STORY: Beautiful Summer

SUMMARY: Severus decides to get a summer job and it turns out to be the best summer ever..

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Harry Potter.

Severus walked into a run down kitchen where his mother, Eileen was preparing dinner. She had been doing so for the past hour and was moving even more slowly than he last remembered. She was absentmindedly chopping some carrots when he approached her.

"Mother, I need some new clothes," he started.

"What's wrong with the clothes you have now, they're fine."

She punched the knife slowly trough the carrot. It was very frustrating to see a witch cook like a muggle.

"Not these clothes, I mean underwear," he replied under his breath. It was not his finest moment asking his mother for money so he could buy new underpants.

"Well if it's just underpants... who's going to see them, unless..." She turned her attention away from the knife to her son.

At first he didn't get it then he saw the reaction on her face. "Oh heavens no, I just need some new pairs."

She nodded. "Good, I don't think I'm ready for grandkids just yet." She went back to cutting the carrots slowly.

"The Money?" he asked.

"Ask your father."

This was exactly what he was hoping to avoid. He hated having to ask his father for anything. There would always be a preceding lecture followed by stabs at his character and maybe even a punch or two if he was drunk.

Whenever he wanted something from his father he would have to ask him a full two weeks before he would need the thing and if he needed money he would have to ask a month before said paycheque arrived. Money did not last long with his father. Most of the times about eighty percent of it would be finished before he walked trough the door. Needless to say he was Joe the barman's favourite customer.

He walked into the living room where his father had slumped on the couch watching football match that he had bet on. "Excuse me father."

He looked up at him with a look of disappointment on his face. "Why the F--k you always seem to interrupt me when I'm doing something important."

Oh so he was in a good mood. "I just needed some money sir, to buy some underpants."

"Why the F--k do you need new underpants. Are you shagging some bird, I will not have any rascals in my house, god know one is enough."

"No I'm not, I need new underpants because the ones I have a greying."

The man with his face turned form the TV to him and turned up his nose at him. "Well you're a grown man; get your sorry ass a job. It's time you start pulling your own weight around here. Don't ask me for nothing. You and your mother are sucking me dry. Tobias I need this, father I need that..."

He turned around and walked up the stairs into his bedroom. He took out his trunk, where he was still packed and examined the underpants. All his pairs where the identical shade of grey that Lily saw. He could understand why she would think that they needed washing but some black clothes had just run on them, they were perfectly clean. Either way he needed some new underpants. He was certain that James would use the spell on him again. The next time it happened he would have to best pair of underpants... maybe a pair of batman boxers...yes... that would impress a muggleborn.

He stopped at the thought. Was he actually fussing about the underpants because of what Lily said? Was he serious... did he actually believe that a pair of underpants would impress her...Merlin's beard he was a sad creature. But all the same he had to be prepared if it would happen again.

So if his father wanted him to get a job then a job he would get.


Severus had secured a job in a book store. He took the train with some coins he found in the couch and travelled to Liverpool. No one he knew lived there so he would have a hard time running into anyone from school. His job was pretty basic; all he had to do was take the book list from customers and retrieve all the school books on the list. He had already done it so many times all he had to know was the year the student was in and he would return with all the books that were on the list without looking at it. The boss, Mr. Whiteman absolutely loved him. He was getting through twice as many customers than any other person working there.

After a week he had earn sufficient money to buy at least one pair of designer underwear but he wasn't satisfied with the tally. He decided that he could throw in a new set of robes and a new pair of gloves for potions as well. For that he would need a lot more money, the exchange rate between muggle and wizard money was not favourable at the moment.

When he was on is lunch break he walked down the street looking for something to eat. His mother prepared bread and cabbage for him but he wasn't in the mood to eat that. Now that he was making his own money he decided to treat himself to something from one of the shops. The possibilities were endless; he could have anything he wanted. He decided that he would skip entrées and go for a dessert. About a block down the street from the book shop was an ice-cream and dessert parlour. He wanted to try some ice-cream. He walked up to the serving counter and stood in line, looking down at the many flavours, there were so many. He had no idea what to try. The two people in line had both made up their minds and had already paid and left. He stood there looking trough the glass case reading the names of all the flavours. There were regular ones like Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla, then there were ones like, Cookie dough, Rocky Road, Guinness, and things he never tried before.

"Are you ready to order Severus?" the server asked him.

"Sure," he replied not looking at the girl behind the counter. He had his eyes on the Rum and Raisin that he was going to order. "I'll take to Rum and Raisin, two scoops and a piece of chocolate cake."

"Coming right up, Severus." The girl said from beyond the counter.

He reached in his pocket and pulled out a wallet, a leather case muggles use to carry around muggle money. He felt pretty good with his wallet. In fact he changed all his money to singles so it would look even fuller.

He walked up to the cash register and paid for his things then took a seat at one of the table in the shop. Someone came and rest a beautiful china dish on his table. There was a large slice of cake, that looked more like two slices and on the side was three large scoops of ice cream with a cherry on top. He was certain he did not pay for all of this; the server must have made a mistake.

"Excuse me miss but I think you made a mistake." He took his eyes of the dessert and looked up at the person who had served him. "Merlin's Beard!!"

There with an almost smiling face, was Lily Evans.

Note: Okay so I decided to try to write something different for a change.