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Renji charged forward, swinging Zabimaru with practiced ease. He felt it bite into the wall, scrape across the countertops. He heard it shatter many of the glass beakers scattered across the same countertop.

But the shinigami's shock is unequaled when the zanpakuto glides right through the boy. Not cuts him in half; it simply goes right through him, like he was intangible. No, not like he was. The boy WAS. Renji stopped, stunned. He'd never seen anything like this.

His grip didn't loosen on Zabimaru, but he mentally reviewed that signature that he'd felt. It wasn't shikigami...and it wasn't hollow. It wasn't anything. The boy stared at him, clearly confused and yet, used to fighting. And when Renji thought it over, he had crashed through that...door into the boy; perhaps he was just being defensive. He was far too quick witted and aware to be a hollow.

Renji stepped back, and resheathed Zabimaru.

"I'm serious. I don't want to fight you."

The boy still looked unsure.

"Who are you?"

"Renji Abarai. Lieutenant Captain, squad six. I'm from the Soul Society"

"S..soul wha?"

Renji shook his head and stepped forward. The boy's guard was still up, but he skittered back, nervous.

"I really wish I had the time to explain. Suffice to say, I'm a good guy, a soul reaper?"


Renji ducked down, cursing mentally for using such a term.

"NO, KID! I'm not going to do anything to you! I'm here to take care of some problem Hollows, that my friends seem to have tracked down."


Renji sighed.

"Okay, let's make a deal. You put those," he pointed to the still-glowing hands, "away, and I'll explain what I'm talking about."


The shinigami sighed again.

"Because clearly, you're going to be a lot more help to me than Kurosaki."


Danny Fenton knew a lot of things.

He knew he was not a great student. He knew he was half-ghost, and he knew he did not know exactly how he did feel about Sam.
But he knew nothing about why this tall, shockingly red-headed man had popped out of the Fenton Portal and started going,
"I'm not here to fight you"

And then pulled out a strange sword that, as he watched, grew apart and became an undulating saw-toothed...thing.

But the stranger...Renji, he'd called himself, dropped the sword, and explained to him just what he had been babbling about. Danny had a feeling the man wasn't telling the whole truth, but he could tell this guy was powerful, and he wasn't going to anger him by insinuating as such.

So, as Danny understood, this man was looking for two others dressed like him, who had found these "hollows" in Amity Park. Or had evidence they were coming towards Amity Park. They had come through before Renji; days or hours, he didn't know.

A hollow was a corrupted human soul. A shinigami was a soul reaper. Shinigami took care of hollows. Renji had told him hollows were dangerous; very dangerous. Renji knew many people who had been killed by then. It wouldn't be wise for Danny to handle them alone.

"What I can't figure is, why would they want to come here? "

"It's sort of a hotbed of ghost activity, " Danny mumbled, kicking the floor. He'd shifted back to normal Danny, and still hadn't told the stranger why. He would, sooner or later. "That'd probably be my fault. Mine, and Vlad's...VLAD!"

Renji was confused. His mind was already working double time to process this difference in language (After all, what good would a shinigami be if he couldn't communicate with anyone he ran into?), so when the boy starting ranting, he understood very little, other than this 'Vlad' fellow was trouble.

"Wait, wait, wait...why exactly is he such a problem?"

"He's a half-ghost hybrid; and he's evil."

Renji cocked his head, looking up from his seated position on the floor.

"And what does that make you?"


"Just what I said. You're obviously part...something. So if he's evil, and he's the same as you as you describe, then what does that make you?"

Danny thought.

"I fight the evil things he sends my way."

"So, we're on the same side," Renji stood up and extended a hand, "truce?"


Renji started for the steps. The Daniel boy scrambled in front of him, blocking him.

"What now?"

"My parents might see you!"

Renji chuckled.

"I really doubt it."

"No, I'm serious. I think it's something about this town, makes spectral visitors visible."

Renji rolled his eyes.

"Alright, I'll humor you; I'll sneak out. Got a back door?"