Hi, my name is Garnet. You may remember me from Final Fantasy IX. Well I'm here to talk to everyone about CD. CD is more commonly known as the Chocobo Disease. The Chocobo Disease is caused by an excessive amount of riding Chocobo's. The disease itself is fatal once one has lost the will to travel without a Chocobo.

So how do you know if you've got CD? Well, symptoms of the disease include, carrying up to 99 Gysahl Greens, Hunting for Chocobo tracks, and the urge to ride a Chocobo once one gets tired of walking.

Unfortunately there is no cure for the Chocobo Disease. You can avoid getting CD by simply going to a nearby Moogle and setting up a tent to rest. Just doing this once or even twice a day is an effective way of prevention. If you think you've contracted this deadly disease, please see your local White Mage.

I wish everyone the best during their quests! …Now where did that stupid Moogle go…

(a/n: This is actually an idea I have for skit I plan to do. Feedback for this is highly recommended.