The Phoenix, The Raven & Prince Charming?

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Summary: The war is over and things can get back to normal, but is anything ever really normal at Hogwarts? Dumbledore has laid the groundwork for things to come and Hermione is now working at Hogwarts. Severus is back to his old jobs and if Hermione has anything to do with it, a few more. Who or what is Prince Charming? What happens when a marriage law is passed and horse gets in the way? Come along for the ride and find out! (SS/HG pairing)

Author's note: this is a plot spoiler for the 6th book so if you haven't read it and don't want to ruin it, then you shouldn't read this.

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Deputy Headmaster's Promise (1)

Beginning of 6th year at Hogwarts a few days before the students arrive back from summer holiday- Head Master's office

"Promise me that you won't let him kill himself Minerva."


"Severus. Promise me you won't let him kill himself."

"I don't understand why would he want to kill himself?"

"Because of what he has done, will do, has to do."

"You are talking in riddles Albus, explain."

"I can't, it is enough that I know, and he knows. Just promise you won't let him kill himself." Dumbledore looked plaintively at his deputy headmistress.

"I will do everything I can."

"He must be kept alive for the Order, for his trial, for his redemption, for the future."

"His trial?"

"Yes, his trial and the redemption that I know will come from it, even if he won't see it that way."

"I still don't understand."

"You will soon enough… soon enough." Dumbledore sadly mused to himself. "You are to rehire him as Potions Master here at Hogwarts when the smoke clears and he will be Deputy Headmaster as well; he is to keep his current Head of House position in Slytherin. Keep his quarters like they are when it happens; don't let anyone but the house elves in. He likes to keep his private life just that, private.

Hire our Hermione as Transfigurations Professor and I dare say she would make a fine specimen for the Gryffindor Head of House as well. Her heart is good and she will excel at anything she puts her mind to with a good dose of that famous Gryffindor bravery that will be what she'll need to get through. Besides it will be good to have the young and exuberant woman in such a position as the rival to the Slytherin Head of House. The very thought of such a thing will certainly bring him around, even if just a little. Of course such things can't be rushed and how long it will take is hard for me to tell right now, but I know them both, they will find the truth eventually. I just hope it will be soon enough."

"But…" McGonagall stammered. "How… I…you… but…"

"Don't worry on what I am telling you now; just do as I ask when the time comes. Promise me that you will."

"I still don't understand." McGonagall stammered finally finding her voice in shock of hearing Dumbledore reassign all of her current positions to other people and the hint of something else but her shock clouded mind barely noticed and filed such thoughts away to be processed later, much later. Her mind grasped at the one thing that struck out violently at it at that instant. "Hermione has yet to graduate, how can she become Head of Household?"

"I didn't say anything about what I have asked you to promise me to become effective immediately. I only am asking you to promise me that you will do these things when the time is right." Dumbledore told the witch across his desk who was looking very distraught indeed and had the fleeting notion to tell her the whole story, but as he had told her before, it was enough that he and Severus knew.

"How will I know when the time is right?" McGonagall asked almost breathlessly, she know he was hiding something, something very big and very important but in all her years she had come to trust the Headmaster and understand that whatever he was holding back was what he thought for her own good.

"You will know, you will know without a doubt." Dumbledore assured her. "You will receive packages by owl before his trail, they will be very important and you must not let anyone except yourself, one of your own choosing and the judges touch it, the information shall stay as free from possible contamination so as to stay above reproach. Make sure you pick the right person to share the information with, someone who is highly regarded and can be trusted to give the judges the information if you become incapable of doing so."

"Yes, I understand, I think." McGonagall nodded. "Well I understand the procedure, if not the reasoning and purpose in context to now." She admitted.

"That is enough for now." Dumbledore nodded to her, his papery thin voice seemed stretched to its capacity. He closed his eyes behind his half-moon spectacles, eyes that did not sparkle and twinkle as they normally did McGonagall had noted on her entrance a few minutes before. She worried for the man greatly. The War and the reappearance of Voldemort, the stresses of bringing the Order back together, all were taking a significant toll on the wizard. "Just promise me that you will do as I ask and don't let him kill himself." The wizened wizard breathed out quietly, almost in a defeated manner.

"I will do everything within my power and perhaps a bit more if I am able." McGonagall assured him.

"Thank you." Dumbledore said his eyes still closed and head resting against his tented hands. "You may go, there is much to prepare before the children return in less than a week's time, and we will all need our rest to finish up what still must be done."

"Have a good night Albus." McGonagall said getting up from her chair and crossing to the door. "I hope that you can find some time to rest, you are instrumental in this fight against he-who-must-not-be-named, you need your strength." Her answer was a deep sigh from Dumbledore as she closed the door behind her and began to descend the spiral staircase to the hallway.

"So what are your views on the situation Fawkes?" Dumbledore asked after a few minutes alone in silence, opening his eyes and turning to the Phoenix roosting beside him on his stand. Fawkes looked back and gave a low melodious cry not much louder than a cooing dove. "I know my good friend, I know." Dumbledore agreed, he got up and began to climb the stairs to one side of the room to his bedroom. When he got to the top of the stairs he looked back down at Fawkes who looked back intelligently. "I know I can count on you, besides the change of scenery will do you good." Then Dumbledore was gone into his bedroom.

Fawkes cooed quietly to himself stretching and then tucking his head beneath his wing. He would need all the rest he could get this year. This was going to be a test of his powers, even more so than a few years back when he went against the Basilisk, but with no less an important outcome.


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