disclaimer: i don't own avatar, if i did, then there would too much Zutara fluff to stomach.

This poem is in Katara's pov when she realizes that she is in love with Zuko. The rest is open to interpretation.

Tempting Fire

How could this have happened?
How could I have fallen in love with you?
You are the enemy, that's all,
Nothing else, it has to be true.

If I say it over and over…
Someday I might believe.
You're a stupid, and arrogant,
Why can't you just leave?

But why isn't it working?
Why do I feel the same?
Maybe if I find someone else,
Ill forget you ever came.

But I don't think it will work,
Even if I try.
Ill only end up depressed,
So I won't even say goodbye.

I'll just leave and never come back,
I'll try to forget you ever were here.
I'll keep walking this path,
And try not to shed a single tear.

this is what happens when i get bored...i write poetry...
how lame...

lol, i found this somewhere on the internet (from a forum or something) and i thought it was funny, and accurate so ill share: imagine a steel ball the size of the earth...and a mosquito landing on it once every million years...after the ball has been completely eroded away by friction...we still wont even be a microsecond closer to the beginning of avatar's season III...