Realms Adjoined: Epilogue

"A picture is worth one thousand words."

So would a score of drawings seem absurd?

That is the length of the tale that was told,

Brought forth by one author, for all to behold.

A young female was placed in a world not her own,

So a boy of slow wit and a being of dead bone

Set out on a journey, for their cohort, they did seek,

While the female in question explored fruitful creek

And met with a young male of a specific parlance;

She could already tell that his intellect was advanced.

Though she remained in that one world, the duo traversed nine,

Each realm held a difference, held its own set design.

And while they questioned each one for the girl that they sought,

She maintained her composure, not once feeling distraught.

She survived in the suburbs, even collecting some coin,

Before her rescuers arrived and, in that realm, did adjoin.

Back in their own world, the quest reached its cessation,

But the girl then returned to the one of her adulation

And, after giving her smart friend a chance for egress,

They went off to new worlds, more realms to address.

The story stops here, but their own adventure continues,

As one can only guess as to what they'll find in new venues.

And so this grand tale that I recently told

Is finally complete, here for all to behold.

A score of drawn workings relates to all that you've heard,

And all from one image, brought forth from mind's word.