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A/N: Ok...this is a really short, extremely fluffy one-shot. It's in response to a challenge, set to me by Bubblez-rocks-my-socks, in order to calm my hyperness. Thank you for my first challenge!!!!! xD Hope you enjoy!! Please R+R :D

Rose is hyper from skittles. So the doctor has to calm her down. MUST BE FLUFFY. AND contain "Can you taste the rainbow?" lol...that was the challenge and I've responded the best I can so really sorry if it's a bit cheesy.

The Doctor was sat on the 'captains' chair inside the Tardis, mulling over his life so far, he was just about to start thinking about how Rose came into his life when all off a sudden...


The Doctor was shaken out of his reverie by an almighty crash that seemed to have come from Rose's bedroom. Fearing the worst he jumped out of his position on the chair and ran towards her bedroom. Bursting through her door, the first thing he saw was Rose standing there in the middle of the room looking down at some contraption she had knocked off her shelf accidentally. She was wearing a really short skirt, the Doctor noticed and he had to mentally kick himself for letting his eyes wander.

"Erm...you ok?" he asked her awkwardly, determined to keep his eyes on her face. She spun around as if she had just noticed him, laughed out loud then bounded up to him, stopping only centimetres away from him. She stared him in the eye, with her own eyes twinkling and the Doctor could have sworn that her eyes flickered down to his mouth for the tiniest of milliseconds. A huge grin spread across her face.

"TAG, you're it!!!!!" she thumped him on the arm and ran off down the corridors into the depths of the Tardis. Bewildered, the Doctor stood stunned for a moment; not failing to notice the rather large empty skittles packet on the floor, then grinned maniacally and gave chase. She obviously wasn't trying hard enough, as she had left a door open. Sure enough, as he walked inside, he saw her bouncing up and down, spinning round and round and singing to herself really loudly and off-key.

"Can you taste the rainbow...can you taste the rainbow..." The Doctor grinned once more and shook his head at her, bemused. He walked quickly over to her, grabbed hold of her shoulders and pressed his lips to hers. She stilled in his arms but soon relaxed after a few seconds, melting into him as he slid his tongue into her mouth, making her moan. He pulled back.

"I can taste the rainbow" he told her, with a mischievous smirk on his face

"How many packets of skittles have you had?" he asked her softly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. She grinned at him, slightly breathless.

"Enough" she told him as he lowered his lips to hers again.

I'm actually surprised at how short this is lol. Please R+R...and thank you Bubblez for the challenge...I enjoyed writing it xD