Hermione smiled brightly at her neatly copied homework assignments. From Professor McGonagall, she would be writing three feet of parchment on the uses of Transfiguration in dueling and home care. For Charms, she would write one and a half feet of parchment on the history of the Cheering Charm. And for Professor Snape, the only other teacher to assign homework over the summer hols, she would…

Oh! She positively beamed. She was to write, in no less than four feet of parchment, the six dozen uses for Scrubtail Lizards (parts and whole) in potions.

After spending nearly half of her vacation cross-referencing, borrowing and buying new Potions books, and owling the other wizards and witches she knew frantically, she boarded the train with only seventy-one uses for a Scrubtail Lizard. She turned in the incomplete homework assignment reluctantly at the first Advanced Potions Class. Within a week, she got it back, a massive red zero declaring it incomplete and therefore incorrect. At the bottom, in a clear, narrow hand, Professor Snape had written,

"The tail, when properly preserved, makes a particularly fine scrub brush."

Hermione burst into tears.