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You ever meet someone and know right away she's the one? That's how I felt when I met Sato-san. She was perfection itself!

The others shake their heads at my crush. They tell me I have no chance. That I'm too meek, too timid. That I need to be more aggressive. I just smile back.


"Mama," cried the small boy, "The toys all broke. Why does everything I touch break?"

The boy's mother wiped the tears from his eyes. "I'm proud of how strong you are, my son, but you need to learn to control your strength." She placed a toy car in his hand and softly wrapped his fingers around it. "Gently, Wataru-kun, gently."


They say I'd have a better chance of winning her heart if I acted more impressive. Heaven knows I could be. What's more impressive than being able to lift an SUV one handed, being able to move so fast as to be able to create a sonic boom? I could, but I don't.


The boy cried in his bed. He was grounded but good, but he didn't care.

His mother came in. "Wataru-kun…" she said sternly

"I didn't mean to hurt him!" he protested immediately. "He was hurting her! I was just trying to push him away. I wasn't trying to break his ribs." He cried harder. "Why am I so much stronger than everyone? What if I hurt you or dad by accident?"

His mother sat down next to him and wrapped her arms around him. "I know it's hard to be different. I don't know why you've been given these gifts, but you'll always mean the world to us." She sighed. "But people aren't like toys, they can't be fixed as easily or thrown away. You have to be gentle with all things, but you must treat people the most gently of all."


I see Shiratori talking to her now, not-so-subtly flirting. Probably asking her out to dinner again. She laughs with him and smiles at him and even flirts back. The others say if I was more like that, I'd have her in an instant. But they don't see how even now she's looking for an escape. They don't notice that every time he asks her, she turns him down.

Every time he tries to catch her, he loses her a little more.


The boy, now a young man, hears his partner scream as a bullet hits him square in the chest. Unlike himself (who never needed one), his partner is wearing a vest. But the force of the blow knocks him back anyway. The man hits his head and falls unconscious.

The gang members told an amazing story that day. That after they had shot one officer, his partner had turned into a monster. That fire had shot out from his eyes, and that bullets bounced off him. That when they had gotten into their cars to try and escape, he had held the cars by the fender, lifted them into the air and shook the gang members out.

The other officers laugh. They knew he couldn't even have been there. After all, he must have practically flown to the hospital to get his partner treated, considering how fast he got there. Besides, the idea that timid little Takagi could be so fierce is more than laughable.

He laughs with them, but inside, he frowns. He had lost control. He had forgotten to be gentle…


I frown even in memory of that day. Heavens knows that wasn't my only screw up, but it was by far my worst. The only one that was nearly as bad was the incident with Conan and the bomber. He wouldn't have been hurt; I'd have made sure of that. But if we both emerged unharmed from a blast that powerful, questions would have been raised.

And yet…I think of the look he gave me, when he'd thought we were going to die. I think of how he had handled the whole situation and I wonder if I'm really the only one who's a little …different.

"What's wrong Takagi?"

I'm startled out of my thoughts; I hadn't even heard her approach, and with my hearing that's saying something. "Nothing Sato-san, just thinking."

She smiles. "Well, I've been thinking about that new ramen joint that just opened. Want to check it out?"

I smile and blush. "Sounds like fun."

As we leave, myself allowing her to lead me out, the others shake their heads. "What is it?" They wonder. "What does she see in a meek man like him?" They haven't figured out one important thing about Sato-san.

She's not the kind of person who wants to be won.

She's the kind of person that wants to win.

So I'll let her win me, let her coax me out of my shy shell. Maybe one day, let her know everything. I thinks that's why I love her so much. Inside, she's one of the strongest people I know.

But she never forgets to be gentle.


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