Fairy Tale

A 'Gently, Gently' side story

Once upon a time there was a Princess.

Stop giving me that look. This is my story and I can tell it how I want.

Once upon a time there was a Princess whose parents sent her to a faraway castle where instructors would teach her and other children the ways of the world.

Yes, some parents sent their daughter to school. Interrupt again and Misa-chan's gonna know about some comments you made last karaoke night.

The Princess was timid and shy. She had trouble making friends with the other students. Then one day she met a Young Knight. He was a kind and gentle person of a quiet nature. The Princess and the Knight became best friends.

But an Evil Prince went to the school too. His mother was a rich Queen and his father the Captain of the Guard. He got whatever he wanted, bullied the other kids for fun, and the royal instructors did nothing. Then one day he turned his attention on the Princess.

The Evil Prince pushed her into the mud and got her royal gown dirty. He called her cruel names and made her cry. The other children laughed at her and the instructors turned their heads. No one would save her.

Then, to everyone's surprise, the Young Knight stood between the Princess and the Evil Prince. "Leave her alone!" he declared, his voice shaky. "She never did anything to you and I won't let you hurt her anymore."

The Evil Prince and his cronies laughed at the Knight. Not only was he normally timid, but short and thin, he never even played sports with the other boys. There was no way he could help. But the Princess felt a warmth in her heart that he would defend her, though also with grief that he would be punished for it.

The Evil Prince cracked his knuckles and rushed at the Knight. He was sure one blow would decide the duel. It did, but in a way no one could have foreseen.

The Young Knight did not take a fighting stance. Instead he merely raised his palms and pushed the Prince away, apparently using very little effort. The Evil Prince screamed as he was knocked to the ground, clutching his chest. The Young Knight's face turned pale and worried. For, though the Prince was an enemy, the Knight hated to have hurt anyone.

The Royal Instructors, who had turned a blind eye to the Prince's bullying, now rushed to his aid, apprehending the Young Knight and taking him away. The Knight did not resist. For many days, neither the Knight nor the Prince returned to the castle. Finally the Princess asked her parents what had become of them. She didn't care much for the Prince, but she had yet to thank the Knight for coming to her aid.

The Queen picked up her daughter and sat her upon her knee. She explained to the Princess that the Prince had been badly hurt and the Knight's family had been forced to pay the Prince's family a lot of gold for the Prince's healers.

Th Princess protested that this was far from fair. The Prince's family was quite rich while the Knight's family was poor. And besides, the Prince had started it.

The Queen sadly told her that such was the way of things.

The Princess then asked her mother if should could make some cookies for the Knight. He was sure to be sad over how things had gone and she owned him thanks.

The Queen held her daughter tightly and explained to her that the Knight, her best friend, had been banished from the castle. His family had to move to a different part of the kingdom.

The Princess ran to her chambers sobbing at the unfairness of it all. She hated the Evil Prince.

It was another week before the Prince returned. The instructor stood in front of the class and told them that the Prince was still mending and that any further bullying upon him would result in further banishment.

As the Prince took his seat, the Princess glared at him with rage and unshed tears in her eyes. "I hate you." she whispered at him. And as far as she was concerned, those were the only words he would ever hear from her. She had learned the true way of the world here, but not in the way her parents had hoped.

Many years past and the Princess grew into a beautiful young maiden, her shyness a thing of the past. Much to her parent's surprise she declined taking over the kingdom, instead choosing to train as a knight. She had been unable to establish contact with her old friend and decided to go into the career to honor his memory. And some part of her secretly hoped that they would run into each other, though he may not remember her after so long.

It seemed particularly cruel of fate that on her first day on assignment she ran into none other than the Evil Prince!

They stared at each other for a moment. "You look well," he finally said.

"I'm surprised you even remember me." she said hotly.

"Of course," said the Prince. "One never forgets the face of one's first love."

Over a decade of anger came to the surface. "Love? For love of me, you bullied me? For love of me you drove away my dearest friend? Speak not of love for me, for I will never have anything but hatred for you."

