I'm probably crazy, but seeing a piece of awesome artwork on DeviantArt inspired a short crossover between Bleach and DP full of more harmless fluff than anything...I'm following Bleach as it comes out on AS, but I know enough to peek past the Soul Society arc and into where the manga and anime split off. This takes place during that time (assuming, of course, there's a gap in there in time).

It's more DP than Bleach, so...in DP category it goes! I'm starting with Renji because...as stupid as Ichigo is about being detected, Renji seems like he's more prone to being thrown off if something like this were to happen. Y'know. Theoretically. Anyway, review and let me know if it's good/bad/etc...I don't write too much fanfiction anymore, so when I get the urge, I'll write some good stuff, I swear. These first couple chapters are about the darkest it'll get. Then it'll move into the lighter stuff.

Disclaimer: If I owned either of these properties, I would have far more money than I do now.


Renji Abarai did not like being lost.

Of course, this went for anyone in the Seireitei, but honestly, little things about being lost just bugged him.The unfamiliarity. The distance. And more pertinent to where he was now; unfamiliar. Very unfamiliar. The sky was green and swirling and he couldn't judge his progress across the floating chunks of rock that he'd being leaping across for the past few hours. Or days. He couldn't tell.

Renji's trip would have been infinetely easier if he had been able to keep proper track of Rukia and Ichigo. But the bright-haired wannabe shinigami had left Renji in the dust after a bitter (if ridiculous) argument. Rukia had tried to interfere, but Ichigo had taken off and pulled Rukia along with him. Renji muttered incoherently, an angry tinge of color coming to his cheeks.

Kurosaki thought he was so talented, so gifted, so..helpful. Bweh. Everyone had helped Rukia escape; even Renji himself...even if Captain Kuchiki had halted his contributions. Of course, the captain had later proven himself quite the proper brother after learning why Rukia was truly going to be executed.

A glimmer of light caught Renji's eye, and he made his way towards it. After seemingly endless hours, he landed roughly on a long stretch of rock. An odd portal glimmered green and white in front of him, and beyond it, he could sense the spritiual pressure of both Kurosaki and Rukia. He leapt through the portal and landed with a thud on a cold, metallic floor. The shinigami leapt to his feet, feeling the signature energy of a hollow close by. He raced towards the stairs in this odd establishment, only to smack into a young boy with dark hair and bright eyes.

And the oddest energy signature he'd ever felt. The boy's eyes were wide.

"Who are you?" the boy tensed nervously. Something about the words registered with Renji; he wasn't anywhere near the Japan of the human world. These words were in a different language. Renji did not answer, only slid his sunglasses down over his eyes and was silently greatful that he'd chosen to wear a bandana across his ranking tattoos.

"I said, who are you?" the air around the boy shifted; it felt colder. Infintely colder. There was an odd flash, and in the boy's place was a white haired youth with the same energy signature. Renji blurted his response out, a force of habit from living in the Rukongai.

"What the fuck, kid?"

And his sunglasses were flipped up again, as the shingami could truly not believe what he was seeing. Almost immediately, the boy was lobbing bright green balls of energy at him; Renji was wise enough to dodge whatever his enemy was throwing. Quick steps placed the shinigami behind the boy. Renji grabbed the boy's arms and locked them behind his back.

"I'm not here to fight, I swear. Have you..."

The boy slipped between his hands. Renji blinked, confused. The boy was gone. And then suddenly, he reappeared. Renji unsheathed Zabimaru, not daring to fully release it.

"Seriously kid, I'm just looking for someone."

"I don't believe you. And why don't you look like a ghost?"

"A..a what? ...whatever. Kid, seriously. I just need to find someone."

"I don't believe you!"

Renji sighed, and placed his hand over Zabimaru.

"Alright then. Hoereo, Zabimaru!"

Don't worry; I promise that Danny won't get hurt. Too bad, XD Zabimaru causes waay too much damage for me to actually allow Danny to get hit by it.