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Summary : Haruka's life can't seem to get better. She has everything she wants, a car, girls surrounding her, great friends and even a well paying job. Everything changes when a new girl is transfered to her school. HarukaMichiru



- The New Girl -

Haruka took a deep breath before finally getting up. Once again her alarm clock had refused to go off. She was about half an hour too late for school already. Why would she even bother to rush? This was one of those days on which nothing seemed to be going right. It didn't take a genius to realise that. The whole night she had been bothered by the noise of her neighbours having sex. A scary thought when you thought about it. They were both over sixty years old.

Thinking about it was enough to make Haruka shiver. ''Bloody day.'' She muttered. Her head still hurt from last night. It had been a Sunday night. And like usually she had drunken too much. She could still remember dancing with a couple of girls before going home. The rest of the night was nothing but a blur to her.

That ofcourse didn't last long. The moment she turned her head after hearing a strange and unfamiliar noise everything came back to her again. Behind her on the bed lay a girl. She was still asleep much to Haruka's relieve. She really couldn't use this right now. How much had she actually been drinking? Even though she usually didn't take girls back to her place she had to admit that this girl was rather pretty. She had a pale skin that gave her a bit of a somewhat mysterious look. Haruka couldn't quite explain it. The girl's hair had a bit of a light pink colour.

''Bloody day.'' She repeated. She had no idea of what she was going to do now. Slowly she put her head in her hands. She had to wake that girl up and face the consequences. This was obviously the last time she touched alcohol. At least, not as much as she had been drinking the previous night.

''Morning.'' Suddenly a voice said, causing her to snap out of her thoughts. Quickly she looked up at the pink haired girl. She was smiling at Haruka as her eyes scanned the room.

Haruka blushed a bit, realizing she was sitting naked in front of this girl. With that she pulled the blankets up to cover her body. The girl couldn't help it but giggle. ''Nothing I haven't seen before,''

The tomboy couldn't help it but smile upon hearing that. ''It's late. I need to get to school. Need a shower too and not to mention breakfast...''

The girl pretended to be thinking about it for a moment or two. ''If you invite me to take a shower with you I might consider making you some breakfast.''

''If I do that I can garantee you I won't make it to school until after...'' She was cut off by the other's lips on her own. Much to her own surprise Haruka didn't even bother to resist and just pulled the girl closer. A few moments later they parted again though. ''Tenoh Haruka.''

The other giggled. ''Yuuki Zen.'' She replied as she shook Haruka's hand. ''Nice to meet you.''

''Now what were you saying about a shower?'' Haruka mused. With that asked she stood up with Zen still in her arms.

''Oh, strong.'' The pink haired girl giggled as she let Haruka carry her towards the shower. She had to admit that she was starting to like the blonde more and more.


''Where's Haruka?'' A raven haired girl named Rei hissed in annoyance while staring out of the window. She was sitting next to a brunette who seemed to be just as less interested as her friend.

''Probably stayed up late last night.'' Makoto sighed, resting her head in her hands. She just sat like that, staring at the teacher who was writing something on the black board. ''Woke up with a headache and is now screwing the person who lay next her when she woke up.'' She paused for a moment. ''That's how it always goes with Tenoh. Always.''

''I guess.'' Rei replied. ''But that's not quite different from your life, now is it?''

Makoto smirked. ''Says you.''

''Psst...'' A voice said, coming from behind the two of them. Both turned their head around to look at the person who had dared to interrupt their 'conversation'. It was a blonde girl. Her name was Aino Minako, she was part of their clique as well. And although this was a fact she was more known around the school for spreding rumours. Much to everyone's surprise she was always right with those rumours too. It was as if that girl just knew everything. Well when it came to those things that was. If she did half the effort on her school works she wouldn't be here anymore. Probably somewhere studying already.

''What?'' Rei asked, not bothering to hide her irritation.

''Woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something?'' The blonde asked, pretending to be hurt.

''More likely in the wrong bed.'' Makoto joked.

Rei just rolled her eyes. She had decided a long time ago not to take the brunette serious. Even though she was a great friend of Makoto and Haruka they had nothing in common. Okay, maybe they had one thing in common but that was their lack of interest in school. Both Makoto and Haruka always slept with everything that wore a skirt. Rei, unlike her friends, was still waiting for the one to come along.

''Anyway,'' Minako paused for a moment, waiting for the teacher to focuss on the black board again instead of focussing on them. ''I heard we're getting two new students today.''

''So?'' Rei wondered, not understand why she would care.

Makoto on the other hand was interested. ''Female?''

Minako just nodded. ''Yeah. But way out of your league, Mako. One is the daugher of that famous violinist Kaioh Kim. I believe her name is Michiru. And the second on is the daughter of Haruka's and your boss. Yuuki Zen.''

''Wait, Zen?'' Makoto went wide eyed upon hearing that name.

''Yeah, why. Know her?''

Makoto nodded while convering her eyes with her hands. ''I remember that girl from last night. She was flirting with Haruka. I think they even left the building together.''

