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Chapter Nineteen

Seto, Joey and Juan went back to Hawaii and stayed in an unknown location till Roland called and told Seto that it was safe to come home. Joey had finally fallen to sleep and Seto and Juan sat and talked. "Why did you really come back?" Seto asked him.

Juan shrugged his shoulders and then he told Seto "something was nagging me about the whole situation and I just wanted to make sure that you and Joey were safe. Joey has been nothing but nice to me since he came to live at the Manor" and he couldn't continue because he had tears in his eyes. Seto then reached across the table and laid his hand on Juan's arm and said "Joey is the best damn thing that ever happened to me and I want to thank you for wanting to help us keep him safe."

Seto got up and they shook hands and Seto went into the bedroom and Juan stood guard.

Back to where Roland and his brothers are:

Jarred finally came to and his body was throbbing and he just wanted to get undone and kick their asses. Then Roland went over and grabbed him by his head and yanked his head up so that he had to look Roland straight in the eyes. "Why did you have to pay that mercenary to kill Solomon's son? What the hell did he ever do to you?" Roland yelled at him.

"She was suppose to be mine. She was mine and he took her away from me." Jarred yelled out loud.

Vincent then stepped forward and he laughed in Jarred's face and he said "listen you son-of-a-bitch, she was never your. That beautiful woman never even knew that you existed and she loved her husband and son with all her heart and because of your stupidy, Yugi and to grow up without a mom or dad and Solomon lost his son. You are just plain crazy and you don't deserve to live in the world one more second." Then Vincent pulled out his gun and blew Jarred's brains all over the place. One less piece of shit to pick up." Vincent said.

Connor and Roland untied Jarred's body and dragged it to an abandoned mine shaft and threw it down the whole, then they covered it up and Vincent went and got the car and they drove back to the Game Shop to tell Solomon that the bastard was dead.

The phone rang and Juan answered it and when he heard Roland's voice he was afraid that it was bad news, but when Roland told him "it's safe to bring them home, and thanks for what you did." Juan told him "I was only protecting my family."

When the door to the Game Shop opened and Solomon saw who was standing there, he closed his eyes and asked "is it really over? Is he gone for good?"

Roland walked over to the one man who was the most gentlest person he ever knew, but had the heart of a lion when it came to his friends and family and Roland said "yes, my old friend it's really over and he's been sent to where he belongs."

Solomon's eyes filled with tears and he turned around to look at the picture of his son and daughter-in-law and as he touched the frame he whispered "we will be together someday."

Juan knocked on the door and Seto opened it and Juan said "Roland called and said "it's over and we can go home."

Seto held out his hand and when Juan took it, Seto surprised him by giving him a big hug and saying "let's go home."

When Juan drove into the drive way of the Manor and pulled in up to the front door, it opened and out came all their friends and family to welcome them home. Tears fell as they received hugs and kisses from everyone and when the door closed, you could hear laughter ringing through the Manor and you knew that today, both Seto and Joey will never walk down the broken road every again. They will walk down the road that is paved with love and laughter for the rest of their lives.


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