Realms Adjoined: Initial Idiocy

Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.

As so were the feelings of our antagonistic protagonist one fine morning. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the weekend looked to be one of much activity. Still, having your bladder force you out of bed earlier than usual on a Saturday isn't quite as enjoyable as one would imagine…if there is actually someone that gets joy from it.

Sliding out of bed, the young girl dragged her feet across her carpet, eyes still closed as she made her way to the bathroom. Running on daily routine alone, she proceeded to go about her business, washing and dressing included, before she made her way back to her room.

Still standing, she placed her head on her bed, sleep still incomplete on her personal agenda.

"What idiot would willingly be up at this hour?"

A loud slam echoed within her house, followed by the cries of a voice so annoying and familiar.


"Either I'm getting good at this," she spoke, seeming to refer to someone as she did so, "or someone out there needs to work on their writing."

Bursting through her door, the annoyance made himself evident to her.


"What is it Billy?"

As she turned her head, still resting it on her bed, she took notice of the fact that Billy brought some objects with him: a battery operated plasma lamp and Grim's scythe.

"Oh yeah, this ought to be good."

He started to race around the room excitedly as he explained his intentions to Mandy.

"I gots this great idea Mandy. I got it from this show where this little orange bear with an eating problem tried to get in to a bee's next using a balloon after covering himself with mud. I'ma go out to a bee hive and use Grim's scythe to cut it down. Theeeeen, you hold up the lighty ball and distract them while I take the 'hunny.' Their stingers will be electrified with the sparkly shiny electroball as I get all of the hunny for us. It's brilliant!"

She looked at him for only a second before she made her reply.

"Billy, how did you get Grim's scythe, and why this insane mimicry of Winnie the Pooh?"

He looked at her for a moment, not having a clue what she was talking about. He placed the plasma lamb beside her open closet door as he responded to her.

"You know, Mandy, not all of us name our bowel movements…such silly names, that is."

"Oh yeah," she replied aloud, "this is comedy at its peak."

She walked over to Billy and grabbed the scythe.

"Look, I'll deal with you later; right now, I just want to go back to sleep. Now leave."

In objection, he grabbed the scythe back from her.

"But Mandy, this plan is great. It's fool proof."

This little scythe snatch continued for each one's counter in the conversation.

"Billy, you ARE a fool."

"And I have PROOF that it'll work."

"What proof?"

"Cartoons never lie!"

At this point, both had a hold on the scythe, each trying to tear it from the grasp of the other.

"Billy, stop this nonsense and give me the scythe…"

"But Mandy!"


At that instant, she managed to wrench the scythe away from Billy, tumbling back as she did so. The blade smashed right into the sitting plasma lamp, the energy of the scythe reacting with the electric ball, causing a weird array of lights to shoot into Mandy's closet. As she toppled back, she lost hold of the scythe from the energy flow and was flung into her own closet, right through a psychedelic collection of colors and swerves that served as some sort of portal. Then, just as soon as the portal had opened, it closed again, leaving Billy alone in Mandy's room, Grim's scythe on the ground alongside a smashed plasma lamp.

"Oooooh, pretty…but where'd Mandy go?"

Indeed, where did Mandy go? She herself didn't even know at this point, as she could only see an assortment of mixed colors and weird designs. It looked as though she was traversing through an 80s music video.

Looking around for a bit, she sighed as she uttered one sentence.

"It doesn't pay to get out of bed sometimes."

What has happened to Mandy? Where will she end up? Why does all of this seem similar to an episode that was already shown?

"Just stop with the questions and end this part already."


"Yeah, you heard me. I'm fully aware of what's going on here, and you started this all off on a weak introduction. People expect better of you, so I hope you pick up the pace come the next part."

How are you able to communicate with me? I'm the narrator.

"And YOU are the one that's doing this. Just end this nonsense so we can move on; this place is starting to make me dizzy."


Stay attentive for the next chapter of: Realms Adjoined.

"Yeah…you've got to work on that ending."