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Chapter 13: Fated Day

            A lone figure sat in the darkened office, lit only by the light of the moon. The office itself was an exemplary show of tasteful masculinity. The furnishings were obviously of considerable value, reflecting the success of the inhabitant. But this successfulness brought him little satisfaction. His success was a matter of course. He was Lord of the Western Lands after all. Though his lands had changed, he still held power, though now it was through financial success and not due to his inherent powers. Between his elegant fingers he rolled a small round object as he stared unseeing out of his glass office.

            She cried herself to sleep every night.

            There were many nights that Sesshoumaru came so close to breaking his resolution. He had been glad when she had finally stopped crying herself to sleep. Ironically, although he was glad, the fact that she had stopped crying herself to sleep also worried him. Often, as he stood watching her sleep he would find himself doubting the wisdom of his decision. What if she forgot him? Gave up on a love that she thought could not be? Because as far as Kagome knew, he could have died long ago, for in her world youkai no longer existed.

            Sesshoumaru knew this was not true however. He was living proof that youkai existed in the modern world. There were others, of course. They had chosen different ways of dealing with this world that no longer believed in them. Some of their kind had chosen to remain in the places that continued to be sacred from human technology. Some chose to live as humans, marrying and breeding with great care. A child who was hanyou could be dangerous as had been demonstrated by Inuyasha.

            Then there were those that believed in them. And those that believed in youkai were more dangerous than the unbelievers. There were those who would have them caged and studied. Sesshoumaru's lips twisted wryly at the inhumanity of humans. And they call us monsters. There were also those who would worship them as gods. Those ignorant factions Sesshoumaru paid no heed to.

            Of those who chose to live in human civilization, an oxymoron if there ever was one, there were those who chose to be either low profile or high profile. Sesshoumaru had chosen the latter type of lifestyle. He had learned that in this human world money was power. Being who he was he would of course choose to be in possession of power. Amassing a vast fortune had been of little difficulty. Establishing a company that flourished had taken some doing but he had become a success in this human dominated world.

He had even learned to look like them when he wished to blend in. Through a chain of trusted servants he was rarely ever required to appear before anyone. Because of his rare appearances in society his lack of aging was easily hidden. Every so often, it would be announced that the CEO had passed on and the inheritor was now in charge. Of course the new CEO would be just as eccentric as the last in that he rarely showed himself. Now he merely held human form out of habit as he watched the moon.

He had given her one year. One year from the day that she returned to her world against her will. He had waited all these centuries. What was one more year? It was selfish but he would know if she would get over him as quickly as she had gotten over Inuyasha. The great Lord Sesshoumaru, insecure, who would have thought one human would have such a hold over him?

He had been there at her birth and had watched over her as she grew up. He had known when it was her first time to travel through the well. He had suffered, being unable to interfere although he knew she would be in danger. It was little comfort knowing that she would come through it safely. He had also suffered through the moments she had with Inuyasha. Even knowing that she would choose him, he had felt the bite of jealousy. Then came the day where everything had come full circle. The day Kagome returned to her world unwillingly.

Sesshoumaru remembered the devastated look on Kagome's face when she realized that she stood in her own courtyard. When he saw her fall in a faint he had clenched his fist so tightly to keep from running to her side that he had bled. He had been about to give in to his instincts and rush to her side, but luckily her grandfather was there. The old man had immediately dropped his sweeping and rushed over to his granddaughter. He had alerted the rest of her family and they had quickly brought her into the house. At that point, Sesshoumaru had almost gone crazy with worry. Thankfully, he had heard the relieved sighs as Kagome regained consciousness. Amid worried questions from her family members Kagome was silent. Then, he heard her raggedly sobbing as she fell into her mother's arms. Sesshoumaru had left then, knowing she was in good hands.

Sesshoumaru looked up at the familiar bright moon. The sight was unchanged and he revisited the memory of sitting with Kagome in his arms under the same moon. The day of their reunion was at hand. Tomorrow…

*          *            *            *            *

            Kagome lay quietly listening to the morning, not yet willing to open her eyes. It was early yet and her alarm hadn't even sounded yet. She didn't know what it was that woke her up. Kagome struggled to remember the dream she had awoken from. All that remained of the dream was a sense of anticipation. She couldn't figure out what it had been about but she was glad she had the dream. It had cheered her up and gave her a sense that something important was going to happen. Kagome hadn't felt so good in the morning in quite some time.

