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Chapter One

Joey Wheeler lived a double life and only three people knew. Joey was a child of physical and mental abuse at the hands of his father and Uncle.

When Joey's mom left and took his little sister Serenity with her she had to leave Joey with her husband, he was beginning to hit her and call her abusived names and she feared for not only her life but that of her children, but he found out and he beat her and after he passed out she had to sneak away and could only take Serenity with her and had to leave Joey and it nearly killed her to do so.. After she had been gone for about three weeks things began to get really horrible for Joey. His father would start to beat and yell things at him, like "your no good or it's all your fault they left!"

It wasn't very long before his Uncle Stan came to live with them and then Joey's life seemed to stop and the nightmare just began.

His torment continued for several years and soon it became apparent that if he didn't get the hell away from home they just might damn well kill him. Joey ran away and hid in an old abandon building until he was discovered by Solomon Motou by mistake.

Solomon was walking home from talking to Arthur Hawkins when he thought that he heard sounds coming from inside of the old building. Solomon found a pay phone and called home and spoke to Yami.

"I need you to come to the old Henderson building, I think that someone is hurt and needs help." Solomon told him.

Yami told him that he'd be right there.

Yami brought a flashlight and some medical supplies in case they needed them. As they entered the building they could hear someone crying. As they followed the sound they found Joey curled in a ball on the ground and he looked like someone had used him and a human punching bag. Solomon touched his shoulder and Joey jumped and cried out "please dad no more."

Yami picked Joey up and he carried him out to the car and they took him back home. When they got him cleaned up and in bed, Solomon wanted to go over to the Wheeler place and do to them what they did to Joey, but Yami stopped him. "They will be dealt with later I promise." Yami said. Just then Yugi woke up and came into the room and when he saw Joey he grabbed hold of his grandpa and asked "who did that to him?"

Solomon held Yugi to his side and whispered "his father and I bet his Uncle did some too. We have to keep him here and we can't let anyone know where he is." Both Yami and Yugi agreed.

Solomon called an old friend who was an retired doctor and asked him to come and look at Joey and see if he needed to be hospitalized or not, if he did then Solomon was going to call Kaiba and ask if Joey could be admitted to the hospital at Kaiba Corp and have Joey admitted under an assumed name to protect him from his father and Uncle.

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Chapter Two Coming Up... Will Kaiba help??