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Once upon the midnight sky
Before they were meant to die,
They would gasp and cling and writhe
As they'd reach for ways to rise.
Not once did they think before they'd die,
Integrity equates in a lie.
Before we lie, can we face one another?
Before we die, can we live with each other?
Once upon the midnight sky,
They would all fall, doom to die.

"Are you finished?" Saix growls, giving the musician a sharp glare.

Demyx does not fumble with his instrument, but his fingers twitch and he purses his lips a little. "You said not to interrupt you," he mutters.

VII snorts; for a moment, he does not answer, attempting to remain entrapped in his own work. Where Demyx is seated on a stone protruding from the dirt and grass, Saix is crouched by a pond that remains mostly undisturbed.

Eventually, the berserker mutters, "How is singing a requiem not going to do so?"

"It's not a requiem," Demyx replies under his breath, as if the idea of disagreeing too loudly will draw in any further annoyed glances from the diviner. However, Saix's hearing is acute, and the glaring doesn't stop.

"I'd have been depressed, should I be capable of it," Marluxia comments, tone light. "Saix, you're taking far too long, anyway; I almost don't blame Demyx for being bored."

Saix shakes his head. "If you two would stop talking, I might be inclined to go a little faster."

To be honest, Demyx isn't completely sure what Saix is even doing. It involves a lot of mumbling from the berserker, which doesn't come out as comprehensive; he places his hands against the water, as if that might do something, and it's been like that for the past two hours.

The best guess that the musician has to his being here might have to do with guarding -- but there hasn't been so much as a sign as a shadow to cause any sort of concern. Marluxia won't answer him, so Demyx is guessing that XI probably doesn't know anything either.

Demyx slouches where he sits, watching the diviner in boredom and terribly close to dozing off.

Details were given sparsely; whatever it is that Saix is supposed to be doing or attempting to do isn't particularly obvious to Demyx. It's a lot of mumbling and a lot of waiting.

Until he hears a splash and Saix is suspiciously missing from the pond's bank.

"Um," is the most intelligent thing Demyx says.


When the silence was finally attained, it was easy enough to ignore the breathing patterns of the other two Nobodies behind him. For the most part, his concentration hadn't been broken, but something like singing was an easy enough distraction, calling him away from his focus.

Parts of life I take with me this evening, I beg the God to open Her doors to me. Vine and water become your decay and your ingestion--

He pauses when his reflection changes.

A pair of arms lift out of the water, arms straining with muscle and rot, fingers covered in gloves that should belong to a butcher.

Saix stiffens instead of moving out of the way.

The hands grab his shoulders and drags him in.


"The smartest thing to do at the moment, you know, would be to use your element to get him out of the water instead of staring so dumbfounded," Marluxia tells the musician, shoving his shoulder a little. "Just a thought, of course."

"Uh," Demyx responds, stumbling off of the boulder and gripping his sitar too tightly for a moment before he relaxes; his senses come back and he cradles the instrument as his fingers get to work, playing on strings until the water moves under his command.

There's a struggle, and he can't quite pull the berserker out.

"C'mon," Demyx grumbles under his breath. "What're you fighting against me for--?"

The water ripples, and without seeing with some specially crafted vision he can tell what is and isn't in the pond; there's more weight in there than there should be, and Saix isn't the only one in the water.

He plays a little more intensely before he can finally tug Saix away; the surface hisses as a pillar of water explodes away, throwing the diviner back to shore, coughing and curling onto his side.

Whatever was pulling on the berserker in the pond is gone, and that leaves a bit of a shiver in the musician.

"Get up," Marluxia says, in a way that manages to sound so polite yet so cruel at the same time, taking the berserker by the arm that makes Saix growl at him. "Became a little clumsy, didn't we?"

Saix snorts, pulling away from him and rising to his feet. "We're finished here," he mutters. "Are you done gaping, Demyx?"

"But, uh." Demyx frowns. "What happened? There was a... I don't know, a thing in the water--"

"Nothing but a reflection, I assure you. I will report to Xemnas; you do as you'd like."

The berserker parts, dripping wet and as impressive as a dog locked out in the rain, yet he walks and attempts to retain his pride as he exits into his portal. Marluxia merely gives him a smirk, brow raised.

"You know, there was a thing in there. Like... I don't know, I guess it was triangle-shaped...?" Demyx attempts to gesture, to show what he had sensed in the water.

"I'm sure there was," Marluxia muses. "As Saix said, we're finished here. Are you going to keep hanging around?"

Demyx gives the pond a skeptical look.

But he does leave.