A Smart Kagome?

Hmm, I wrote this because I was pissed off when I learned that Inuyasha chose Kikyo and then Kagome just went back to him!!! So, what if she had reacted differently to Inuyasha and Kikyo? What would happen then?!? Muahahahah.

* * * * *

     He chose Kikyo...

     He couldn't stand it when another even looked at Kikyo...

     He belonged to her and she to him...

     A surge of anger ran through her veins at Inuyasha's betrayal. As quickly as it came, the anger left her. What was the point? If Inuyasha could say these things to Kikyo then his heart did never really belong to me. It hurt. She wished she had not given her heart to Inuyasha, even if he didn't know the depths of her feelings. And in that moment she decided knew that things would only drag on if she did not give up on Inuyasha.

     There's only so much a girl's heart can take. But it hurt to be smart. It hurt so bad.   

     Why did she even come back then? Yes, she really wanted to see Inuyasha but then there were also her friends. She really believed she could help them defeat Naraku. And although she's giving up on Inuyasha in terms of loving him she would still care for him in a special way. He shouldn't be the only reason I come back. There's Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kaede-sama who were waiting for me to come back.

     But... she didn't think she could face Inuyasha right now. Ok Kagome, you can do it, just turn around and walk away. You're a strong girl. Just turn around. Slowly, Kagome turned away from Inuyasha, him still staring at the spot Kikyo disappeared from.

     Inuyasha felt a flash of awareness. Kagome? She's here? He quickly turned around to see Kagome walking slowly away from him. She saw... He made a move to call her name but stopped with her name on his lips.

     "Kagome," he whispered to her back.

     Ok Kagome, just one step at a time, do NOT look back. With each step she felt as though she was losing a part of her heart and yet she also felt detached from the pain. She knew that it would hurt in a while, when the shock wore off, but for now she welcomed the feeling of nothingness. Her steps quickened as she walked faster.

     I want to escape the pain. She broke into a run as tears started blurring her vision. I have to be further away from him.

* * * * *

   Okay... so it was really short.

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