''Your boss won't like that.'' Minako giggled. She had ofcourse noticed the looks that were directed at her. Most of their fellow pupils actually came to school to learn something. Why? That was something she had never been able to find out.

''Hell no.'' Makoto replied, relaxing a bit. ''Haruka can handle it though. She's the boss' favourite. He'd give her his wife just to keep her in his team.''

''Don't care.'' Rei suddenly commented.

Before Makoto could even reply or say something else for that matter the doors to the class room opened, revealing an aqua haired girl. The brunette couldn't help it but stare at the young girl.

''Oh-oh, Mako's next victim.'' Minako sighed, staring at the girl in the door way, then back at Makoto again.

''Ah right on time.'' The teacher said, gesturing the girl to come closer.

The aqua haired girl simply nodded and obeyed. ''Class,'' The teacher went on. ''This is one of our new students. She just moved here from Kyoto. This is Kaioh Michiru. I hope you'll treat her just like you treat each other.''

''With hate?'' Rei asked. Half of the class bursted out into laughter upon hearing that. Even the aqua haired girl couldn't help it but smile at that comment.

''Rather not.'' The teacher spoke. ''Now keep your mouth shut. One more of those clever comments and your out.'' She paused for a moment. ''Talking about clever comments. Where are Tenoh and Grey?''

''Elza decided to stay home with that boyfriend of hers.'' Minako cheered. ''I think he broke up with her though. As for Haruka,''

''Don't tell me.'' The teacher cut her off. ''Screwing someone's brains out?'' Minako just nodded in reply.

Michiru went wide eyed upon hearing that. Where the hell had she landed? Back in Kyoto teachers wouldn't even have the guts to talk about and with students like that. This place was obviously different. But that wasn't what bothered her the most. Most of the pupils in this class were eighteen which was, in Michiru's opinion, too young to have sex already. 'Welcome to the ghetto.' She told herself.

''Anyway,'' The teacher now turned her attention back to Michiru. ''You can take place next to...'' She scanned the room for a moment before pointing at Minako. ''Next to Aino Minako.''

Michiru just nodded and walked up to the place that was pointed out to her. She could feel everyone's eyes on her. Why had her parents even decided to move away from Kyoto? She had liked it there. This school wasn't her thing.

''Hey. Welcome to our school.'' Minako greeted, much to Michiru's surprise.

Okay, maybe not everyone was as bad as they seemed to be. ''Thanks.'' She replied before sitting down.

''Uhm,'' The teacher walked over to the door and checked around the hall. ''Well we were suppossed to have another new student in our class today but I guess she couldn't make it.''

''Tenoh.'' Rei and Makoto said in unison causing Minako to giggle.

Michiru just sat there, not understanding the whole 'Tenoh' joke. ''Who's Tenoh?''

''Tenoh Haruka.'' Minako explained. ''She's pretty famous. She's a racer and has won quite some races too. But she's also the school's biggest player. She flirts with all girls she sees. Even if they're straight, it doesn't matter. Everyone falls for her charms. Just like Kino over there.'' Minako now pointed at Makoto who had turned around on her seat to join the conversation.

''Great.'' The aqua haired girl took a deep breath. Somehow she had the feeling she should be lucky about the fact of Tenoh Haruka not being here right now. She had started to worry about Kino Makoto though. The brunette was smiling at her which scarily enough made her heart skip a beat or two. This was something she wasn't used to.

''Nice to meet you.'' Makoto whispered. With that she extended a hand. Michiru just shook it.

''Nice to meet you indeed.'' Michiru said, blushing a bit although she had no idea why.

''I'll show you around campus after class.'' The brunette offered and without waiting for Michiru's reply she turned around again.

''A-alright.'' Michiru stammered. This surely hadn't been what she was expecting of her new school.

''Told ya.'' Minako simply stated.

Before anyone could say anything else the teacher commanded them to be quiet. Neither of the pupils seemed to bother to open their mouths after that. Michiru on the other hand couldn't focuss on what the teacher had to say. All she could think of was possible ways to escape ever coming back to this school again. She surely couldn't deal with flirting students, trash talking teachers and all that stuff. She wasn't raised like that. This wasn't what she was used to either. Her old friends used to be very shy and reserved.

This was totally different from anything and everything she had ever known. 'I'd better make the best of it. For now.'


''I can't believe I wasted over an hour on you!'' Haruka stated in frustration.

The girl next to her giggled once again. ''I wouldn't actually call it 'wasted'. You didn't seem to mind my presence earlier.'' Upon hearing this a smirk appeared on Haruka's lips. They were now sitting in Haruka's car, driving at full speed towards their school.

They had recently found out that they were going to be classmates for the rest of the upcoming semester. Much to Haruka's dismay. The girls she slept with usually weren't even in the same school as her. Not to mention in the same class as her.

''I'd better make the best of it.'' Haruka sighed, focussing on the road in front of her. She was going to be in deep trouble for being this late.

To Be Continued

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