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Introduction by CrimsonSaku

Everything is based on the introduction...

She gazed at him from afar.

If only I could say hi...

"Misty!" She snapped back to reality.

It was her friend, May. Her brown hair covered by a red bandana. Misty envied her brown hair, she hated her red hair. She did have one advantage over May, her figure.

"What is it, May?"

She played with her hands.

"I-I thought maybe... you'd like to hear who I..." She blushed.

"Asked to the party?"

She blushed even more, "Yeah..."

"Oh, do tell."

She giggled.

Am I like this when I'm thinking of him?

"I asked Drew." She grinned with joy.

"Drew?" Drew. The arrogant boy with green hair, in May's own words.

She nodded. "I've been crushing on him for ages."

Okay... She calls the guy she likes arrogant and pretended to hate him... well...

At least someone has the courage I don't have...

"Oh.. Okay..."

May curious as always asked, "Anyways, what about you, Misty? Who are you gonna ask?"

Misty turned absolutely red. "I really think that it doesn't matter. Who would go with me?"

"Oh, I don't know, maybe Tracey?" she slyly suggested.

"I-I don't think so... We're just friends, remember? And besides I already know who he likes..."

Silence... Misty's heart pounded. She was blushing furiously.

"Well... I think I'll leave you alone now..." May departed.

Misty was left to ponder...

If only I could say hi...


Misty meandered still pondering about her little crush.

If I could just say hi, it could start something new...

She saw May and Drew slow dancing. I want that... So I should do something about this! That's it once I see him, I will definitely say hi, lucky if I could work a small conversation in.

Misty turned and accidentally bumped into someone.

"Oh. I'm so sorry!" she immediately apologized.

She looked up. Halt.. It was him.

He grinned, "It's fine. I don't think I've met you before."

His smile... Her cheeks burned in an instant.

Her eyes were pleased with his casual, but cool attire. She loved his hair, black as the night sky. And his personality that she watched from afar for years... Still the same, still she loved it.

She wanted to say something, but her throat felt as if it closed.

She looked down, away from his gaze.

I must say something!

He was still grinning at her.

Her voice squeaked, "...Maybe, maybe not..."

"Well, I'll introduce myself right now. My name i-"

"Misty. Misty Water-flower," she said immediately.

"Oh. Nice to meet you, Misty."

"Ditto... And you're.. Ash Ketchum, correct?"


"Hey, Ash, c'mon!" shouted his friend, Brock.

"I gotta go. Nice meeting you, again. Maybe we'll meet again, maybe school?" He smiled one last smile and left a burning Misty behind.

She whisped to herself, "I sure hope so..."

She smiled to herself.


Everything is based on the introduction...

first theme ive completed in my 20 theme challenge :D hee hee hoped you somewhat enjoyed this!