I never followed many of my year mates into Voldemort's army," Drak answered thinking back, " I slunk into the back round though I had a penchant for working with dark objects thus I opened Seven Deadly Sins,"

" Albus Dumbledore doesn't care, he only wants to keep his precious weapon alive," Harry said bitterly.

" I don't believe that, Albus is a smart and caring man," Harry said, " I just feel like I have all this anger building up,"

" That is known as Ira or more commonly known as Wrath, one of the Seven Deadly sins," Drak explained, " Would you like help controlling your emotions?"

" Yes, but that would be Occlumency wouldn't it?" Harry asked.

" Somewhat, it will help you find your magical core which helps greatly with spells and you will be able to shield your mind,"

" Wow, what do I have to do?" Harry asked.

" First close your eyes and imagine yourself in an open meadow, begin to think about your magic. Feel it in your blood and your bones, now trace the veins back to the core of your magic," Drak said and two sat peacefully for an hour or two when suddenly Harry spoke.

" I can see a growing ball before me, it's crimson tinged with gold veins," Harry said eyes closed.

" That was fast, it usually takes older and wiser wizards longer," Drak breathed, " Now imagine building a room around the ball, brick for brick create a castle if you want. When you have done this create a door then lock it and only you will have access to your mind, magic and sanity. When ever you feel angry, sad or emotional just close your eyes and imagine the room with the crimson ball,"

" Thank you," Harry said moments later opening his eyes and stretching his cramping legs.

" That's okay, now to your appearance. I take it no one knows where you are?" Drak asked.

" I run away," Harry answered sheepishly, " I was fed up of being treated like Dumbledore's Pet. I want to learn Spells, charms and perhaps curses to fight Voldemort. I would like to save my friends and protect them, I would give my life for them,"

" Today you have shown two of The Seven Virtues,"

" The Seven Virtues?"

" Where there are Seven Deadly sins there are Seven virtues the polar opposites, I may know some people that could help you. They use the Seven Virtues as a guide to their lives. With me you have shown Patience and Humility or selfishness willing not to act for oneself but for others,"

" I would like to meet these friends and perhaps learn to live as they do,"

" We cannot go straight away but in three days," Drak answered.

" Why not today?"

" Because the timing is not right, I must contact my friends,"


Three days later Albus Dumbledore sat in his office contemplating the events of the last week. Harry Potter had vanished without a trace his whereabouts were unknown he did know however that he was safe because he had received a letter the day Harry went missing.

Dear Professor Dumbledore,

I ran away from Dursley because of the abuse I was receiving and because I need to learn more. If I am to fight Lord Voldemort equally then I must know spells and curses to rid the world of his dark presence.

Harry Potter.

The note could not be traced; it was as if Harry had dropped off the face of the earth. Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley were frantic with worry for their best friend and his disappearance. All the Headmaster could do was tell them that Harry was still alive, but he doubted that would eradicate their anguish and fear. Abruptly he was brought from reverie by a sharp tapping on the window. He opened it and allowed a Raven to hop in. On it's leg was a curled up parchment. The Parchment read:

Dear Professor Dumbledore,

We have never been friends but we have both trusted friendship to the same person. I have in my care Harry Potter; he doesn't feel the need to return to his home. He has emotional scars from the last sixteen years and needs to heal and learn. Please do not continue to look for him because you will not find him, he will return to Hogwart's though on September 1st a changed and refreshed young man.

Yours in gratitude,

Drakus Sanguine.

Albus sighed and knew he wouldn't find Harry unless he wanted to be found. He looked around then resolved to contact the Order of Phoenix and call of the search.


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