            She no longer cried herself every night as she had for months after coming back from the Sengoku Jidai. The empty hurt still remained with her and she figured that it would always be there to some degree. She missed Sesshoumaru but she would be strong and enjoy life. He would expect it of her. Sesshoumaru valued strength of will and she took that to heart. He was in the past and she in the distant future but she would be connected to him this way.

            Finally, Kagome rose from bed. Unable to get back to sleep she decided to get ready for school. School was the same as always but some things changed. Now that she was no longer always "sick" her marks had improved drastically surprising everyone. No one knew that studying was her escape from sad thoughts of Sesshoumaru. Her friends asked her about to her two-timing boyfriend, "that cutie Inuyasha". Kagome had been surprised by the question as she had not thought of Inuyasha in that way since Sesshoumaru. She had smiled with a bit of brightness as she told her friends that she had made the choice to break it off with him. Teasing them, she had mysteriously told them that her new boyfriend was even more handsome but it was too bad that he lived elsewhere.

            Feeling more cheerful than she had in a long while, she suggested that they go shopping after classes were done. One of her friends suggested that they visit a quaint little shop she had discovered a while back. The girl said that the shop sold the most unique and beautiful things, almost magical. The difficult part was that it was in such a hidden spot and she wasn't sure if she remembered where it was. The girls were so excited at that point they decided to try their luck and see if they could locate the shop anyway. So they found themselves walking through narrow streets and alleyways. The narrow routes would have made Kagome nervous if she wasn't with a group of friends, as some of the alleys were quite dim. Even so, Kagome and her friends jumped at the sound of an alarm. It wasn't coming from nearby. They all sighed in relief and laughed at their jumpiness. With a stroke of luck they found the specialty shop right around the next corner.

            The door jingled as they entered the quaint shop. First thing Kagome noticed was the young man behind the counter. He had a shock of orange hair as well as a boyish grin on his face. Her friends giggled amongst themselves at the handsome male welcoming to the shop. Kagome felt he was familiar somehow but she couldn't say where she knew him from. Shrugging off the strange feeling Kagome smiled back and proceeded to browse the shop.

            By the time the group left, Kagome had in her possession two new items. She would have bought more but she found herself short on money. She had been so tempted to buy a cute little figurine of a monk. One item was a beautifully sculpted figurine of a regal white dog. Her heart had almost stopped when she had seen it. The figurine bore such an uncanny resemblance to Sesshoumaru's youkai form, she just had to buy it. The other item she bought was a keychain that was so cute that she couldn't resist. It reminded her of a certain kitsune cub she missed dearly. When she went to pay for the items, the young man seemed especially happy upon seeing the kitsune keychain. She had the bizarre feeling the young man was grinning at her although he only smiled politely.

Feeling exhilarated with her two prizes she suggested that they go for a drink. Her friends agreed quickly. They had noticed Kagome's behavior the past year and they were glad to see that she was in such high spirits today. Excited Kagome walked quickly ahead while hurriedly placing her purchases in her purse. Just as she turned back to hurry her friends along she heard a strange sound, the cocking of many guns. She slowly raised her eyes afraid of what she might see.


Her friends were looking worried as they stood a distance away. While Kagome had not been aware of where she was going, she had walked into a tense situation. Apparently, the alarm earlier was not as far off as they had thought. The alarm had come from a nearby jeweler that had just been robbed by four armed men. The police had managed to block them off at the block they were on and both sides were waiting for the other to make a move.

How does she manage to get herself into these messes?

The figure in the alley shook his head. Whipping out his cell phone he punched in a number on speed dial. The person picked up on the first ring and he quickly related the situation to the person he called. Needless to say, he got an earful.

"Maa, maa, how was I to know she still had such a propensity for getting into trouble?"

"You were supposed to be watching over her."

"I couldn't stop her in time. I didn't think she would walk right in the middle of a shootout between cops and robbers."

"I'm on my way."


The phone was dead and the figure sighed.

"He could at least say bye…"

He turned back to the dramatic scene before him. Kagome just stood in the middle, afraid to move. When she finally worked up enough courage to inch to the side, shouts erupted from both sides.

"If you don't let us go right now we'll shoot her!"

"Don't hurt the hostage!"



"Don't move!!!"

"Everybody stay calm!!"

