Realms Adjoined: Prologue

"A picture is worth one thousand words"

In a league of letters, stories can be heard

And by the author's intent, a story is told

From imagination's depth, a tale shall unfold

Young female's transition between worlds out of reach,

From a Ville in the Ends to a Creek of the Peach.

In these fruitful streets is where she shall roam,

Suburb's Cul-de-Sac, what mid-class call their home.

Respect, and some funding, is what she shall earn,

Until, to her own home, she can finally return.

During her stay, her friend, who is dim,

And an enslaved Reaper that calls himself Grim,

Will go on a quest to find youth's whereabouts

(Though, for Grim, he knows that he could do without).

They will traverse through a vast network (of cartoons)

In hopes of her find (of course, not all that soon).

Will she make some new friends? What will they discover?

How many toon worlds are they going to cover?

What are the events that both parties shall see?

I've spoiled too much already, stop asking me!

Answers will come soon, so be filled not with greed.

This story will be written, so just make sure to read.

Creative imagery, in my mind, I do hold

To set things all right and get this all told.

Is my endeavored resolve, to get this all heard:

To make a grand image, all from my written word.