Broken Doves

AN:// This is a story I came up with. I had another way that I was going to go about it, but GVG told me I had to do it like this, saying it was an original idea. It's about someone from Heero's past, before he was the perfect solider. Please Review!
(Heero's POV)
It was after Endless Waltz, the Gundams were destroyed, and I was back on Earth. I was walking down one of the streets near St. Gabriels.
"I hope no wars start up again, we don't have out Gundams now." I was thinking, and wasn't watching where I was going. Hands shoved in my pockets and looking down at my feet as I turned a corner. I didn't take notice to a girl walking straight towards me, until we bumped into each other. She dropped the box she was carrying and I heard something glass break. She got down on her knees to pick up her box. I gave her a hand to help her up. She refused it and picked up broken remains of what looked like a glass dove.
"A dove, the symbol of peace." I thought.
"I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention."
"I wasn't either." I didn't get to see her face yet, her hair fell infront of it when she was picking up the pieces. She brushed it aside to look at me. Where did I know her from?
"I hope that didn't cost you very much. I'll pay for a replacement."
"Oh." She looked sadly at the broken dove. "That was a gift from my friend. He gave it to me as a symbol that the war is finally over." She looked at me once more, but this time longer.
"You look familiar. What's your name?"
"Heero Yuy."
"Now I remember." She was still on the ground looking up at me. "You went to my school for a short time. St. Gabriels. You tore up Relena's invitation."
"You know Relena?"
"Not very well, she didn't like me very much. We had different opinions on how to get Peace."
"Oh." She looked down at her watch.
"Oh no! I'm late. I hope to talk to you again." She dropped the remains in the box and walked quickly down the street.
"I didn't catch you're name!" I called after her, but she didn't hear me. I looked down at part of the dove in my hand. The beach with a olive branch.

I sat at my laptop, looking down at the piece of the dove I had. Who was she? What was she like? Why did she seem more familiar than from that school?

I was searching St. Gabriels student records, looking for her. After going through a bunch of Relena Worshippers, I found her. Heather Lowe. Lowe? That couldn't be her. Lowe was a common name, wasn't it?"
"Hey, who's the chick?" I pulled my gun out and pointed it behind me at the voice.
"Oh it's you." Duo was grinning stupidly.
"What are you don't here?"
"Hey, can't I visit my buddy?"
"I wish you wouldn't."
"So who's the chick?"
"Heather Lowe, I bumped into her on the street. She dropped this." I showed him part of the dove.
"why is she carrying around a beak and olive branch?"
"It was part of a glass dove, and it broke. She ran off before I could give it to her."
"Sounds like Cinderella, but this time with a glass bird instead of shoe." Duo said as he leaned back, up against the wall.
"So I guess you're gonna go find her right?" I stood up and grabbed my jacket.
"Of course. Are you coming?" Duo sighed and nodded. We walked out the door.

I looked down at the address I wrote down. She lived about 5 blocks from where I was, and about 10 from St. Gabriels.
"How's Relena?" Duo asked me.
"How would I know?"
"What? Did you break up?"
"We were never going out you baka."
"Oh." He shrugged and began to walk faster trying to catch up with me.
"Is she friends with Relena?"
"No will you quit asking me questions?"
"Sorry." We finally came to her apartment. I knocked on the door, a girl about 3 years older than me answered but it wasn't Heather.
"Hello, is Heather here?"
"No she's out with a friend. I think she said she was meeting him at a cafe in the mall."
"Okay, thank you." I walked back down, Duo following me.
"Where are we going now?"
"The cafe."
"What if that's her boyfriend that she's meeting?" I didn't answer.
"Why do you want to see her so much?"
"I'll tell you later."
"You better. Hey why are we going back to your place?"
"To get my car. The mall is 5 miles away, do you want to walk that long?" Duo rolled his eyes.

We walked around in the mall for a while until we found the cafe. But we didn't see Heather, but we saw someone else.
"Hey Guys!" Quatre called.
"Heero, why would Quatre be here?" Duo asked me. I'm really getting sick of his questions.
"Why are you asking me?" He met us half way.
"Hey come sit with me. You can meet my friend. We met during the war. She went to St. Gabriels." Quatre told us.
"Man, I should've gone there. All the chicks go there." I glared at him. We followed Quatre back to his table. The girl he was sitting with had brown hair, and was wearing a red shirt and shorts. Her back was too us.
"Guys this is Heather Lowe. Heather this is Heero and Duo."
"We've met." I said at the same time as Heather. Maybe she was the person I thought she was.
"I didn't get to give you this yesterday. When we bumped into each other." I handed her the piece of the dove.
"Thank you. I was trying to glue it back together. It didn't work very well." She gave me a smile and offered me the seat next to her. Duo pulled a chair up to the table as Quatre sat down.
"Quatre gave that dove to me. So how do you know each other?"
"We were Gundam pilots." Duo said proudly. I glared at him again.
"Really? I was glad you were fighting. We would've never found peace without you guys. People start wars, and people need to fight to end them."
"But now they're over."
"Who are the other 2 pilots?"
"Trowa and WuFei."
"You're be able to meet them Heather. I'm having a party in a couple of weeks." Quatre told her. "You guys are invited, Relena, Catherine, Sally, Noin, Zechs, Mariemaia, and alot of others."
"Cool can Hilde come?" I looked at Heather while Duo babbled on. Yep, she had the same blue eyes, brown hair. I wonder if she remembers.
"Heero? Is there anyone you want me to invite for you?" I broke from my thoughts and turned to Quatre.
"No." Quatre looked down at his watch.
"I better get going. I'm needed at the Preventor headquarters."
"Hey, Quatre, can you give me a ride? I need to go there too."
"Okay. Heather, I guess I can drop you off."
"I can give her a ride. She's on my way home anyway."
"You sure Heero? Okay then." They left. I turned and saw Heather staring at me.
"Am I really on your way home?"
"Yes. You're only five blocks from my house."
"Okay. Did you need to do any other shopping?"
"Yeah. It will only take a minute."
"Okay." She followed me over to the china store.
"Here's a replacement from what I broke." I handed her a new glass dove.
"You don't have to." I interrupted her.
"I know. I don't but I am."
"The ride home was silent. I guess we were both thinking, but couldn't think of anything to say. I stopped infront of her apartment and she got out.
"Thank you for the ride."

I think I'm gonna stop here. I'll get the next part out ASAP. Any guesses on who Heather really is??