No, those were not my exact words; but my exact words really wouldn't have been fitting for a princess, capish.

The two were assigned to different division and thus never worked together. They did see each other though, as the Princess became very close friends with a female knight who worked with the Prince.

Then one day something unexpected happened. The Prince came down to the break room, his face pale. He looked at the Princess and mouthed two words. "He's here." Hope leaped into her heart, though reason told her it couldn't be true.

But it was. The new knight that had transferred in was none other than her old friend. She was so overcome, she couldn't move. Before she knew it, her new best friend grabbed her by one arm and introduced her to her old one.

His eyebrows raised at the introduction. "I had a friend with the same name as you." a strange sadness filled his eyes but was gone in a moment as if it had never been. He asked her if she had received tutoring from the same castle as he had, but she denied it.

It was a hard decision to make, but she could see so much guilt in his eyes at the memory, she couldn't bear to bring it up again, to have him connect her to that sadness. Salt was added to the Prince's coffee that day.

And yet, though the Knight was unaware of it, the Princess still owed him a boon for coming to her aid, all those years ago. And it didn't take her long to figure out what.

Her friend (the female one) was quite beautiful, and the object of many of her fellow knight's attentions. Many gazed upon her with lust in their eyes. Her other friend (the male one) gazed upon her too, but with respect and the sad glimmer of one who has found his true love and believes himself to be undeserving. Yes, the Princess had found a way to repay the Knight.

It wasn't easy, it took a lot of subtle maneuvering, a few lies about things said while drunk, and a whole lot of patience, but it happened.

And then less than a day later, he called it off.

The Princess was completely flabbergasted. She desperately searched for the reason why, and what she found made her see red. The last person the Knight had spoken to before he called off his courtship was none other than the Evil Prince. The same Prince that had once ruined his life and had been among those who eyed the female Knight. The Princess had thought he had reformed, but evidently she was mistaken.

In an utter rage the Princess sought him out. The other knights who saw her quickly got out of the way, as they had never seen her like this. She finally caught up with him as he was leaving the barracks, but before she spoke a single word, he cut her off.

"I don't have time for this. That fool is about to throw his best chance for happiness, and I'll be damned if I let him."

He stormed out, leaving a very confused Princess in his wake. She was about to follow when the Knight Commander reminded her that her shift wasn't quite over. By the time her shift was over, she lost all hope of catching up. Dejected, she head to her favorite confectioners for some much needed chocolate ice cream.

There, to her shock, was the couple she had tried so hard to get together, eating ice cream together as though they hadn't a care in the world.

"Leave them," she heard the Prince say from behind her.

"And what of yourself?" she asked.

"I'm making sure he doesn't do anything stupid again." he commented, "You aren't the only one who owes him."

"Then I hope you like company," said the Princess, surprised. It seemed the Prince was no longer evil after all, even going so far as to recognize the debt he owed. They spent the day watching the couple and the Princess discovered that the Prince wasn't so bad to be around for extended periods of time and that she no longer felt hatred for him.

Which is not to say she fell head over heels in love with him. After all, she had just gotten over her hatred and such things take time to develop.

You want to know the point of this story. I'll spell it out for you. If you try to do anything to sabotage the relation we worked so hard to build again Tanada, Shiratori and I will make your life a living hell. Is that clear?


Don't you love a happy ending.


This feels painfully like a recap episode. .

In case anyone isn't clear:

Yumi – Princess

Takagi – Young Knight

Sato - Female Knight

Shiratori - Prince

The secret is revealed! Yumi was the young girl Takagi protected in grade school and that's why she's done her best to set the him and Sato up. And the fairy tale setting seemed like such a Yumi thing to do, I couldn't resist.

For the record, Yumi doesn't know about Takagi's abilities, she never realized just how badly hurt Shiratori was (what he said in chapter 2 wasn't an exaggeration, little Takagi literally left hand prints of shattered bone in his ribcage. Shocked the heck outta the doctors).


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