Kagome stayed where she stood and slapped a hand over her eyes. How do I get myself into these situations? The police and the robbers traded a number of shouts before the area quieted down. The police seemed disgruntled with her for ruining their capture and Kagome worried about her safety. Disgruntled cops on one side and murderous robbers on the other, how did they expect her to stay calm? Minutes passed with the cops and robbers doing more negotiations. Kagome just got more nervous as she continued to stand in the centre of everything.

"Shippo, create a fog, something to block their view of Kagome."

The young man from the shop grinned and pulled out a leaf. In seconds a dense fog developed around the area blinding both cops and robbers. Kagome sensed a familiar aura from the fog but was quickly pulled from her thoughts by the escalating shouts from both sides. Suddenly she heard a shot fired and in the short order the air rang with the firing of many guns. She cried out in fear. She had a vague thought that she should get on the ground so she wouldn't get hit. Next she knew she was soaring through the air in someone's arms. Déjà vu.

Kagome was afraid to hope so she kept her eyes shut tightly. What if it wasn't him? But who else could fly like this? Unable to stand the suspense any longer Kagome's eyes snapped open and she squinted against the wind. Her eyes took in flowing black hair. Her heart clenched at the dashed hope and she closed her eyes once more. She knew the one who rescued her was male, it just wasn't Sesshoumaru. It took a lot of effort to keep the tears from falling but she managed. Luckily, Kagome managed to compose herself before they landed. Her savior landed gently but didn't release her. Kagome waited patiently for a few moments for the man to release her. When moments passed and he did not put her down Kagome's temper began to boil. Her eyes snapped opened.


The muscled chest she was held against began to shake and a deep laugh broke free from the man. The sound was strange, as though he did not laugh often and he suddenly had the urge. Kagome pounded against his chest with her fist. He had the gall to laugh at her when he was holding her so indecently close to him? The laugh slowed to a chuckle and he finally spoke.

"I, Sesshoumaru, a hentai?"

            Kagome froze, a fist held against his chest. Did he say Sesshoumaru? Kagome lifted her face to the man holding her. Her grey-blue eyes met golden and widened. She blinked and black hair turned white. Kagome's couldn't seem to look away from the laughing golden eyes even as her eyes filled with happy tears. He had found her. He had found her like he had promised her back in the Sengoku Jidai. I will wait for you. Even if it is hundreds of years, or thousands of years, I will wait for you. I will wait until your time if that is what will happen, and I will find you. She remembered those words clearly though she had doubted his ability to keep such a grand promise. He did. Sesshoumaru always meant what he said after all.

            "You found me…"

            "I always keep my promises."

            "I believe you."

            Kagome couldn't seem to make up her mind whether to laugh or cry with happiness. And so, she ended up laughing through her tears as Sesshoumaru held her tightly. Impulsively, she lifted her lips to Sesshoumaru's, surprising her lifemate.

            "I missed you so much."

            Sesshoumaru tenderly wiped the tears from Kagome's eyes and placed a kiss on each eyelid.

            "No more tears, koishi, we are finally together."

            Kagome nodded and smiled happily.

            "Oh no! My friends must be so worried about me, disappearing like I did. The police are probably wondering what happened too."

            Sesshoumaru looked down from the great height they stood. To human eyes, those standing below would be mere specks but he had no trouble seeing what was going on. The robbers were being arrested and were filing into police cars. Kagome's friends were indeed worried and were crying at her presumed death. They would probably carry on about Kagome if she did not return. It was best if they appeared on the scene.


            Sesshoumaru lifted Kagome in her arms once more and they landed discretely in a small alleyway. Together they came up behind Kagome's friends who were in such a panic they did not hear their approach. It took Kagome three tries before they finally realized the one they were crying over stood behind them. To Sesshoumaru, it seemed like all hell broke loose at that moment. The group of girls hugged Kagome as one huge entity made up of tears and happy cries. Once the hugs were over with, they fired so many questions at Kagome that she had no chance to answer anything. Sesshoumaru finally had enough and pulled Kagome back into his arms. As a move to bring silence it worked exceedingly well. The girls stared in awed silence at the breathtaking specimen of masculine perfection before them. The girls erupted into noise once again as Kagome was questioned about the handsome man who held her in his arms. Kagome grinned widely and was about to answer when Sesshoumaru interrupted.

            "I'm her fiancé."

            The group of girls squealed at that piece of news and Kagome sweatdropped as a whole new wave of questions were asked.

*          *            *            *            *

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