Hi, my name is Garnet. You may remember me from Final Fantasy IX. Well, I'm here today to talk to you about SFM. I know you're wondering what that is. SFM, or Save Files for Moogles, is a non-profit charity that pays adventurers of all kinds to Save at a Moogle.

Everyday a Moogle dies because no one has gone to them and made a Save File. Moogles can't survive without Save Files. So, for just one Gil a day, you can help pay an adventurer to Save at a Moogle. These cute little guys are just waiting to be saved at.

Say you're on a quest and you just saved at a Moogle. Well now if you die, you won't have to start over. Just think, if Moogles weren't around, you wouldn't get very far in your quest if you had to keep starting over. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and donate to Save a Moogle today!

I saved at a Moogle. Don't be cocky like Cloud and Save at a Moogle today! Oh and don't forget to get your Chocobo Spayed or Neutered.

(a/n: This is actually an idea I have for skit I plan to do. Feedback for this is highly recommended.